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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes: Detailed Mosquito Control Guide

These insects can cause numerous problems once they decide to settle down in your house. If you are here to learn how to get rid of mosquitoes, it means that they are already bothering you. Mosquitoes are small, but bring multiple dangers with them, including diseases that some species carry, like yellow fever, dengue, and malaria.

Even if they are not contagious, their bites are still painful and itchy. Apart from physical discomfort, the threat of these insects may cause anxiety and even insomnia. This is why I am going to talk about the mosquito problem here, discussing the best ways to end it.

Guide – Mosquitoes Infestation 101

If you are looking for the best ways to make mosquitoes go away, you must be already bothered by them. Clamping your hands each time you hear whining right near your ear is not a solution.

They can easily feed on your blood completely unnoticed until you receive itching skin irritation. This is why a detailed guide on the best way to get rid of mosquitoes in yard and houses is crucial.

Quick mosquito identification

Mosquito belongs to a flies family, called Diptera. However, inside this huge family, they are representatives of Culicidae, which is the Latin word for a gnat.

Despite flies’ group affiliation, the mosquito is still a bloodsucker that carries multiple diseases that can be deadly for people. You will easily recognize its high-pitched whine, long legs, narrow and long wings, the sharp mouth, and the tube to suck the blood.

They fly fast and are almost unnoticeable for humans. This is why to catch mosquitoes indoors or outdoors is almost impossible without the proper tools. Rarely do they wait till you squash them with your hand. Read the general information about each of the species in advance.

Common mosquito species

3 mosquitoes

In total, science knows 3000 types of mosquitoes that live around the world. There are more than 200 different species that dwell in the USA. Only 12 of them really spread germs. However, all 200 types bite people, causing discomfort and irritation.

Even for experienced entomologists, it is hard to determine whether they were bitten by a mosquito that carried viruses or not. This is why mosquitoes are dangerous neighbors. There are three species of most common types that may spread disease.

Culex mosquitoes

They usually feed during the night. They can live outdoors and indoors. However, their main preference is avian hosts (the versatile type of birds), and only in rare cases, they feed on humans. They transmit Encephalitis, West Nile Virus. Laying eggs near the water, these mosquitoes pollute freshwater and artificial reservoirs.

Aedes species

If you miss mosquitoes during the day, here is good news for you. These species prefer to bite in the daylight. Their favorite food is human blood. Aedes type carries Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, and Zika viruses. Their eggs pollute water even in temporary reservoirs like flower pots, tires, pools, or roof tanks.

Anopheles species

Dwelling indoors and outdoors, they prefer to feed on mammals and humans. You can catch them anytime after the dusk and till the dawn. They are well-known sources of Malaria spread. These mosquitoes can also pollute water by laying their eggs around.

What attracts mosquitoes

mosquito sucks blood

Mosquitoes are attracted to your house and to you personally by multiple factors. I believe we must learn them separately. At first, let’s check out what attracts them, so you have to search for working ways of mosquito removal:

  • Standing and freshwater. Roof tanks, old tires, bird feeders, gutters, and even puddles. These reservoirs attract mosquitoes like a magnet. Therefore, get rid of the water in your yard and cover the water sources in the kitchen;
  • Learn your enemy. Some mosquitoes are attracted to the nectar of flowers. If you noticed them near, you might want to get rid of these types of flowers or spread an insecticide around;
  • Mosquitoes are lured by several types of plants. Usually, it is plants that keep the water on their leaves;
  • Any grass that protects mosquitoes from the sun;
  • Bug zappers not only help to get rid of the insects, but these tools also attract them in the first place.

Main attractions in human beings


Sweat is a liquid, and as I have mentioned previously, it attracts mosquitoes. The higher humidity, the more chances you will see these insects nearby. Unlikely you want to use yourself as an attractor, so make sure you take care of it.

Dark clothes

Weirdly enough, these insects are attracted to dark colors. Perhaps it is because of their nightlife. Those who wear dark clothes are at higher risk than people in bright or white colors.

