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How to Get Rid of Dust Mites: Effective Dust Mite Removal Methods

Have you ever noticed that it is hard to breathe at home? Do you often sneeze or have a stuffy nose? Dry cough is irritating your throat? But it does not seem to be a common cold. What may cause such symptoms? 

These are dust mites that are invisible to the naked eye. They are present almost in every home.

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Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Housmile Bed Vacuum

For years, you may treat ailments and visit doctors, but never suspect that the root cause of all troubles lies in your home, in your favorite soft slippers, in a warm blanket and even in a pillow!

In this article I will tell you how to find the signs of dust mites in your house and how to get rid of dust mites. While reading you will also wonder, do I have dust mites? And you will also find the answer to this question. 

1. What are dust mites and what do dust mites look like?

If you could see dust mites with the naked eye, their appearance would seem dreadful and disgusting to you. The rounded body of the dust mite does not have a head, there are two claws instead of it, and 4 pairs of legs are equipped with suckers.

 The size of this arachnid is only 0,1-0,5 mm. That is why we do not see and do not feel dust mites. The body of the bug is covered with a water-repellent layer. This protects a dust mite from water and does not allow rinsing it without the soap solution.

Where do dust mites live

Dust mites can be found all over the world. They live near humans, in the dwellings where the necessary conditions for their life are created. The dust mite prefers warm and humid places with a temperature of +23 – +26°C and humidity of more than 55%. In such case, it can live up to 75 days. During this time the female dust mite manages to lay up to three hundred eggs. The reproduction most often occurs from late August to early October.

Dust mites are social insects and live in colonies of 10 – 10 000 individuals in a gram of dust.

The highest density of dust mites can be found in down and feather pillows, in mattresses, in wool carpets, sofas and books. Dust mites in bed is the most common situation. More than 70% of the house arachnides are concentrated in a place where you sleep. But dust mites can also be found underneath the baseboards and in vacuum cleaner bags, where they feel very comfortable because it is warm, dusty and dark there.

Dust mites may as well live on your face and in your hair. This causes demodicosis – the disease which manifests itself on the skin of the forehead, cheeks, and eyelids.  It leads to hair loss, itching and inflammation. You can cure this disease caused by dust mites on skin within 2-3 months.

Some species of dust mites live in food products: in flour, cereals, dried fruits, and even in cheese and meat. Humans working with flour or cereals or those who eat these products can get allergic reaction to dust mites. In this case, an allergic reaction occurs in the gastrointestinal tract.

Dust mites live not only in houses and apartments. They feel great in libraries, hotels, and barbershops. Soft theatre armchairs, bus seats, train mattresses are their favorite places to be as well.


What do dust mites eat?

Dust mites benefit from humans without causing significant harm. These arthropods feed on dead skin cells. A person loses up to 1,5 g of epidermal scales each day. Dead skin particles are connected with each other and with house dust. They serve as a place of concentration of the colony of dust mites.

Do dust mites bite?

Dust mites live near and benefit from humans, but they do not cause direct harm.

They do not bite. They do not feed on blood or lymph cells. Even if they wanted to bite you, they would not succeed because of their very small size.

Dust mites cannot carry diseases. But their presence may cause many troubles and illnesses.

Why do dust mites appear in the apartment?

Dust mites have been living near humans for many centuries. The first specimens were presumably brought into the dwelling place with bird feathers, as well as with agricultural products.

In cities, most of the buildings are already infected with dust mites. Even in the construction of new apartments, dust mites are brought along with paper, clothing and dust.

Favorable conditions for life and reproduction allow the arachnids to spread indoors. Warm and moist air, secluded dusty places, fur and wool products are the best surroundings for mites. If dust mites are deprived of these facilities, the number of these bugs can be greatly reduced.

Lowered humidity (below 40%) and the air temperature below 10°С are unfavorable for them. But the most dangerous threat to dust mites is ultraviolet, which kills them within two hours.

2. Signs of dust mites in the house

It is impossible to visually detect the presence of dust mites. You may live with them for years not knowing about it. Dust mites themselves are harmless, but the products of their vital activity like the remains of molting and excrements can cause severe allergies and exacerbate bronchial asthma.

