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How Much Does Wasp Exterminator Cost in 2024: Wasp Removal Prices Explained

The average wasp exterminator cost around the country is $550. Yet, it does not mean that the nest removal from your porch will cost the same. The minimal price found across the USA is $200. This number, nevertheless, is not the lowest, as well as $550 is not the highest price.

Normally we don’t deal much with wasp exterminators and pest control in general. So, it is only natural that many of us are unaware of the average prices on the market. If you don’t want to overpay and prefer to be prepared for anything, check these wasp nest exterminator prices comparison.

Wasp Exterminator Costs

National Average Cos:t$550
Minimum Cost:$200
Maximum Cost:$1,280
Average Range;$330 to $815

Looking for how much does wasp removal cost? The average price varies from $330 to $815. The maximum cost is $1280. The minimal price for one visit to the exterminator is $200. However, even one professional session may be evaluated for more than $200. Depending on the complexity of work, the wasp treatment cost may change.

Main Factors of Wasp Removal Cost

Are you doubtful on whether you should pay $500 or $200 for the visit of an exterminator? It depends on numerous factors. You may ask for the price list for wasp control services, but you have to know all the specific details of your case. Main factors you have to consider:

  • Level of infestation;
  • Accessibility of the nest to the exterminator. The higher the nest is located and the harder it is to reach, the more you have to pay;
  • The species an exterminator has to deal with. Dangerous wasps cost more than ordinary;
  • The tools the extermination requires. If you want some specific eco-friendly or family-friendly treatments, you have to discuss them with an exterminator;
  • The area of action. The bigger the nest, the more remedy it requires, and the more money it will cost.

Wasp Exterminator Price by Infestation Level

wasp on a wasp nest

The maximum price for the most severe infestation is up to $1300. The cost to remove a hornet nest varies based on infestation level. It means that you have to call pest control as soon as you notice wasps. The longer you wait, the more insects appear. They will not go away if they have already built the nest.

Serious infestation cost

Serious infestation cost varies from $500 to $1280. It includes treatment with pesticides several times and a post-treatment. An exterminator decides whether your household needs this treatment or not after a detailed inspection. For big nests with numerous wasps, the professionals may require repeating the procedure.

Wasp prevention cost

Professional wasp removal costs $350-450 on average, while prevention varies from $200 and $300. If you don’t want to overpay for pest control, you may take care of the problem in advance. Usually, wasp prevention is a popular service among those who have just got rid of the nest and don’t want to see wasps back again.

You can also try DIY measures, including covering the windows with nets, so you don’t have to call bee and wasp exterminators. But they still provide the guarantees you can’t.

Wasp Treatment Cost by Location

The average price around the States is $550. The price changes depending on numerous factors. The location of the nest is one of the most important of them. The accessibility of the insects can raise or lower the price in no time.

Once the exterminator finds that the wasps are inside the walls, the price will go up to $800 or more. The same goes for high trees or potentially dangerous locations.


The average price for the removal of wasps from the attic is $350. It may change depending on the accessibility of the nest and the height from the floor to the nest.

Yet, the attic is considered to be the cheapest compared to other rooms inside the house. If there are construction works that must be done, the price goes up. After the first 10 feet height, you probably may have to pay an extra $30.


The average price ranges from $400 to $900. Walls are the perfect hiding spot for wasps. It takes numerous efforts to get rid of them once they are inside the walls. It is possible that a professional will drill your walls to push a pesticide through tiny holes.

This is why you have to prepare to pay more for restoring the walls. Don’t leave the holes in them, as new pests may appear incredibly quickly there. The price also depends on the number of wasps inside.

All house

The price for the entire house can reach $1300. If you want to order preventive measures, it may vary from $200 up to $400. Ask the exterminator to check the chimney. Nests of wasps in chimneys are easy to remove.

However, the nest must be reachable, and the chimney is standard. Normally professionals close the way for wasps to the house and open the fireplace. They use pesticides to force insects to fly away.