High level of potassium and salt in your body

Don’t forget that mosquitoes have a unique sense of smell. They are attracted to salts and potassium that your body releases. While I am sure you are familiar with products that contain salt, potassium is concentrated in avocados, bananas, and versatile dried fruits.

mosquito biting a human

Flower Fragrances

Some mosquitoes are attracted to the floral nectar. Floral scents in your perfume can be sensed in a minute. Even lotions you apply on your body may attract them.


I hadn’t been sure about this statement, but I saw with my own eyes that alcohol attracts mosquitoes. You may have noticed it as well. Scientists believe that the chemicals that your skin produces after you drink alcohol are extremely pleasant to the insects. Besides, your temperature rises after you drink alcohol, and the insects feel it.

Type of blood

This is a well-known fact confirmed by numerous studies. Just in 2004, scientists revealed that 0 type of blood is 83 percent more attractive than any other type for mosquitoes. So, if you are going camping, don’t forget to call all your 0 blood type friends and invite them.

Pregnant Women

Unfortunately, the study made back in 2000 revealed that women during pregnancy are twice exposed to mosquitoes than non-pregnant ones. It can be explained by the fact that pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide than others. They also have a higher body temperature.


Mosquitoes can sense the heat that is coming from your body. The higher the temperature, the more they are attracted to you. These insects can sense your temperature from a few yards away.

Mosquito Dangers

As I’ve said earlier, there are 12 types of mosquitoes across the US that spread germs that can make you not just sick, but die. The biggest danger is that you are unlikely to be able to identify the species and take measures before it bites. This is why the best option is to get rid of mosquitoes outside and inside the house.

The most popular viruses that are spread by mosquitoes are the West Nile virus, Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, Malaria. Malaria can be spread by Anopheles mosquitoes, popular around all continental states. Their bites may transmit meningitis, encephalitis, microcephaly.

Mosquito infestation signs

The signs of mosquito infestation are very similar to the signs of an ordinary bite. However, it is important to be cautious about them. Don’t miss anything. Main symptoms:

  • Headache;
  • Rash;
  • Ache and pain;
  • Fever.

If a bitten person experiences anaphylactic shock, you need to call 911 immediately.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes: Easy Extermination Guide

I created this step-by-step guide to help you control mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors. Start with inspecting your house and yard for the signs of mosquitoes.

I will teach you how to make your house inaccessible for the insects, and how to kill mosquitoes indoors in the most effective way. After that, all you need is to take care of the preventive measures I recommend.

Step 1: Inspect your property

Burgess 960 Electric Insect

You have to make sure that there is no easy way into your house. If you live in a region with a high population of mosquitoes, the first thing you have to do is research. Find out what type of insects you are dealing with. At the same time, don’t waste your time, and pay attention to:

  • Your windows

They must be covered with window screens. If there are gaps between the window and windowsill or cracks, you have to fix it. Many houses are sold with screens on the windows. But if you don’t have them, they can be ordered in no time. You don’t even need to put the screen on each window, just those you open during the night.

  • Your doors

Even though your windows are secured, the doors are still a potential threat. You can’t allow even tiny gaps below the door. Mosquitoes do not need wide-open doors to fly in. They can fly through a tiny hole.

  • Gaps and cracks in walls

This happens way more often than many people think. The crack may stay invisible for you until it becomes the entrance door for the mosquitoes’ party.

  • Outdoors

Secure the whole territory. Dry the puddles, and make sure there is no easy access to water for mosquitoes. Cut the grass so they would not be able to hide and live there, and make sure that your flowers can’t be reached by these insects.

Step 2: Prevent them from getting inside

Keep in mind that you are smarter than your enemy. You have to cut all the entrances to your house for these insects. Use traps, insecticides, and other measures I am going to discuss later. Don’t forget about the window screens.

