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Editorial Disclosure

The Pest Control Hacks blog is a complete collection of methods and tools to control various pests. We strive to provide our readers with the most up-to-date and effective techniques for protecting the garden and home from insects and animals. With our review articles, you always know what to expect from a particular manufacturer and tool so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

Our Code of Ethics

Our strict code of ethics helps our team maintain independence, transparency, accuracy, objectivity, and high-quality content. Our first priority is to help readers find the best pest control product. We try to evaluate all the items on the market as unbiased as possible and equally consider both their pluses and minuses. Loyalty to these principles guarantees that our readers can trust the blog team’s opinion.

Basic Guidelines for Authors and Editors

In addition to the code of ethics, our team adheres to clear guidelines, trying to maintain maximum transparency in ratings and reviews:

  • We do not inform companies, brands, or agencies in advance that we plan to include their products in our review articles.
  • None of our team accepts valuable items, money, or gifts as bribes from manufacturers, their representatives, or marketing departments.
  • Our site does not host sponsored content in any existing forms.
  • We never submit our reviews and articles for proofreading to manufacturing companies.
  • Our experts are prohibited from covering brands and products whose success they may have a direct interest in.

Steps of the Editing Process

The content creation on this blog has a clear structure, allowing us to achieve maximum quality and accuracy.

1. Research materials

Before writing articles, our experts conduct thorough market research on a given topic. It takes into account the top products, items most in demand among consumers, and recommendations from our affiliate partners. We study descriptions from manufacturers, read reviews from real users, and based on them, we compile a list of pest control tools that deserve our attention.

2. Writing and editing

We compile an article, top, or guide based on our own research. We run finished texts through specialized editing software to ensure there are no grammatical and stylistic errors and check the material’s uniqueness. Articles verified this way are sent for proofreading to Nicholas Martin, the Pest Control Hacks leader and owner. He reviews the submissions to make sure they are accurate and appropriate for the blog’s audience. Articles approved by Nicholas are forwarded to our web specialist, who gives them a publishable look and adds pictures to the texts.

3. Revision of old articles

We know that the market for pest control products does not stand still, and new tools appear literally every day. That is why blog experts regularly review published materials to make sure the products and reviews presented are up to date. When they find that a link they posted is no longer active, user reviews have gotten worse, or better tools have appeared on the market, they do new research. Thus, the information in the blog is updated and supplemented regularly so that readers have only the latest data on the best pest control methods.

Expectations of Our Pest Control Experts and Editorial Team

Pest Control Hacks specialists should adhere not only to the established guidelines but also to the developed standards for searching for materials, writing and editing articles, the accuracy of the information, and much more. It is done to maintain our recommendations’ high quality and reliability and ensure that readers can fully rely on our expert opinion.

Research standards

Thorough research is the basis on which all our work stands. That is why we take a responsible approach to the search and analysis of information and adhere to the following standards:

  • We use proven and reliable sources.
  • Our experts try to find and use several sources whenever possible to obtain a more comprehensive opinion.
  • We insert references to the sources used where it is necessary to confirm any statement.
  • We try to provide complete information on the topic under consideration.
  • We are critical in evaluating customer reviews and ratings, giving less weight to those that seem overwhelmingly positive or negative.
  • In our texts, there is no place for personal prejudices and beliefs.

Recommendation and advice standards

Our blog contains not only modern top products and methods for pest control but also tips, hacks, and recommendations. It allows us to provide readers with the most extensive block of information and consider all the ways of pest control. In this direction, we have also developed a set of standards:

  • We never recommend a method or product choice without explaining our point of view in detail.
  • Reasonable arguments support all our advice.
  • We never guarantee a specific outcome (like “reindeer will stop appearing in your county in the next ten years”).
  • We do not mislead our readers, trying to push them to a specific decision. They make choices based on objective facts and scientific evidence.
  • Our authors try to offer several options to choose from so that each user can select the item that suits them.

Accuracy and writing standards

Deep research and proven recommendations are half the battle. Well-written articles, proven resources, and well-structured material are the keys to the success of this blog. Our standards in this area are also quite strict:

  • We avoid jargon and professional slang, trying to convey information to readers in the most understandable language.
  • Informative style and lack of grammatical and spelling errors are a must for any of our text.
  • Our writers double-check the information about the products and methods in question to provide accurate data.
  • We choose brevity and clarity of texts instead of verbosity.

Update and edit standards

We strive to create a blog that provides readers with the most relevant information on any issue that interests them. To achieve it, our team adheres to the following editorial standards:

  • We regularly review our texts and update them if we find information that has already lost its relevance.
  • Authors add cross-references to their texts to confirm updates.
  • If any inaccuracies or errors are found, we immediately correct the articles.
  • All changes and edits take place under the direction of the editor-in-chief.

Resources We Trust

Since our main goal is to make the blog a reliable source of truthful information on the available means of pest control, we are extremely careful about the resources used. Among our main sources of information are:

  • Own experience of our team that has been working in the field of pest control for many years.
  • Sites of companies and agencies that deal with the extermination of insects.
  • Thematic journals, latest scientific articles, and publications from leading professionals in the field.
  • Reviews and ratings from verified users of products and technologies.

We love what we do and never rely on chance and assumptions when writing our articles. Authors find trusted sources of information and verify claims against their own experiences to make your life better.

Working With the Audience

We do not stand still and move along with the progress and requests of our audience. Our team is open to any comments and suggestions that readers can leave in the articles’ comments or by contacting us directly. Although we try to adhere to the established guidelines and standards described above, it does not mean we are not ready to change to become even better. So if you have any ideas on how to help us with it, please know that we at are open to dialogue.

Advertising and Affiliate Links

The blog is participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It means we earn royalties when consumers purchase products by clicking on Amazon links in our articles. It does not affect the cost of products for our readers since merchants make such payments. We also draw your special attention to the fact that affiliates do not influence our opinion about products. Our top priority is to provide honest and transparent information to our readers.

You can read more about our part in the Amazon program here.

How to Contact Us

Please feel free to send us your ideas and comments or call us with your suggestions. Our company headquarters:

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