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How We Find and Test Products

Pest Control Hacks is your reliable assistant in the fight against annoying insects and wild animals. Our writers and editors are highly experienced in pest control and strive to make readers’ lives easier by sharing their knowledge. On the site, you will find hundreds of articles on getting rid of various parasites.

How We Find Products

We strive to provide blog visitors with the latest and most effective pest control tools. Our experts daily monitor the sites of small and large manufacturers, watch advertisements, and study market news and current trends. It allows our team to always stay up to date with the releases of new product lines and solutions. At the same time, we understand that not everything new works better than old things. Therefore, we compare newly released items with proven methods and leave only the most effective ones in our articles.

How We Test Products

We know that you do not have the opportunity to test several dozen positions and select the one that works in your particular case. This way, you can lose precious time, which is essential for effective pest control. That is why we test in practice all the goods that fall into our hands to make it easier for you. Our team consists of experts who know from their experience how important it is to choose a powerful method for pest control. However, not all tools and solutions get into our articles. We test dozens of products in real-world conditions and only review those proven to work and deliver on their claims.

Why You Should Trust Our Experts

We know that pests are nasty neighbors, and it can take months to eliminate them without the right approach. Our experts use their own experience to compile articles and guides that are introductory and informative. Our authors’ opinions are independent and based on the results of practical testing of pest control tools. We do not notify manufacturers of testing of their products and do not receive payment from them for posting their items. Also, our texts are never submitted to company representatives for proofreading before placement. On the site, you will find exclusively objective ratings and reviews.

How We Make Money

The blog is a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program. It means we receive payment for products our readers purchase through the links placed in our reviews. We do not receive compensation for every published product or solution, and we do not get commissions for recommending certain positions. We publish only verified items from reliable manufacturers and regularly review and update our guides so that you have only up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Also blog is a member of Mediavine advertising system and Networx Affiliate Program.

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