By the way, you can also search for door screens, chimney screens, and vent screens from mosquitoes if you live in the area with a high density of these insects. Don’t forget about repellents. It must be your evening ritual, where you use spray from mosquitoes around the house.

mosquito net

Step 3: Natural helpers

We will talk more about what kills mosquitoes professionally and in big amounts a little bit later. Now let’s talk about how nature can help you in your battle. There are some scents that mosquitoes can’t stand while they are still pleasant for humans. Nature that helps:

  • Lemon, lavender, basil, eucalyptus, peppermint are not mosquitoes’ favorites, to say the least. Lemongrass and clove are not that loved by them either. If you still want to save all your flowers, but don’t want to attract mosquitoes in your yard, try to surround these flowers with lavender, for example. Besides, many different pests hate these plants too;
  • Garlic. You may already know that all vampires can’t stand garlic. Ok, I am kidding here. But to be honest, mosquitoes with their great senses do not like the intense aroma of garlic;
  • Coffee. Burn the coffee ground and place the ashes into the tray near the entrance;
  • Rosemary and sage. I put them separately, as unlike the plants I have mentioned before, they would be less effective in the garden. However, you may dry and burn them, to scare away all insects.

Step 4: Treatment

Now let’s talk more about effective actions you can perform. There are several types of tools you may use, which include traps, repellents, foggers, and sprays. I propose you check out information about each of them, so you can learn benefits and peculiarities.


DynaTrap Insect

Traps are one of the most popular to catch and kill mosquitoes. However, they are created to attract mosquitoes, as well. So, in the end, you receive more insects that fly to the attractant. If the mosquito trap is not powerful enough or ineffective, you simply receive more tiny bloodsucking creatures.

I highly recommend buying professional traps, as they are the most reliable. Pay attention! Different types of these insects respond differently to the baits inside traps. Before you buy them, find out which type of mosquitoes you have.


You will find mosquito zappers on my list of top products. I love them dearly as they are one of the most trustable solutions, checked by time and millions of mosquitoes’ victims. Besides, this is the lazy type of killing. You simply hang it somewhere close to the source of mosquitoes, or near the doors and watch.

The light and heat inside it attract not only mosquitoes but other insects as well. They fly close and get electrocuted. Warning! Usually, this is an outdoor tool. There are zappers for indoors, but there is a big sign on them.


Magnets are widely used on big farms. However, to see the result on a big territory, you have to put several mosquito magnets. It draws mosquitoes in and kills them. It is extremely effective. Yet, I do not recommend you to use them indoors.

CO2 imitations

I have told you before that CO2 is an attractant for mosquitoes. This is why pregnant women, who exhale it more, are the No1 target, and this is why the CO2 trap actually works. The device imitates the breath of a human or animals, emitting carbon dioxide around. Mosquitoes fly to check out for the source of this emission.

Depending on the device, they may either get caught on sticky paper or sucked inside the vacuum. It works even better for female mosquitoes who are thirsty for blood during the mating period. This is also an outdoor trap.

DIY traps

I do not recommend you to risk your own life catching or attracting mosquitoes that can spread the fatal virus. However, if you know for sure that the insects in your yard are totally safe, you may do it at your own risk. You will require a plastic bottle, water, and bait.

Depending on the type of the insect, bait can be either imitation of human breath – brown sugar and yeast or flowery scent. Cut the bottle into half. Pour the bait in the bottom half.

Remove the cap, flip the bottle’s top upsidedown, and push it inside the bottom part. Make sure there is no gap between parts. Mosquitoes will get in but won’t be able to get out.


KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap

There are numerous repellents on the modern market and those you can do at home yourself. They are liquid and can be repelled on your skin or around the house, depending on the type. Some of them are less effective than others, but usually, you notice the first changes a few hours after they were repelled.

Skin repellents

If you don’t plan to wear hoodies all year long, you need to protect your bare skin from mosquitoes. This is when skin repellents must be used. They are different from its developer, components, quality, and price. The better the repellent, the longer it scares away mosquitoes from your skin.