The outdoor extermination price starts from $300. Depending on the location of the nest, exterminators name the cost. Usually, wasps build nests high above the ground. It is extremely dangerous to walk near the nest on the porch.

Wasp Treatment Cost by Treatment Type

The minimal price for one session with the basic treatments is $200 and higher. An exterminator has to come to your house at first and make an inspection, which includes identifying the nest location and the type of wasps. After that, you can discuss the treatment the exterminator offers. Together, you may choose between aerosol and dust products.


One session with the spray varies in price from $200 to $800. The main difference is in the cost of the wasp spray, the amount your case requires, and the simplicity of use. Usually, aerosols contain prallethrin and tetramethrin inside.

You may choose to go with all-natural sprays for the additional price if the exterminator has them. The exterminator needs to remove the nest from the house before extermination, which almost doubles the price.


Prices for wasp dusting, the most common method, start from $200. Usually, it is helpful for yellow jackets and other wasps that build their nests inside the ground or close to it. Dust also contains permethrin. Wasps will carry this remedy to the nest and kill the rest of the nest.

Safe and natural alternatives

Natural alternatives require more money, from $350-$400 and more. If you want to make sure that your family and pets will not suffer from allergies or skin irritation, will not inhale harmful chemicals, you may either wait somewhere far from the place of extermination or ask the pest control to use eco-friendly treatments.

Warning! They may be less effective than chemicals.

Wasp Extermination Cost by Wasp Type

brown and black wasp on green leaf during daytime

Based on the type of wasps, the price for extermination ranges from $200 to $1280. Pricing heavily depends on the name of the wasp that dwells in your household.

Some wasps are rare; others can be more dangerous. Not all pesticides work on versatile types of these insects. Some types prefer to build nests above the ground; others inside it. The nests located near the ground are easier to remove.

Hornet nest exterminator cost

Hornet nest removal cost is equal to $450, on average. Hornets are bigger than ordinary wasps. They reach 1 inch in size on average.

They have yellow and black stripes on their bodies, similar to other wasps, but the colors are paler. These insects seal their nests. They place them on the attics, in the barns, or outside, on the hollow trees.

Paper wasp nests removal cost

The price starts at $450. The paper wasp nest removal cost depends on its location and the insects` quantity. Paper wasps are brown with red or yellow stripes on their bodies.

Their nests look like they are made of paper. This is where the name comes from. Usually, these nests are not concealed. These insects make nests on branches, door frames, and shrubs.

Yellow jacket hive removal cost

The average price for their extermination is near $700. The yellow jacket nest removal cost is so high, mainly because they are aggressive.

They can sting several times. Their nests are underground. You can recognize them by narrow midsection and standard black and yellow colors. Their nests are usually large. Yellow jackets can live inside the walls.

Bald-faced hornet hives

The price varies from $600 to $700. They have a large 1-inch body covered in black and white stripes. They build nests from the wood pulp. These insects prefer to make nests high, near the top of the tree. This is why it is pricey to exterminate them.

Wasp Damage Repair Cost

Paper wasp on human hand

The highest price for pest control works is $1280. But this price does not include the expenses on the house renovation. Sometimes you don’t need to repair anything.

However, if the wasps crawl inside the walls, you will have to make holes in them, and after getting the insects, seal the holes. You may even require a professional carpenter, whose 1 hour of work costs $70, on average.

DIY vs Hiring a Pro

You may want to deal with the insects yourself, considering that free wasp nest removal is more beneficial than the pricey services of professionals. However, wasps are incredibly dangerous insects. Unlike bees, they can hunt you just because they can, without any particular reason.

Their stings can be poisonous and may cause death in case of an allergic reaction. It is highly recommended to hire professionals. You may not be able to deal with wasps in the walls or under the ground. Besides, you may not even have all the tools that will be required, but you can always try to get rid of the wasp’s nest on your own.

How to Hire a Professional

Specialists from pest control can be easily found online. You can also ask your friends and family. There are specific apps that locate the offices of nearby exterminators. Finding a specialist is not a big problem. However, you need to make sure that this person is a true professional.

