How Much Does Bee Removal Cost in 2024: Bee Exterminator Prices Explained

How much is bee removal? Well, there’s no one-figure answer to this question as there are many factors that may affect the bee exterminator cost. The average cost of bee removal varies from $75 to $1000, so it’s important to understand price formation.

This will help you to realize what you are paying for and avoid those situations when a bad-mannered contractor tries to fool you and ask for more money.

Read the guide attentively, and the task will become much easier for you. Don’t try to solve the problem on your own if you don’t have the needed experience and protective gear as bee stings are painful and cause lethal allergic reactions in some people.

Bee Exterminator Costs

National Average Cost:$530
Minimum Cost:$75
Maximum Cost:$1000+
Average Range:$350-$550

Main Factors of Bee Removal Cost

Bee removal cost depends on:

  • bee type;
  • size of the problem (nest size);
  • the region you live in.

Bee Exterminator Price By Infestation Level

bee clues outside the window

Infestation level is the key factor that largely affects the price of extermination service. That’s why an inspection is always required before the start of treatment. Experts look at how big the nest is and gather all the needed gear to deal with it.

Serious bee infestation cost

The size of an infestation rarely gets above $1000, because it’s hard to overlook such a huge swarm around your property. Still, some cases get so tough that the price rises even above that. I’ve only seen a couple of such bad cases, though, so I don’t include those prices into the average.

Bee prevention cost

Preventive measures, such as cleaning and sealing the holes around your property, may cost you from $100 to $5000+, depending on the amount of damage and required cleaning works. You may do them yourself or hire someone, which will cost more. I also recommend spending a few bucks for repelling smokers.

Bee Treatment Cost by Location: $0 – $1000+

Bees are cautious insects, so they usually choose hard-to-reach places for their nests to avoid attacks of other animals and insects. The deeper they go, the higher the price for taking them out.


Bees in attic removal is quite cheap, compared to treating hives that are hidden in walls. As the nests in attics can usually be accessed directly, there’s no additional price for deconstruction. Professionals will usually take $350 – $550 for this, while beekeepers may agree to relocate the bees for free to start a new colony on a special territory. This won’t work only if these bees don’t make honey.


Getting rid of bees in walls usually costs more than in other cases. The price usually varies from $600 to $1000 but can be higher if the size of the problem is exceptional.

All house

bee evidence under the roof

The exterminator for bees in house price may vary from $350 to $1000 and more, depending on how well the hive is hidden. If deconstruction works are not required, it will cost less. Unfortunately, they’re usually required, so get ready for paying around $800-$1000.


Removing bees outside is the cheapest case and rarely costs more than $500.

Bee nest removal cost

Honey bee nest removal price is usually included in the main body of the extermination service fee. Beehive removal cost depends more on its location rather than on the size.

Bee treatment cost by treatment type: $2-$80

bee hive

Actually, treatment type doesn’t dramatically affect the price of the pest control service. The ratio between an average pest control price, which is around $450-$500, is from 1:22 to 3:22. If the price becomes higher, the ratio becomes less substantial too.


This is the cheapest remedy against bees. The price for a single can on Amazon varies from $2 to $7, depending on the brand and the size of the can. I recommend taking one or two extra cans to avoid undertreating the area. It’s also usually cheaper to order multiple cans at once.


A standard 1lbs pack of Drione dust will cost you roughly $70. In addition, you need to buy a duster that will cost you from $4 to $10. A 1lb bottle costs around $47. Some remedies cost more if they come with a custom duster and depending on the package size.

Safe and Natural Alternatives

If the problem isn’t too big, you can try spraying water with dish soap. This will cost you less than $2 but will also require much more time and doesn’t guarantee the needed result. Besides, you can make an apple cider vinegar bait. Mix sweetened water with vinegar and soap. Bees will drown inside this bait. This will cost you from $0 to $1.

Bee Extermination Cost by Bee Type: $75 – $1000

bee on yellow flower

Even DIY bee removal will cost you money because you always need to buy an effective chemical remedy and self protection. The price for professional inspection and termination may depend on the size of an infestation and the region you live in. Your local beekeeper or extermination professional is capable of doing this job.

Carpenter bee removal cost

The carpenter bee treatment cost varies from $75 to $500, depending on the size of the problem. Carpenter bees aren’t that social, so are they rarely found in big hives. These creatures live within burrows in untreated wood, which may initially look ungenerous.

However, they breed inside their burrows, which leads to the eventual spreading of damage as the population grows. That’s why you have to remember how these pests look to start exterminating them before they eat too much wood and damage your house’s structure.

bee on white flower

These bees rarely sting, and it’s quite easy to get rid of them, so you can attempt to do it yourself. I recommend purchasing a residual insect spray or Drione dust. It’s important to treat all the burrows thoroughly to prevent a re-infestation in the near future.

There’s also an arguable free method. Try playing loud music inside to scare the bees away. I’ve heard many stories that carpenter bees leave houses after being exposed to loud noises continuously. I recommend chemicals anyway.

Honey bee removal cost: $200 – $1000

Unline carpenter bees, honey bees usually live in immense colonies of over 50,000 insects or even more! Such huge nests may cause considerable damage to the household. The price for initial inspection and removal varies from $200 to $1000.

Bees can damage walls and ceiling, so be ready to spend extra money to repair the house after extermination works. Honey bees in large swarms are quite dangerous, especially if you’re allergic to their bites, so it’s not a good idea for a DIY project unless you’re an expert.