The following symptoms should put on your guard; they can verify the presence of dust mites in your house:

  • nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, nasal discharge (with no signs of a cold);
  • eye redness and irritation, conjunctivitis, lacrimation;
  • dry cough, wheezing;
  • shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, suffocation;
  • skin redness and irritation, rashes, hives;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • inflammatory processes in the nasal mucosa.

3. Why are dust mites harmful?

According to statistics, about 80% of patients with bronchial asthma are allergic to dust mites. And in large cities, every fourth resident has an allergic reaction to dust mites. Large amounts of paper are accumulating in offices. This is a favorable environment for dust mites. A person inhales dust with mites both at work and at home. All this has a negative effect on well-being.

If you do not fight with dust mites, they will quickly multiply and exceed the permissible harmless amount. And this will lead to inflammatory processes, as well as to seborrheic dermatitis, acne, eczema. The human body becomes weakened, because every day more than half of the immune system`s resources are spent to neutralize the effects of this dust.

4. How to get rid of dust mites

Dust mites symptoms

There are dust mites symptoms signaling about their presence. You must take all measures to prevent them from multiplying and spreading in your house. You will not manage to completely get rid of dust mites, but applying these extreme measures will decrease the amount of dust mites.

  • Get rid of down and feather pillows, old mattresses, carpets, soft toys without delay, because they are a source of house dust. Down pillows and comforters are best replaced with synthetic ones that are hypoallergenic.
  • Wash your bedding at temperatures above 65°C using anti-mite additives.
  • Perform wet cleaning once a day.
  • Use a washing vacuum cleaner adding anti-mite products.
  • Install an ultraviolet air purifier.
  • Do not take animals to your bed.

The collar protects your pets from ticks and fleas, but it is also an excellent means against dust mites. It has a strong repellent in its formula and can protect your dog or cat for 12 months. Before using collar thoroughly wash your pet with a special anti-mite shampoo and dry them well.

The collar acts as an addition to the primary treatment. If your pet has a severe case of a dust-mite problem, or your home is gravely infested, it may not help you. You will also need some additional preventing methods during high dust mite season. The collar is 25 inches in length and can be easily regulated for any animal neck. Just cut the excess of the strap after you’ve clipped it.

This product is natural and perfectly safe to use with your pets and with kids around. It contains natural oils, like Citronella, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Resin which even smell good. Unlike many other collars, this one is waterproof so don’t worry if your dog is a fan of swimming. Maximum protection guaranteed in the water, same as on dry land.

  • safe use;
  • eco-friendly essential oil formula;
  • year guarantee;
  • pleasant smell.
  • may not be enough in case of a grave infestation;
  • dog shampoo is recommended as additional means.
  • Store flour and cereals in hermetically sealed jars.

In addition to these urgent measures, it is necessary to carry out a number of changes in the house to prevent the emerging of dust mites. You cannot win with one single action – you have to struggle on all fronts. Otherwise, the arachnids will stay in your home and continue multiplying. It is necessary to imply home remedies to dust mites before it’s too late.

How to get rid of dust mites in bed?

The majority of dust mites are concentrated in the bed, so pay special attention to your bedding.

  • Use eco-friendly pillows. They are highly hygienic and hypoallergenic. They do not become clogged with dust and are unfavorable for parasites.
  • Use a washing vacuum cleaner with a water filter. A normal vacuum cleaner will not be able to collect all the dust mites from soft fleecy surfaces, and it will spread them with a stream of air across the room.

No products found.

The most efficient way to deal with dust mites, the anti-mites vacuum cleaner is also the most expensive. Still, it’s way cheaper and eco-friendlier than ordering a professional extermination team. It will cost you around $60 on Amazon and other web stores with pest control equipment. The way it works is different from your regular vacuum cleaner, and the tube is equipped with 253.7nm UV sterilization and the hot air of 55℃ temperature for the highest possible efficiency. All those factors make its mites a killing rate of 99.7%.

The minimum size of particles it manages to capture makes up 0.3 microns. It beats mites and bed bugs from your bedsheets and carpets with the help of vibration and right after that sucks them in turning their particles into the fresh air. Anti-Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner is a must-have for people with allergies and asthma, and it can solve the dust mite problem for good. It is recommended to use it regularly for maintenance and keeping your premises healthy. The exhaust vent must be cleaned once a week, and the filter cotton replaced every 2 to 3 months. The replacement is sold on Amazon as well.

