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How to Get Rid of Roaches in Car: No Passengers Allowed

If one’s home is said to be one’s fortress, then one’s car is even more of that. You may allow passengers, but hardly are these small, fast runners on the list. Not only because they are unpleasant: they are more dangerous than they seem. Let’s see how to get rid of roaches in the car. And because your home isn’t constantly moving and does not contain so many mechanical and electronical parts in it, the story will be a bit different from your kitchen wars.

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Car?
The best way to get rid of roaches in your car is to keep it clean. Vacuum regularly, and don’t forget to clean under the seats. You can also try roach traps, which can be placed under the seats or in other areas where roaches like to hide.

Roaches in Car Trouble Guide

As you see a cockroach in car, hardly do you think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Rather the beginning of a long campaign. Because it’s not enough to get rid of them once: you need to make sure they won’t come back tomorrow. And this requires not a single extinction campaign but a new app-roach.

cockroach inside the car

Why roaches in your car might be dangerous?

I could have just pasted a fragment about damage roaches deal to your kitchen. They may make it to your food storage (though first they just explore the waste), they will leave their droppings and bode fragments, and they transmit various bacteria that can be dangerous on their own.

You know that, but in your car, roaches can also damage any vital system – simply because they are hungry, and their bodies may cause short circuits.

In addition, roaches are a sign that you do something wrong. They come as they smell some waste; they stay if they have somewhere to hide. Your car needs cleaning, and this habit of yours (even if it’s just a situation you’ve got into) can be dangerous too. They also usually come out at night, so if you spot one in the daylight, inside, it may be Joe’s Apartment sort of thing.

Finally, there is an anecdotic yet real danger that if you happen to particularly dislike these insects, spotting one of them as you drive can make you lose control. Will it result in an accident? I’d rather not check.

How to get rid of cockroaches in the car

Here are some recommendations on how to get roaches out of your car. Assume there are always more of them: if you spot one in plain sight, there must be dozens. They prefer to settle under the seats because the remains of your food are most probably there.

Gel Baits

Poisoned gel baits are a well-checked method of getting rid of cockroaches. The poison in these baits kills the insects slowly enough for them to spread the substance across their colonies. The process takes 1-3 days for a single roach and probably up to a week.

For humans and pets, it’s harmless. So if you need, you can keep using your car with gel baits working in the meantime.

Usually, it takes 5-10 gel baits for the population. Here are the places where you should put these gel baits:

  • Under the seats. This is where the most food remains get.
  • Glove compartment. A great warm place where they like to be.
  • Places where you have seen cockroaches. If they dare to venture out while you’re around, they probably do even more in your absence.

Other places where cockroaches are likely to have their nests are door frames and speakers. But hardly will you want to place these gel baits there.

NB. If you have applied the baits and still observe roaches in your car, try a different brand. Breeds may be sensitive to certain agents and resist others.


This is also an old versatile way of getting rid of various insects. You may use it with water and sugar or with honey because insects won’t eat the powder but will gladly consume a liquid that contains it. Yet you can just apply a lot of powder, so as the roach goes through it, the agent gets through their body cover slowly. The principles of using borax baits are the same as those for gel baits.

If you prefer to treat them with sweet poison, here are some recipes:

  • Mix dry borax and sweet powder. Use it on roaches’ routes. Sweetness will attract them.
  • Mix borax and sugar and add some water to keep the bait thick yet liquid. Place drops of it where you usually place gel baits.
  • Add borax to egg yolks, peanut butter, or honey.

You are already visualizing how you will clean your car after applying these sticky mixes. Relax: you will have to clean it anyway after the extinction. So these baits will not change the picture. Though, of course, you better drive less while.

Roach bombs

Also known as bug bombs, these foggers are not expensive and have proven quite efficient when it comes to insect elimination. You will have to leave your car alone for several days after using it, though, so choose the date carefully. On the other hand, are you ready to ride with roaches one more day? So, get your bomb and do the following:

  1. Find the moment when you won’t need your car for two or three days. It will take some time.
  2. Vacuum it thoroughly. In the process, you will deprive them roaches of their habitual food. Pay attention to child seats if you have any: there’s usually more debris. This is half the job, but not all of it.
  3. Find a distant ventilated area where to park your car for a while. No public parking, and probably not your garage. A place at the back of your backyard will do.
  4. Place a roach bomb (also known as a bug bomb) in the middle of your car. Then another one in the trunk.
  5. Cover the car with plastic so it stays hermetic. The poison will remain inside for long enough to kill the roaches.
  6. After the period of time specified in the bomb manual, wait for two or three hours. In fact, choose any time you prefer, but a bit later than specified.
  7. Ventilate the car. Open all the windows and doors and let the poison out. It will take several hours.
  8. Vacuum the car again. Not only are there dead roaches to remove, but the remains of the poison too. After vacuuming, clean the surfaces with sanitizer.

roach in hand

This experience is not among the most pleasant, so you’d rather not repeat it. So, here comes the next question: prevention.

How to prevent roaches from entering your car

A simple sign “Roaches not allowed” will not help. Roaches can’t read. What they can do is run fast and smell the food. They can also get to your car without noticing this – in clothes, home items, or boxes you transport. So, what should you do to avoid their presence?

  • Keep the car clean. Of course, when you’re focused on driving and traffic, you just won’t care about that small bastard. But they don’t get in on the move. They enter the car as it stands still, and you can take your measures not to assist them.
  • Avoid eating in the car. That’s where these small crumbs come from, and cockroach in car will find it good here. If Big Macs in the car are the necessary evil of your lifestyle, well, at least get its interior cleaned after that.
  • Keep away from garbage bins and drains. These are the traditional places for roaches to come to – and as well from.
  • Check everything you bring into your car. Clothes, linen, boxes, suitcases, everything that may have a cockroach getting in the car. You better do it away from your vehicle to make sure there isn’t one.


If you want the most crucial questions answered briefly and then proceed to detailed instructions, here are the answers.

What is the fastest way to get rid of roaches in a car?

Chemical. Poison is the best way to get them all. You can use a bug bomb or traditional methods like borax or gel baits. It’s up to you to choose one.

What kills roaches in a vehicle?

There are many ways to kill roaches. The problem is not to kill but to extinguish them. Among all the methods, I’d recommend poisoning them. All the ways I mentioned in the previous answer imply using various types of poison.

Why do I keep finding roaches in my car?

Because they settled here. A single female might get there and lie eggs, and here’s a colony. To avoid their reintroduction, follow the rules and keep your car clean. In addition, prevent them from settling by checking everything you bring inside.

cockroach caught by the paw

Can I bomb my car for roaches?

I hope you’re not speaking about just blowing your car to kingdom come along with unwanted guests. A roach bomb for car, though, is a good and well-checked method of extinguishing them. I described it in more detail in the relevant section.

Move It, Roach!

Knowing how to get roaches out of the car, there is one thing left to do: act. Though I doubt you really want to tolerate these small creatures in your car longer than necessary. Choose your weapon and destroy the enemies… before they deal significant damage to you and your car. Mankind has invented enough methods for you to apply to them. Probably we’ll never win this war on a global scale, but your personal mission is quite realistic.

Have you already encountered these creatures as uninvited passengers? How did you get rid of them? What method proved the most efficient? Tell us about your stories in the comments if you wish!

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