Bumblebee extermination cost: $0 – $750

Bumblebees are not very dangerous and rarely require extermination. They are quite docile and don’t sting without a real purpose. The largest hives I’ve seen count 150 bees, but the average hive size is 50-70. They’re also considered an endangered species, so it’s important to invite an expert if they really bother you and your family.

Killer bee extermination (Africanized Honey Bee): $150 – $1000

The cost for this service may vary dramatically, depending on your region, but rarely get higher than $750 – $1000. Similar to average honey bees, these insects can damage your house, so be ready for repairment works as well.

These bees are difficult to tell from average ones as they look the same. I tell one from another by distinctively higher aggression level.

In Arizona and some other regions, this is the only bee type that can do mass pollination, so professionals usually relocate them instead of terminating. However, some states mandate you to kill them.

Please, don’t try to exterminate them yourself as they are very aggressive territory defenders. These are the insects that may chase you for miles. So, yes, cartoons didn’t lie. Such things really happen from time to time, so call the professional as soon as possible.

Bee damage repair cost: $0 – $5000+

The most destructive bee types are honeybees, killer bees, and carpenter bees. The first 2 types usually damage:

  • drywall – repair works cost from $250 to $750;
  • ceiling – $300 – $1000;
  • deck – $250 – $2000.

As you already know, carpenter bees damage your property differently, so you may have to remove entire wood parts and constructions as well as to repaint/treat wood parts before and after installation.

The price for such works may vary from $500 to $5000. Hurry up to stop an infestation if you notice at least one carpenter bee to reduce the potential cost.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

I don’t recommend getting rid of bees by yourself unless you are dealing with those docile carpenter bees. Other bees can be very dangerous if there are many of them, so don’t neglect bee safety.

How to Hire a Professional

bee on siren

One of the best ways is to look for reliable reviews on the web and ask people you know if they had such a problem. You can also call one of the federal-size extermination service networks, such as Orkin. They don’t guarantee that your expert will be 100% excellent, but in most cases, he/she will.

How to pick a pro

The only way is to look for reviews on each service and person. There’s no better way.

Things to discuss with bee exterminator

Here are the main questions to ask before you sign a contract:

  • Are you licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board?
  • Are you certified for Africanized Honey Bees?
  • Do you sub out workers or hire them? (Subbed-out workers may be uncertified and can have a criminal background);
  • Do you carry Workman’s Comp and Liability Insurance? (You’d want to get covered if something goes terribly wrong);
  • How long have you been working? (I recommend services that work from 6 months to 1 year or longer);
  • Do you warranty your work?

How to Prepare for Treatment

Regardless of the extermination method you choose, you must secure your family members, pets, and neighbors before you start or let exterminators do the job. Close all the windows and tell your family to stay inside.

Next, warn your neighbors that you will treat bees on particular hours and take their phone numbers to warn them if something goes wrong.

Your Actions After Extermination

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to prevent re-infestations in future 100%, but you can reduce the probability by doing the following:

  • Inspect your household for swarms from March to July – these are the months when bees are most actively looking for a place to settle.
  • Remove junk and clutter from your yard – the fewer bee attractors are there, the better;
  • Seal the house and other structures – you should seal all the cracks in the siding to block access to cozy and warm hideaways for insects. This will prevent many other insects from getting inside too.
  • Clean up after an infestation – it’s necessary to get rid of honey and honeycombs not to attract new swarms. Removing the roof and siding is likely to be necessary because bees usually leave honeycombs in hard-to-reach places to protect from larger animals.


bee on a sunflower

You ask me a lot of questions about bees in the comments and by email, so I decided to gather the most common of them and leave the answers here. Don’t skip the section to gain more knowledge.

Can exterminators get rid of bees without killing them?

The short answer is yes. Bee populations decline, so some states mandate exterminators to relocate bees instead of killing them. These methods include smoking – all beekeepers use this method to relocate swarms from their hives. This lets you remove the hive securely. Smoke makes insects calmer and tells them to get away from ‘’the fire in the woods.’’

How much does it cost to spray for carpenter bees?

In 2020, the prices for bee sprays start at roughly $2-$7 for a can. However, in most cases, you will need more than one can, so I recommend purchasing packs of 3-12 cans, depending on the size of an infestation in your household. Dust remedies usually cost more and vary from $15 to $30.

How long does it take for bees to die after extermination?

Once the hive has been treated properly, it may take around 2-3 days for the entire swarm to die out. In some cases, exterminators don’t notice smaller hives around your property. It’s a normal thing and may require additional treatment and extra 2-3 days for the colony to die.

How much does bee removal cost?

Bee infestation removal prices vary from $75 to $1000, depending on the following factors:

  • the region you live in;
  • type of bees – for example, killer bees and honey bees are more dangerous than bumblebees;
  • the size of an infestation;
  • the size of damage to the household (will require extra money for repairments and cleanup).

A No More Bee Bargain

Now you are aware of the real pricing for bee extermination by type. If you see a swarm around, don’t worry too much, browse for the nearest extermination service in your region, and ask for a price list in advance.

All networking services and most local ones have websites, where you can check out the price range too. It’s also a good idea to let professionals work only after reading the contract and signing it. This will protect you from unexpected circumstances.

Bee extermination can be quite pricey, but there’s usually no other way to deal with the problems safely for you and your family.


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