  • the most effective means in fighting dust-mites;
  • perfect for people with allergies and asthma;
  • cheaper than extermination team;
  • uses the latest sterilization technologies.
  • way more expensive than other products;
  • the filter cotton needs regular replacement.
  • Change pillows and blankets every 5-7 years.
  • Wash your clothes at temperatures above 65°C.
  • Perform a wet cleaning with saline solution (5-10 spoonfuls of salt per bucket of water).


  • Scent: Unscented
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 4.5 x 11 inches
  • Target Pests: Dust Mites, Fleas

Dustmite Control powder by Ecology Works can be used as a spray when mixed with water, or you can add it into your steam cleaner for the ultimate hit on the carpet crawling dust mites. It can cover up to 800 square feet as a spray and about 400 square feet as a steam carpet cleaner. The full instruction on mixing dustmite powder with water can be found on the package.

The formula of Dustmite control is enrichened with a small amount of pesticide which is of a very small danger to your health. Still, it is not recommended to use its solution on pillowcases and bedsheets. It has neither color nor odor and is safe to use with water-safe fabrics. It may take up to 8 weeks of its regular use to get rid of the dust mites. Dustmite Control is your first choice for keeping control over the dust mite infestation. After you’ve eliminated the mites once and for all, use it twice a year for optimal maintenance.

  • moderate price;
  • two possible ways of application for different infestation scales;
  • perfect for maintenance;
  • can be also used for fleas.
  • contains a slightly toxic ingredient;
  • may not be enough for serious infestation.
  • In summer, hang your bedding in the sun. Ultraviolet is harmful to dust mites.
  • In winter, take pillows, blankets, carpets, and soft toys outdoors. Not only dust mites, but also their eggs die at low temperatures.
  • Use pillows with bamboo fibers. They prevent parasites and bacteria from multiplying, as well as create anti-static and antiseptic effects. These pillows will not lose their properties if you wash them.
  • Get plaids and other voluminous bedding dry-cleaned if necessary.
  • Use a steam cleaner to clean upholstered furniture and mattresses.
  • Use special mattress covers for dust mites.

Home hydiene to get rid of dust mites

The main direction in the fight against parasites is home hygiene. If this does not lead to the desired result, it is necessary to use special chemicals for killing dust mites.

  • Anti-allergenic spray to kill dust mites for the surface of upholstered furniture and carpets. The chemical will remain its effect for 1-2 months. It not only destroys parasites, but also neutralizes the products of their vital activity, feces, and chitinous scales. Use the spray strictly according to the instructions and with the observance of precautionary measures.

No products found.

Eradicator spray is the eco-friendliest solution to dust mite problem. It can eliminate dust mites, bed bugs and all the other pests that are hard to see and even harder to reach with regular toxic bug sprays. Those bugs can crawl in your bed or inside walls and furniture causing you breathing troubles and skin irritation.

Eradicator is completely non-toxic, which means you can disperse it on your bed sheets or the sleeping pillow of your pet. It’s stain-free and has a faint vinegar smell which fades after 20 minutes. Its green formula has also proved to be effective against bugs immune to Pyrethroids. When you’re faced with the first sign of infestation, use Eradicator as soon as you can. Be especially thorough with bed sheets, carpets, curtains and all the other fabrics you have in your home. It is also recommended to dry-clean after use to boost up its effect.

Re-spray Eradicator every 24 hours and in a couple of days you will be glad to find out your and your family allergies gone. To maintain dust mite control, spray the crucial surfaces once or twice a week before vacuum cleaning. The spray is suitable for your bedroom and living-room areas, as well as for your car. However, it may take more than just one spray if there are signs of grave infestation.

  • green and eco-friendly;
  • easily controls a moderate level dust mite infestation;
  • suitable for dust mites, bedbugs, and other tiny pests;
  • well-priced compared to other means.
  • may not be enough in case of severe dust mite infestation.
  • vinegar smell can be irritating.
  • Washing suspensions with the effect of destroying allergens.
  • Products for the dry cleaning of carpets and furniture.
  • Anti-allergenic shampoos for washing floors and cleaning carpets.

No products found.

Mite Avenger is a number one anti-mite shampoo for dogs recommended by every veterinarian out there. It contains non-toxic ingredients and treats your pet’s skin very gently and at the same time stops them from itching and scratching. It showed terrific results on dogs with long-time mites problem: with the help of it, you and your dog can get rid of Demodectic, Sarcoptic and Cheyletiella mites.

