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How Much Does Spider Exterminator Cost in 2024: Spider Control Prices Explained

Actually, there’s no set spider exterminator cost across the US as the potential severity of the problem may differ by state and depend on a variety of other aspects. I decided to write this quick guide to let you figure things out and be able to find the best extermination service in your region without overpaying for a spider treatment.

It’s not a guide on how to deal with a spider infestation around the home, but a detailed guide on pricing with actionable tips that will help you avoid mistakes.

Spider Exterminator Costs

National Average Cost:$475
Minimum Cost:$150
Maximum Cost:$800
Average Range:$200 – $500

Main Factors of Spider Removal Cost

The main factors that affect spider removal cost include:

  • Property size;
  • Types of treatment applied and the number (amount) of remedies used;
  • The size of the problem;
  • The number of exterminator visits required to solve the problem.

Spider Exterminator Price By Infestation Level

Big spider on a web

For example, brown recluse extermination cost at 4000-5000 sq. ft. will be around $600 and around $800 at a 6001-7000 sq ft area. However, the average national price is lower than that. The number of spiders, the area of your property, and the spider type define how much it will cost.

Serious infestation cost

Spider control prices in case of a serious infestation start at $450 but rarely get over $800 as spider problems aren’t considered too difficult for professional exterminators.

Spider prevention cost

Preventing re-infestation may cost differently. It depends on the number of works required around your property for effective spider prevention in the future. The cost may vary from $10 to $1000 if the house is somewhat shabby.

Spider Treatment Cost by Location

Cobweb under the lantern

Some places are harder to reach or require particular measures to be undertaken. This may affect the price, especially if the spiders are in hard-to-reach locations.


A basement is a great place for spiders to migrate to as there’s plenty of food, privacy, and it’s usually warm enough. What place can be better for laying eggs? Basement spider control cost varies from $200 to $350 as it’s considered a reactive type of treatment. It usually requires the use of a pesticide. Sometimes several visits are necessary to stop the infestation completely.

In house

While most home spiders are totally safe, some can cause real problems. Brown recluse and black widow exterminator cost may be slightly higher as removing these spiders involves a bit of risk, especially if the problem is big. Still, the price rarely gets above $550 for this type of job.


Removing common outdoor spiders is usually not necessary as they’re beneficial for your garden. However, if they get problematic or you notice dangerous species, flushing treatment, and insecticide spraying is needed. Outdoor spider control cost varies from $150 to $350 per procedure and may get a bit higher if a scheduled treatment is required.

Spider Treatment Cost by Treatment Type: $2 – $500

Spider in the snow

Various treatment types will cost you or the extermination service different amounts of money. You can ask a master about the remedy he/she uses to check out how much it is.

Sprays: $7 – $30

Aerosol sprays knock spiders down quickly. It can be used to fill out cracks and crevices as well as on open areas. Contact sprays usually cost the same or a bit more but require direct spraying on the pest to kill it for sure. It’s not the best solution to treat cracks and crevices.

Fumigation: $150 – $500

Fumigating house for spiders is currently the most effective and pricey method. Spider fumigation cost is higher because it requires you to call a professional who has all the needed gear to smoke out spiders from your property using gaseous pesticides.

Traps: $3 – $26

Spider traps are usually sold in packs of multiple sticky traps, so the price hugely depends on the number of traps in the pack. The most expensive pack I found on Amazon was $26 and included 70 universal pest traps.

Natural spider repellent: below $10 + hidden price

Natural spider repellents can usually be found around your house or bought in the nearest store. They rarely cost more than $10 altogether but include a hidden price, your time.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

If you know how to tell a poisonous spider from a beneficial one, and you see no more than 1-3 spiders around, catching them with a spider catcher will be quite simple.

However, if there are more of them, you’re not into the topic or have strong arachnophobia, it’s time to call professional exterminators. They know how to eliminate insects and prevent reinfestations in the future, which you may easily fail to do.

How to Hire a Professional

Spider on the net on a green background

Hiring a professional today is very easy as you can contact any of them by phone or request a free quote online in a couple of clicks. When you find the one you can trust, you should discuss all the important questions and sign a contract to secure yourself from scam and responsibility abdication.

How to pick a pro

I recommend researching the web for the reviews of each exterminator service you find. Thankfully, Americans are good at leaving unbiased reviews everywhere it’s possible. It’s also a good way to ask your neighbors and other people you know if they know a trustworthy professional.

Things To Discuss With Spider Exterminator

You cannot allow an exterminator to do the job within your property borders until you ask the following questions:

  1. Are you licensed, certificated, and registered? – If the service provider can’t show the papers immediately, keep searching;
  2. Do you have guarantees? – Guarantees and warranties are different amongst companies, but they should be available in any case;
  3. How long have you been in the business? – Well, even 30 days is enough, but the longer they work, the better;
  4. Do you hire workers? – Some companies do the drop-servicing and don’t check the credentials and criminal history of their workers. That’s not what you need unless the reviews are mostly positive.

How to Prepare for Treatment

Spider web on a branch

Before you start treating outside, you should ask your neighbors to close their windows and prevent pets from their yards while the professional is treating the area. Don’t let your pets and family enter the area of treatment either.

If you apply treatment indoors, you should keep everyone away from the treated room or relocate the entire family and pets somewhere until the job is done. I also recommend covering furniture with thick film (dispose of afterward) and removing carpets.

Your Actions After Extermination

When the job is done, and all insects are dead, you should thoroughly air out your home and clean all the surfaces to remove the toxic residue. Next, you should hurry up to seal all the cracks and gaps that may let spiders come back eventually. That’s enough in most cases.


yellow spider on the web

Do you have any other questions? Read this section to find them. I included brief replies to the most frequent questions of my readers to save you some time.

Can exterminators get rid of spiders?

Yes. Exterminators are taught how to tell spider species (there are 66 of them only in California) one from another and to pick the right type of treatment for each spider type. It’s better to call a professional if you don’t have enough knowledge on the topic.

When should you call an exterminator for spiders?

If you see a couple of unharmful spiders around your household, it’s a good sign, which means that it’s clean enough. Still, you should know the signs that tell you to call the exterminator on time. Here they are:

  • cobwebs and egg sacs – you may find one, but are you sure that there are no more?
  • infestations of other insects – spiders settle down anywhere they can feed securely;
  • spider entries – if you notice spiders roaming around your house here and there, it means that there are entrances for them. It’s time to call a pro for help.

What is the best remedy for spiders?

There are both natural and chemical remedies. You already know about them from the previous paragraphs. My personal opinion is that chemical remedies are the most effective as they need less time to kill insects, and it’s easier to apply them. Still, natural solutions are usually cheaper and safer for you and the environment.

When to spray for spiders?

You can do it anytime. Spray spider webs or treat the insects directly if you see them. That’s the best time. You can apply sprays outdoors and indoors if needed, but don’t forget to ventilate the room good enough afterward.

Spiders Won’t Pass

Having all the needed knowledge on the price formation and proper dealing with professionals, you can choose the best service and get rid of scary spiders without overspending and other troubles.

Have you ever had a spider problem before? Did you treat it yourself or call a professional? How long did it take for a reinfestation to occur, and what caused it again? Let’s chat in the comments below! If you still have questions, you’re welcome to ask them as well.


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