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We Need Experts

Pest Control Hacks needs experienced pest control experts! Our authors write comprehensive articles, guides, and reviews to help readers deal with the insects and animals that inhabit their apartments, houses, and gardens. We see our mission as protecting our visitors from unwanted neighbors by providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools. Join our team if you want to help people fight against annoying creatures as we do.

We are looking for enthusiasts with relevant education and work experience who could help us:

  • write expert articles, reviews, and guides on how to get rid of insects and wild animals, prevent their reappearance, and pick the most effective pest control products;
  • proofread and edit written texts based on their own experience.

Your educational background should be related to biology, entomology, zoology, medicine, and other natural sciences. If you have worked in a pest or wildlife control agency, participated in biological control, received a pest control license, or have any related work experience, we need you.

If you are interested in creating quality content for our blog, please contact us via the email provided on the Contact page. We will answer you within a few days.

Also you can read our Editorial Disclosure.

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