The non-chemical formula here is way better than the toxic means many people have got used to when dealing with dust-mites. Even if your dogs lick it, it’s entirely safe for their health. There’s not one damaging effect for your pet health and immune system. Its formula doesn’t contain strong pesticides that many mites have already got used to and can find a way to resist. And, as a lovely bonus, it costs a lot less than chemical treatment programs.

The way of treatment here is simple: just apply Mite Avenger during your dog’s bath. You don’t have to take your pet to the doctor or take part in any expensive chemical treatment programs. One time bath is enough if the mites infection is not severe. If there’s a severe medical case, apply the shampoo as it is recommended in step-by-step instruction.

  • all-natural safe formula;
  • effective against mites of all types;
  • gentle treatment;
  • can manage even the most severe mites problem.
  • quite expensive for dog shampoo;
  • you may need to consult a veterinarian before use.


  • Active Infredient: 100% Cold pressed organic Aloe, Marshmallow root, Ginkgo Leaf, Oregon Grape Root
  • Ear Tonic Volume: 4 fl.oz.
  • Ear Wash Volume: 8 fl.oz.
  • Item Weight: 1.08 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8.75 x 4.25 x 2.25 inches
  • Target Pests: Dust Mites, Fleas


Mister Ben’s are probably the most popular dog ear drops. They cost very little, but their anti-mite effect is well-known among dog lovers. These ear drops can manage most of the dog infections, as well as mites with their soothing and disinfecting effect. If you’ve faced mite infection in dog’s ears before, you know that half of the means here is ineffective and another half is too expensive.

The tonic has several eco ingredients for treating your pet friend’s ears, cold-pressed organic Aloe is the basis of the formula, and it’s very well-known for its soothing and antibacterial effects. Besides, the natural formula provides light and nice herbal smell that won’t be annoying to your or your dog. Mister Ben’s Ear Tonic is sold with an eBook full of dog ear treatment recipes. Besides, from every purchase, a small donation is made to Last Chance Animal Rescue Center in Southampton, NY. Works better when accompanied by Mister Ben’s Aloe Ear Wash.

  • non-toxic aloe-based formula;
  • the effect is seen after three days of use;
  • inexpensive;
  • a donation to sick animals is made from every purchase.
  • works better in complex with other Mister Ben’s products;
  • cannot treat any other parts of your dog’s body.

All these chemicals are effective dust mites killers, but you must use them with caution, because they can also cause allergies.

How to get rid of dust mites on skin?

If dust mites live on the face of a person and in the hair follicles, the treatment will take at least 2 months. The patient is subjected to anti-parasitic and exfoliating procedures, cryogenic exposure to liquid nitrogen, strong effect ointments are applied (5-10% sulfur ointment, sodium thiosulfate). It is good to wipe the skin with sulfur and tar alcohol.

5. How to prevent the occurrence of dust mites

The fight against parasites is complicated by the fact that they cannot be seen. And how to deal with something you do not see? Therefore, the prevention of the appearance and reproduction of dust mites should be constantly carried out.

If you follow certain rules, you can succeed in killing dust mites and exclude the occurrence of this invisible enemy. These rules are not complex and are based on the characteristics of the life of dust mites. If you create unsuitable conditions for their existence, the parasites will disappear.

How to create unsuitable conditions and to get rid of dust mites?

Dust mites require warmth, high humidity, dust and food to survive. Therefore, to get rid of dust mites use the following methods.

Wash Dry

  1. Minimum carpets.
  2. Easily washable smooth floor.
  3. Upholstered furniture with easily washable upholstery (leather, artificial leather).
  4. Replace feather and down pillows.
  5. Get rid of soft toys or wash them more often.
  6. Replace heavy curtains with blinds or easily washable fabrics.
  7. Books and baubles should not be kept on open shelves.
  8. Do not store things under the bed or on the closet (they are not protected from dust).
  9. Do not keep your computer in the bedroom (dust accumulates quickly, and it is difficult to get rid of it).
  10. Dry your bed clothes outdoors, iron them with a hot iron and store them in a dry place.
  11. Pack all unnecessary things in sealed bags.
  12. Use a respirator or gauze dressing when cleaning.

How to get rid of dust mites naturally?

Plants may also contribute to fighting the dust mites. Plant flowers with large leaves or a great number of small leaves. Such plants collect dust and fight against microbes and mites.

