How to Get Rid of Mice in the House – Everything You Need to Know from A to Z

People may have different opinions of these long-tailed animals. Someone has a white mouse as a pet, feeds it and takes care of it, while someone may get terrified of a gray shadow in the corner. Mice as pets and mice as dangerous rodents are completely different animals. So, should we get rid of mice in the house? What kind of harm can they bring? Can these beany-eyed animals be extremely dangerous? Key facts about mice Mice are mammals and rodents. Their closest relatives are jerboas, rats, mole rats, hamsters,… Read More

How to get rid of brown marmorated stink bug

A few years ago no one heard about the marmorated stink bug and paid no attention to its existence. There are hoards of similar insects in the gardens including stink bugs: they can be distinguished from other pests by their strong unpleasant smell, which is very difficult to get rid of. The marmorated stink bug is rapidly spreading across all territories, across countries and continents. A stink bug is omnivorous and unpretentious in terms of living environments, that’s why it quickly adapts to new locations and reproduces rapidly. Who can… Read More

How To Get Rid of House Flies: 7 Most Effective Methods

Dwelling Once the weather starts to warm up in spring and the first snow begins to thaw, there appear the flies — one of the most annoying insects of all. And the first thing you may think of is how to get rid of flies. Then you ask yourself, where do they come from right after the winter's cold? Why are house flies constantly trying to get into our homes? Why do they start biting at the end of the summer? Are they dangerous for a human? So many questions… Read More

How To Get Rid of Termites and Never Think of Them Again

What do you know about the termites? Perhaps you’ve heard that in Africa these insects build termite mounds, resembling entire cities. Have you ever thought that termites in house could bring it down? To find out how to get rid of termites and select an appropriate home remedy for termites, you need to learn more about what termites prefer and how they live. What termites are: looks, lifespan, habitat and food preferences Often called ants, termites actually belong to the cockroach insects family. It is an ancient order of insects,… Read More

5 most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are the most unpleasant and disgusting creatures that can be found in the house. Your first thought when you see roaches in house is how to get rid of roaches forever and ever! The roach infestation can be the scariest thing happening to any house. The roach infestation is a sign of unsanitary conditions and dirt, and it causes unpleasant impressions of the premises. After all, you must admit that it does not matter how beautiful and clean the kitchen is, the creeping cockroach immediately changes the impression from… Read More

How To Get Rid Of Fleas: Most Effective Ways

You think that a small flea found on your beloved pet will do no harm? Or you fancy that fleas live on stray animals only? This tiny creature can ruin both the pets and their owners’ lives. How to get rid of fleas must be the question of the first urgency because fleas would not go away on their own accord. To realize how dangerous they are, it is necessary to know several facts about these small blood-sucking insects: The flea life cycle is from several weeks to 1.5 years. It depends… Read More

How to get rid of mosquitoes and sand flies?

What prevents you most from a camping trip or visiting a country house? Why can your favorite fishing activities or a simple outdoor recreation be ruined? When considering a journey into the country, one immediately thinks of a wearisome whining of mosquitoes, their burning bites and a wish to hide indoors as soon as possible. A common outdoor stroll without a mosquito spray taken with you can result in your arms and legs being bitten, covering them with weals and itching that can lead to mosquito bite allergy. How to… Read More

How to get rid of house centipedes and do you really need to do it?

Have you ever seen a house centipede? Maybe you’ve found a hideous insect with long legs on the wall of your house and were horrified? Then your initial reaction was to swat it and to throw it away. Of course, it is not hard to become a centipede killer, but much better is to figure out whether it was dangerous. Perhaps, your attitude was hasty. Let's find out more about the house centipede and the actions to take when you bump into this nocturnal creature crawling across your kitchen floor.… Read More

How to get rid of dust mites: not as easy as duck soup

Have you ever noticed that it is hard to breathe at home? Do you often sneeze or have a stuffy nose? Dry cough is irritating your throat? But it does not seem to be a common cold. What may cause such symptoms? These are dust mites that are invisible to the naked eye. They are present almost in every home. For years, you may treat ailments and visit doctors, but never suspect that the root cause of all troubles lies in your home, in your favorite soft slippers, in a… Read More

Ants house invasion: How to get rid of sugar ants

The word “ant” makes us think about a hard worker, carrying supplies to its anthill. Even when you see such a small insect in your sugar bowl in the kitchen, the idea that you are attacked by pests does not come into your mind at once. Well, can this little sugar ant even eat that much? In fact, the presence of sugar ants signals danger and requires immediate action. Who are these ants, and why should they be controlled? What are the sugar ants? There are more than 10 thousand… Read More