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How to Prevent Cockroaches in Bedroom: Protect Your Sleep

While usually cockroaches prefer to be where the food is (in kitchens or closets), sometimes their kingdom expands further. How to prevent cockroaches in bedroom from appearing there? The most logical answer is to get rid of them in your entire household. But while this lengthy process lasts, you may want to protect your sleep additionally.

And there are some measures you can take to keep bed roaches out. These methods will let you relax a bit while in the rest of your house this war goes on. Just don’t settle for it.

How to Prevent Cockroaches in Bedroom?
The best way to prevent cockroaches in your bedroom is to keep your room clean and free of food and water sources that they can find. Make sure to vacuum and sweep regularly, and keep your food in sealed containers. You can also try using roach traps or baits to help control the population.

Anti-Cockroach in Bedroom Guide

search for cockroaches in the bedroom

In short, this is what to do:

  1. Leave no food or other attraction.
  2. Keep it isolated.
  3. Use aromas or other deterrents.
  4. Apply generic measures for extinguishing roaches if necessary.

Of course, you hope you can just keep them away. But it may take more than closed doors and canceled breakfasts in bed.

How roaches get into bedroom and why?

Everybody who’s had any experience with cockroaches knows: they prefer to live where there’s food, water, and darkness. That’s why they are mostly found in kitchens and closets, rarely venturing outside of them. But if they have made it to your bedroom, it may mean one of the following things:

  • There are too many cockroaches. So they feel too tight in the kitchen.
  • You have something attractive for them in your bedroom. Like food remains, humidity, or darkness. A roach on bed may be in search of bread drops you left after your breakfast.
  • You just don’t close your doors. Cockroaches’ nocturnal lifestyle enables them to go there while they sleep. And this is the most unpleasant thing.

This may result in cockroaches biting you. Roaches are not likely to bite a living human, rather to flee, but bed roaches deal with sleeping humans, which changes the situation.

Signs of roaches in your bedroom

The signs that cockroaches are in your bedroom are quite generic:

  • You see a roach. If there’s one to be seen, there must be at least a dozen you missed.
  • Roach droppings. They leave feces on the floor, and these dark dots are hard to ignore.
  • Dead roaches. Especially if you have occasionally applied some poison.
  • Sudden itch in your skin that you leave exposed (especially fingers and face). It might be other insects as well, but if you know for sure cockroaches are in your house, it’s a reason to take a closer look.

As for that “cockroach-in-my-room-can’t-sleep” feeling, this may also indicate something. But it can last even after they’re actually gone, returning as flashbacks. One more reason to eradicate them as quickly as possible.

roach on the bed cover

How to prevent them from going into your bedroom

There are multiple methods of keeping them away. What you need to acknowledge first is that extinguishing roaches in your entire household and keeping them out of your bedroom are two different jobs. While you conduct your anti-roach campaign, they still appear here and there, and it will take time for them to perish.

In your bedroom, you need results quickly, as sleep is your primary need, while the kitchen can wait. So in your kitchen or corridor, you better wage war on them, but your bedroom should be the territory of peace they don’t even dare to enter.

How do you achieve that? Here’s some recommendations:

  • Keep the doors to your bedroom closed. Ventilation doesn’t require opening them.
  • Weather-seal your windows.
  • Check the cracks on the walls and along the baseboards. Seal each one you detect.
  • Examine the room to see if there’s any left. If you discover a nest there, things will necessarily get dirty, as you’ll have to apply the same methods (gel baits, borax, or other stuff) as elsewhere. But it’s rarely the case.
  • Pay more attention to your closet. They may hide in dark places, including drawers, linen piles, pockets of your clothes, and so on.
  • Give up eating in bed or near it. Drops on the floor are an invitation for roaches to enter.
  • Use aromas known as cockroach deterrents. There is an entire list of them, including citrus fruit, mint, thyme, as well as cedar, cypress, or peppermint oils. You need to select the one that you prefer because it’s you who’ll supposedly sleep there. Maybe you’ll get used to it enough to retain the habit even after the cockroaches are gone.
  • Keep the room clean all the time you conduct your roach hunt.

All these measures, though, only make sense if in the meantime you do what it takes to extinguish these roaches all over your household. Place gel baits where they like to roam. Use borax or baking soda with sugar to poison them. Apply methods that have proven efficient against roaches.

Review your eating habits to avoid inviting cockroaches by offering them a rich charity menu of food remains. Pay attention even to one roach you notice. Keep your borax prepared to apply it as soon as you spot this insect at night.

And – last but not least – after you win, don’t let them return. This means that you should not only keep your bedroom clean and protected. Knowing how to get rid of roaches in room means starting in your kitchen. So take care of the waste you remove and the clothes you wash in public services, the products you buy and the cleanliness of your kitchen.

FAQ on Cockroaches in Bedroom Prevention

The essentials of roach prevention need to be addressed directly. There may be questions beyond how to keep roaches out of your room; let’s get to them.

What attracts roaches to your bedroom?

Mostly, that is something to eat: food drops, for example, if you enjoy breakfasts in bed or nighttime snacks. It’s also your lack of attention that makes them feel safe. Finally, they may find it attractive to bite humans in their sleep.

What smells keep roaches away?

There is a whole array of such smells, like peppermint, cedarwood, or cypress oil. They also detest citronella, mint, thyme, basil, or citrus fruit. You can apply any of them in your bedroom; just don’t forget that it should feel good to you.

Why are there suddenly so many cockroaches in my house?

They might have been attracted by lots of waste and food remains, humidity, and places to hide. And there are never suddenly many of them: colonies take time to grow. They must have hidden well. Another reason for you to pay more attention the next time.

Bedroom Is a Part of Your House

cockroach caught in bedroom

So, the most correct answer to how to keep roaches out of your bedroom is to keep them out of your house. But while you de-roach your entire household, you can make this process a little faster in your bedroom, to get more quality sleep time while you’re busy fighting them. Keep it clean, use smells, and close the door as soon as you get in.

Have you ever had this unpleasant experience? How did you manage to get them roaches out? What did you use on them, and did they ever dare to return? Share your success story with us in the comments if you please!

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