The flowers like chlorophytum, chamaedorea (bamboo palm), ficus, geranium, and peace lily can help prevent dust allergies.

Even if you have no symptoms of dust mites allergy, this does not mean that you have no dust mites in your house. They live everywhere, but for now their number does not exceed the norm. To get rid of dust mites we must try to restrain their reproduction and keep the house clean.

Preventing the appearance of parasites is much easier than dealing with them. Maintenance of cleanliness, regular wet cleaning, and proper hygiene – these simple rules will protect your house from dust mites.


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Nicholas Martin

Nicholas Martin

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  1. Recently my skin started itching for no obvious reason. I have a suspicion that it could be dust mites because I’ve heard that their presence is dangerous for the skin and respiratory system. Can you answer, how to identify dust mites?

    • You can’t see dust mites with a naked eye that is why it is rather difficult to identify them. There are a few methods to identify dust mites. The first is purchasing a microscope and exploring the surfaces and the skin with its help. The 10X magnification and higher helps detect these creatures on any surface.
      The second method is to collect the dust sample from a warm and dump area of your house. If you think dust mites inhabit your skin, you can obtain a sample from it with the help of a tape. With both of these samples, you should use a microscope or bring it to a laboratory for examination.
      The third method is to test yourself for a dust mite allergy. If you are infested, the test will show it. This is how you can find out, whether you deal with dust mites regularly.
      Some of the symptoms such as nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, nasal discharge, eye redness and irritation, conjunctivitis, lacrimation, dry cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, skin redness and irritation, rashes, hives, bronchial asthma, and so on are usually caused by dust mites.

  2. Does Borax kill dust mites?

    • Any bug that doesn’t have piercing mouthpart can be killed with Borax. Dust mites are exactly these bugs which do not have piercing mouthparts, that is why Borax is lethal to them. You can use 20 Mule Team Borax to eliminate dust mites efficiently. This mean has a higher concentration of Borax than other products and reduces dust mites population many times more.

      • So what exactly do you do with this Borax? We do not have carpeting and we have few area rugs. Our furniture is leather but we do have drapes in our living room, not curtains.

        Second, this skin rash appeared about 10-days after our back and side yards were cleared of weeds, weed barrier was laid down and then bark was added. Did that yard-clearing process kick in the dust mites somehow? We’ve lived in this house for 22 years and never had a problem with dust mites till last September. Thanks.

  3. Had mites through out our house – (2 storied) car etc. Tried many different things. Local Pest control had us employ a contractor that could treat our house with ozone for 24 hours. We returned after the treatment and had no more mites. Very simple but very effective. Killed other insects and pests.

  4. Thanks to Nicholas for the useful and detailed article! I’ve been getting rid of dust mites in carpet in different ways for a very long time. Now I have a reliable method that I can share. First, you need to wash the rug with a special cleaner. After that, I use a Housmile vacuum. I carry out this procedure regularly and have not yet found any signs of dust mites.

  5. Can you mix Borax with water and use as a spray ??

  6. I have a down comforter. If it is regularly dried in a clothing drier will that kill any dust mites in it?
    Second question, is the ozone treatment mentioned above effective?

  7. Reply
    10thCircleResident 2020-07-21 at 6:44 pm

    We have an infestation which seems to’ve exploded to horrific proportions m in the past few days when the temperature hit 90°F.
    Suddenly the mites are crawling in all my clothes, in my hair, on my face, in my nose — everywhere. If I make the bed with clean bedding (blankets and comforter included) washed on hot/pre-soak setting to which I add kettles of boiling water, then shower and shampoo twice, then comb a leave-in conditioner through my hair/lotion my body both with an added oil made from tangerine, lemon, clove, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus and spray the clean bedding with a water spray that has the same oils added — I do all that, and yet I wake in the morning again with my clothes and skin crawling with mites and larvae! I keep laundering and vacuuming but I can’t seem to keep up with their reproduction explosions and I am literally at my wits’ end. And due to the pandemic, I can’t even go to stay with friends, so I feel as if I’m imprisoned in a circle of hell Dante couldn’t even imagine.

    What are the fastest, most effective steps should take to arrest their proliferation and begin to take back my home? Right now, I’m just miserable and I cry as I stuff clean laundry into bags only to find they’ve already been reinvested a day or two later. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated, please!

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