How to pick a pro

There are instructions that help you recognize professionals on the EPA website. They also provide detailed information on pest control and pesticide safety. It is recommended to read them and ask an exterminator about the details. Besides, you can always ask for certificates and diplomas. And don’t forget to search for reviews online from former clients.

Things to discuss with wasp exterminator

There are numerous questions you have to agree on with the exterminator before the beginning of work. Memorize the standard list of questions. You can also add those that interest you the most. My personal list:

  • Amount of work that has to be done;
  • The pesticides and other treatments that will be used;
  • The time that is required for work. If the wasps dwell inside the walls, the exterminator may ask you to stay away from this area for some time. Make sure you understand each other;
  • The danger for kids and pets;
  • The money you have to pay and possible extra expenses;
  • The guarantees exterminator provides.

How to Prepare for Treatment

Certain preparations for the treatment must be done before the specialist begins to work. You have to make sure that the territory near the nest is cleared and the nest is accessible. However, if you have any allergies or the nest is too close to you, don’t move anything. Make sure that your kids and pets are far from the area of the extermination.

Your Actions After Extermination

After the extermination is over, you have to make a few simple moves. Don’t worry; they will not cost you a thing:

  • Ventilate the room;
  • Remove the dead wasps if there are some left;
  • Remove the nest if this was not included in the price. But usually, an exterminator takes care of it;
  • Clean the house.

Don’t forget about preventive measures. They cost you nothing, but you can feel more secure:

  • Seal all the holes in the walls;
  • Put the mesh on windows if you need;
  • Hide all the products in your kitchen that may attract insects. They love sweets and do not hesitate to pick them from the garbage cans. Even a compost pile outdoors may attract them;
  • Don’t squash wasps, as some of them release pheromone while being squashed, which attracts their relatives;
  • Minimize the number of floral and bright designs in your wardrobe;
  • Don’t overuse perfumes, especially those with sweet scents.

And while you are cleaning after the pest control, make sure you wear protective gloves. Sometimes there are few wasps that are not dead. It happens rarely, but you have to be careful.

The poison of wasps can cost you life, especially if you know that you are allergic to them. Don’t risk your own life. If you can, ask the exterminator to visit you after some time to make sure that there are no wasps left. Some pest control services include this option in their prices.

Wasp Extermination Questions

brown wasp close-up

You have already learned the average prices for pest control services. Here are the most frequently asked questions online.

Can an exterminator get rid of wasps?

Yes, this is what an exterminator does. The company or person you hire gives you guarantees for the work. The main job of an exterminator is to get rid of the nest, the main source of wasps in your household. They exterminate the source and kill wasps.

Depending on the treatment you agreed on, wasps can kill themselves, spreading the poison inside the nest. The exterminator checks whether there are no wasps left.

How do pros get rid of a wasp infestation?

The first thing they do is search for the nest. When they find it, they choose whether to use aerosols or dust. They may use different alternative measures. You may also ask about eco-friendly treatment.

Using the most suitable tools for it, exterminators get rid of the nest, killing all the wasps inside. They also spray the place where the nest was built with pesticides or other remedies to make sure that there are no insects left.

Will wasps return after pro treatment?

There is a possibility that wasps may return after the treatment. This is why it is crucial for you to agree with the pest control on the preventive measures as well. You may try to take care of controlling wasps yourself, but specialists have all the treatments with them already.

They need to spread a specific substance, which prevents new wasps from occupying the same territory where their predecessors lived.

Choosing the Best Service

The standard prices for wasps’ extermination in the USA vary from $330 to $815. These prices are changeable depending on your specific case.

Despite the affordability of the cost, many brave hearts still prefer to exterminate wasps nests on their own, risking their lives and the lives of their family members. Wasps are dangerous enemies, as almost all of them sting humans.

I recommend you to find a professional exterminator and agree on the price. If you have called a pro before, share your experience in the comments below. Was it helpful? Have you forgotten about wasps for good? Which type of wasps have you encountered?


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