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How to Get Rid of Clover Mites: Best Ideas

If you are looking for how to get rid of clover mites, you may already find the problem in your home. The nasty creatures prefer to find warm and cozy homes to survive the cold weather. You may easily discover the numerous brown or reddish dots in your apartment. They are not dangerous to humans, but since they feed on plants, you have to watch carefully for your favorite indoor flowers.

This article teaches you how to get rid of clover mites naturally and using chemicals. You have to follow simple instructions. Before you do this, you need to make sure that you fight against clover mites and not any other pests.

How to Get Rid of Clover Mites in No Time
  • Recognize the signs of mites infestation at first;
  • Use boric acid and water;
  • Use insecticides in severe cases;
  • Vacuum the infested place;
  • Use vinegar and soap;
  • Get rid of mites outside the house by using duct tape;
  • Sprinkle the plants with talcum powder;
  • Prevent mites from your house.

Guide to Clover Mites Infestation

You don’t need to call pest control immediately after realizing you have a clover mites house infestation. Moreover, you don’t need to panic at all. Once you find out that you have them in your house, you can learn how to kill clover mites.

What are clover mites?

If you want to know what kills clover mites, you have to understand what creature you are dealing with. These pests are arachnids of microscopic size that usually look like small dotes and are unnoticeable until you see dozens of them. They use their mouth to suck the nutrients from the cells of the plants. They can attack indoor and outdoor plants.

clover mite on branch

Signs of clover mites

You may start learning how to get rid of mites inside and outside your house by understanding that you really have them. They are extremely hard to catch since they are tiny. You need to know where and what to look for:

  • Search for the red-colored small dots around the plants or grass;
  • Check out the grass near the building’s foundation outdoors;
  • They can hide near windows, walls, and on tree trunks;
  • You may start searching the warm locations, like batteries and textiles. They can also crawl into crevices and cracks or live near vents;
  • Look for the red dots on your furniture, rugs, and fabric curtains in your house;
  • Check out under the leaves.

Сlover Mites How to Get Rid of Them Step by Step

Once you recognize the problem, you can start by treating clover mites. You have several options for getting rid of them. Yet, you can separate them into two main ones: natural and chemical. Both of them can be effective based on the particular situation. Let’s check out all of them.

How to get rid of clover mites inside

  • Boric acid. If you have an infestation at home, you can sprinkle this remedy around your furniture. You will find this acid in Borax or other laundry detergents. The mites will suck it and die. You will need to use a vacuum later;
  • Water. Sprinkle the plants with water every week. Mites will have to leave this place;
  • Insecticides. Use insecticides to get rid of the mites with Pyrid. You can mix it with water and apply it. You may also use dust on your rugs. It will dry out the mites;
  • Vacuum. Always use a vacuum cleaner if you have an infestation. You can use it even before you apply home remedies for clover mites, and of course, you need to vacuum the infested area after. Clean the vacuum afterward;
  • White vinegar. This is a natural remedy. You can create a spray for clover mites that contain vinegar and water. Apply it on the area, and the pests will be dehydrated;
  • Soap. Use insecticidal soap in places that are infected. This soap contains chemicals that kill pests;
    Wash pets. You have to wash your pet first since ticks can use it as a free taxi from the outside to the inside of the house.

clover mite on tree bark

How to get rid of clover mites outside

  • Watering. These creatures don’t like to be watered by the powerful hose since they can be simply washed away. It is better to repeat this procedure every week, and you will remove clover mites from your lawn;
  • Insecticide treatment. Since you are outdoors, you have more freedom to use insecticide. It can still be based on natural chemicals like chlorpyrifos. You can choose permethrin or cyfluthrin as sprays. It is better to apply them in the morning, so plants will not be scorched;
  • Put duct tape on the windows and near the door. It will capture pests that try to get inside. The tape must be double-sided and wide;
  • Sprinkle talcum powder on entrances. Talcum powder will stop the mites and reveal that you have the pests’ infestation;
  • Make a barrier around the perimeter of the house. You can make a barrier around your house to prevent ticks. To do it, clean the area of 24 inches around your house from any plants.

How to prevent clover mites

Preventive measures are simple:

  • Remove the turf up to 24 inches around the house so they would not crawl;
  • Close windows and doors;
  • Get rid of cracks in the walls;
  • Spray your plants with a hose.


Here are the most popular questions about mites. Internet users frequently ask them. If you have something to add, do it in the comments.

How long do clover mites stay around?

Fortunately for you, they don’t stay for a long time at the house. They can infest your property from October to December. Yet, if they liked the atmosphere, they may settle down there. The situation may repeat from April to June.

Are clover mites harmful?

They are not harmful to humans since they don’t suck blood. Yet, they are harmful to your plants. Moreover, they can leave bloody traces around the house.

group of clover mites

Do clover mites bite?

No, they don’t bite. They can suck only the nutrients from the plants. Still, it does not mean that you can keep them in your house. These insects spread really quickly and can damage your favorite plants, drying them out.

House Without Mites

Your house does not need these pests inside. They are harmless for people but feed on the plants you take care of. You don’t want to share your home with the creatures you did not ask to join you in the first place. You will see lots of useful recommendations above. Pick remedies you need the most and use them. You may start with those sprays and powders that contain natural ingredients.

Have you ever found mites in your house? How do you want to deal with them? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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