Some skin repellents contain artificial ingredients that scare insects; others are totally natural and contain fragrances of tea tree, rosemary, and other plants. Mosquitoes will not be killed but scared away.

Almost all good skin repellents are tested and improved by the US EPA. Repellents may contain picaridin or DEET, which are synthetic, but usually do not cause allergies except in some rare cases.

Essential oils

Oils are a helpful and organic way to scare away mosquitoes. They do not kill the insects but keep them at a safe distance from you. You may rub the oil in your skin or put it together with water in the aroma lamp. The most helpful oils are:

  • Mint;
  • Lavender;
  • Cloves;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Tea tree;
  • Lemongrass;
  • Rosemary;
  • Citronella.


Murphys Naturals Mosquito

Candles also contain oils that keep mosquitoes at a distance. The main difference is that you don’t have to mix them with water or look where to pour the oil. Everything is already inside the mosquito repelling candle. You need to light it up. While it burns, the essential oils inside the candle are released. Depending on the size of the candle, you can burn it for many hours. This is an indoor option.


Insecticides must be applied only outdoors. They usually are represented as sprays. These sprays may contain DEET, which is diethyltoluamide. It is incredibly effective against mosquitoes.


Yes, this is repellent as well. It is made in a spiral shape, incense that eliminates mosquitoes around you. Usually, mosquito coils are made of pyrethrum powder in a dried condition. You need to burn it to see the effect. The burning spiral produces smoke that kills mosquitoes. On average, it is 6 inches long and can work for up to 12 hours. This is still one of the best and reliable repellents to take with you while camping.

Fogging and misting

This method is applied to large territories. They can be either natural or chemical. The main idea is to smoke the territory with unpleasant killing treatment for mosquitoes. You have to wear a protective mask during the work, and quickly get out of the territory when the work is done.

Some mosquito foggers can be propane or electric. Usually, chemical foggers are extremely powerful. However, you need a specific mist blower to spread them.

Mosquito dunks

Dunks are places in the water to kill the newborn mosquitoes or larvae. Normally, they have the shape of a brick or a circle. They are made of chemicals and considered to be an effective measure and a great way to secure your yard in advance.

If you can’t dry standing water in your yard, you may use mosquito dunks. This method can even be used near the fish. Buy several items, as one is active for 1-2 months.

Top 7 Best Mosquito Treatments

Here is my personal list of favorite mosquito killers. You don’t have to pick one, as you may use several of them at the same time. They are all affordable and of high-quality.

1. DynaTrap Insect Trap – The Best Trap for Dealing with Mosquitoes Outdoors


  • Coverage Area: Up to 1 Acre
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 10.9 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 13 x 20 inches
  • Target Species: Fly, Mosquito

DynaTrap Insect Trap

This tool is available in white, gray, and black colors. But I believe even in the black color, it attracts and eliminates multiple insects. The item is not heavy and weighs only 11 pounds. I suggest you handle it somewhere close to the porch. It offers 3-way protection against mosquitoes.

UV light inside this trap attracts multiple insects. Unlike zappers, this trap contains quite a fan that keeps mosquitoes inside.
To make it work, use a 110-volt outlet. The coverage of this trap is 1 acre. It works in any weather.

According to the DynaTrap developers, this tool requires up to 3 weeks for visible results, and 6 weeks of work to stop mosquitoes from breeding on your territory.

  • does not require any attractants;
  • works in any weather;
  • does not contain chemicals;
  • traps the insects in a 1-acre radius;
  • simple to use.
  • slightly more expensive than other products.

2. Pynamite Cube Mosquito Misting System – Eliminate Mosquitoes Professionally Outdoors


  • Item Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 26 x 26 x 26 inches
  • 30 NOZZLE KIT INCLUDES:30 45° nozzles
    36 union tees
    6 plugs
    200 clamps with screws
    450 feet of tubing – black or white
    tube cutter

Pynamite Cube Pro Bluetooth Mosquito Misting System

The Cube Pro system looks rather complicated, which turns out to be false when you start using it. There are 80 different nozzles for a 300 psi pump. The cube is twice smaller as the average tanks you have in the yard. It is 26 inches long. It is good for 55 gallons.

This mosquito misting system has 2-button control, nozzles of stainless steel, 450 feet tubing of nylon. By the way, you may spray the mist from afar. All you need is to put the nozzles on 10 feet from each other on the territory you want to clean from mosquitoes. Use the controller.

  • powerful action;
  • you can control it remotely;
  • smaller than similar tanks;
  • affordable price.
  • you need to learn how to navigate it.

3. Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Candle – One of the Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes


  • Scent: Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Citronella
  • Material: Soy Wax, Beeswax
  • Special Feature: Clean Burn
  • Operating Time: 30 Hours
  • Item Weight: 1.66 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.6 x 3.3 x 3 inches

Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Candle

I recommend buying this candle beforehand, even if you don’t see lots of mosquitoes around you. It may be handy as a preventive measure and an additional tool that helps you to scare the insects away. It does not contain chemicals, so it is family-friendly.

The active ingredients of the candle are oils from rosemary, citronella, peppermint, cedarwood, lemongrass. The soy wax works well for 30 hours of burning. It is perfect for both outdoors and indoors. Since the candle is lightweight, you can use it during camping.

  • small and lightweight;
  • organic components;
  • price is affordable for everyone;
  • works for 30 hours.
  • it can’t be used as a single measure if you have a severe infestation.

4. Syngenta Insecticide – The Most Effective Way to Kill Mosquitoes on the Territory


  • Active Ingredient: lambda-Cyhalothrin 9.7%
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Weight: 10 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions LxWxH: 1.8 x 3.65 x 6.05 inches
  • Target Species: Ants, Aphids, Bed Bugs, Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Carpenter Bees, Carpet beetles, Centipedes, Chiggers, Chinch Bugs, Clover Mites, Cluster flies, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, Flies, Grasshopper, Grubs, Gypsy Moth Larvae, Japanese Beetles, Midges, Millipedes, Mites, Mole Cricket, Mosquitoes, Scorpions, Silverfish, Spiders, Termites, Thrips, Ticks, Wasps, Whiteflies and others

In case you have a large-scale infestation and don’t know how to keep wolf s

This insecticide is helpful against over 30 versatile types of pests. It is recommended to use it for big and open territories. The insecticide stays active for 90 days after you spread it. The bottle weighs 8 ounces, and you may use it for a long time.

According to the Syngenta company, this insecticide can be used in severe cases at home, restaurants, and even hospitals. You can spray the barn or garage if you need it. To use it, you may buy the fogger I have recommended above.

  • savvy offer;
  • affordable price;
  • works effectively against 30 different pests;
  • great helper in the severe infestation.
  • you have to buy a fogger to spread the insecticide around.

5. Sawyer Products Insect Repellent – Effective Mosquitoes Solution for Your Skin


  • Scent: Unscented 
  • Item Form: Lotion
  • Item Volume: 4 fl.oz
  • Item Weight: ‎0.01 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎3 x 3 x 5 inches

Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent Apply this spray on your skin to stay protected against mosquitoes. It contains 4 ounces of 20-percent Picaridin, which many customers find more effective than DEET. There is no fragrance which I like about it. Besides, the item is family-friendly and can be applied to children. It scares away Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes and multiple chiggers and ticks.

The solution works up to 14 hours. And don’t worry, it does not leave any stains on your clothing. The Sawyer company has been selling protective sprays and lotions since 1984. They are US-based developers.

  • protects your skin;
  • easy to apply;
  • family-friendly;
  • works for 14 hours.
  • it does not kill mosquitoes; it just scares them away.

6. KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap – Getting Rid of Mosquitoes Inside the House


  • Style: Automatic
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 1.39 pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5 x 5.5 x 9.1 inches
  • Target Species: Fly, Mosquito, Gnat

KATCHY Indoor Trap

The insect trap that works indoors may be your lifesaver from mosquitoes at home. While the UV light lures the insects, the powerful fan sucks them inside the device, and glue boards do not let them get out. The device is compact and may be placed on the table. However, I recommend putting it somewhere near the source of mosquito appearance.

Use this trap during the night, turning off all the lights, so mosquitoes will be attracted to the trap. Katchy produces numerous smart solutions against bugs and other insects. They claim that in 3 days, you will notice the results. Don’t forget to check out the glue board, and get rid of it, if you see multiple bugs glued to it.

  • easy to use;
  • woks inside the house;
  • affordable price;
  • family-friendly.
  • you have to change glue boards by yourself.

7. Burgess 960 Electric Insect Fogger – Powerful Mosquito Extermination Machine

No products found.


  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16 x 12 x 7 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.27 pounds
  • Is Electric: Yes
  • Target Species: Fly, Mosquito
  • Performance: an average of 10 minutes to treat a 5,000 square foot yard

Burgess 960 Electric Insect Fogger

If you need to eliminate mosquitoes on the big territory, this fogger is right for you. It spreads the insecticides for 5 000 square feet in 10 minutes. You may carry it around your garden until the entire territory is fogged. It is active for 6 hours after you spread an insecticide.

Burgess, company developer of tools for your yard, offers to use the fogger with Repel, Cutter, Black Flag insecticides to reach the best results. I recommend you use the fogger when there is no wind, so the insecticide will spray in the exact direction you want. Wait for 5 minutes before you can enter the fogged area and even stay there with your friends.

  • covers big territories;
  • immediate effect;
  • simple to use;
  • affordable price.
  • you have to buy insecticides for the fogger.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes

We have already discussed with you some measures of how to protect your house. Now, let’s sum them up. The steps that will cost you nothing but decrease the possibility of mosquitoes in your yard are:

  • Cut the access to the standing water. If you can’t afford it, use dunks;
  • Clean gutters;
  • Fix all the cracks in the walls, gaps in the door, and windows;
  • Use window screens;
  • If your lights on the porch attract mosquitoes, use either zappers or specific dimmed light bulbs;
  • Wear clothes with sleeves if you go outdoors during the night. You may also use mosquito repellents
  • and sprays;
  • Plant protective herbs, as I’ve mentioned before.

FAQ on DIY Mosquitoes Extermination

Here you will find the most popular questions about mosquitos’ extermination. I hope my answers will be helpful to you. Read them before you order anything from the list.

Does lavender repel mosquitoes?

Lavender oil is found to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. It is less effective than chemicals or a mix of plants. However, the oil from lavender can be used against adult species of insects. You may try to use lavender candles or burn the oil in the lamp. Besides, lavender is a great decoration for any garden.

What time do mosquitoes come out?

Usually, mosquitoes become active during the night-time. Once the sun is down, you have to wear long sleeves to avoid being bitten. However, Aedes species fly and bite during the day. They carry various fatal viruses as well.

Why do mosquitoes bite certain people?

As I’ve mentioned before, people with 0 types of blood are more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Besides, the white color of your clothing may attract insects. The temperature of the body is important, as well. The higher it is, the more attractive you are to the mosquitoes. Pregnant women whose body temperature is higher than usual are a prime goal for these insects.

What plant repels mosquitoes?

There are numerous plants that mosquitoes can’t stand. I’ve already told you about lavender, citronella, and rosemary. They also don’t like marigolds, basil, catnip, and even geraniums.

The Best Way to Deal with Mosquitoes

I don’t believe in one miraculous remedy that can save you from mosquitoes. Instead, I recommend you to use several of them at the same time. Put the candle with rosemary on your window, use a trap near your porch, and a glued one in the house. If you have a severe infestation, buy insecticide, pour it in the fogger, and get rid of mosquitoes in your garden.

And don’t forget to use a protective spray on your body. I am curious whether you have used any of the products I recommend here. Share your opinion about them in the comments below. Were they helpful?


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