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Why Do I See More Roaches After Bombing and How to Fix This Issue

A lot of people who tried getting rid of cockroaches in the house wonder — why do I see more roaches after bombing? While foggers are highly effective for eliminating these insects, you should use them carefully and follow all the instructions to get the best results. If you miss a certain step, you may see these insects again. In this article, you will learn how to effectively use foggers and get rid of cockroaches entirely.

Why Do I See More Roaches After Bombing?
There are a few possible explanations for this.

  • One possibility is that the bombing killed some of the roaches, but not all of them. This can happen if the roach population is large, or if the roach infestation is resistant to the particular insecticide that was used.
  • Another possibility is that the bombing drove the roaches out of hiding, making them more visible.
  • Finally, it’s possible that the bombing simply disturbed the roaches, causing them to move around more and be more active, making them more visible.

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Guide on Eliminating Cockroaches

The basic steps to get rid of cockroaches in your house include:

  1. Use an appropriate fogger combined with an insecticide spray.
  2. Wait about 24 hours for the products to work.
  3. Get rid of dead roaches.
  4. Thoroughly clean the house and treat any adjacent areas.

What Should You Do if You See Roaches After Using Foggers?

Does bombing the house kill roaches? The answer is yes but there are also some nuances. It is definitely quite common for homeowners who tried bombing for roaches to see these insects again after the procedure. This usually happens if you have missed some steps in the process, so the best recommendations to prevent this problem from happening again include the following:

Make sure you stick to the product instructions

Depending on the foggers you buy, the instruction can differ significantly. You should follow them carefully and ensure that you clear out the space where cockroaches can hide. It is also important to remove all dead roaches after using the product again.

Use an insect spray in addition to foggers

If you have a significant infestation, it is a good idea to combine foggers with additional insect sprays. When you treat the entire area by fogging, you should then use an insecticide suitable for killing cockroaches. After bombing roaches, you should use such sprays in the areas that are difficult to reach and you should use them even if you don’t see any cockroaches after fogging.

Let some time pass after the procedure

Is it normal to see more roaches after spraying? If it’s been only a few hours and you still see roaches, you should remember that foggers and sprays may not work immediately. Most specialists recommend waiting for at least 24 hours to assess the situation after using these methods.

Don’t be too stingy with the foggers

All foggers say how much space can be covered with a product. In some cases, you can even double the amount, but you should never use less than stated on the packaging, as you won’t get satisfactory results.

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Cleaning after using the treatment is essential

Once you are finished using the treatment, it is highly important to clean all the areas of the house. This is done not only to get rid of the dead insects but also to remove all the roach eggs that will surely be there if you have an infestation in your home. You should make sure to use appropriate cleaning solutions and wear gloves for maximum safety.

Make sure that roaches don’t return from the outside locations

If you have ever dealt with roaches in an apartment, you probably already know that if one neighbor has them, you will get them too. It is not enough to get rid of all the roaches in your apartment if they continue to live on the other side of the wall, as they will undeniably come back. In this case, insect bombing should be conducted either in the entire building or in a certain wing.

In the case of a private house, you should also carefully analyze if cockroaches are not coming into your house from the outside. If you have a garage connected to the house or any other adjacent buildings, you should make sure that there isn’t an infestation there. Keeping your house clean and preventing further infestations is the key.

Do Cockroach Foggers Actually Work?

Cockroach bombs are definitely effective, as they can kill about 85-90 percent of roaches in the house if you use them correctly. They are usually used as the starting products and in combination with other sprays. The reason is that if there is 10-15 percent of roaches left in the house after fogging, they will multiply quite quickly. When this happens, a lot of people complain about seeing baby roaches after extermination.

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You should use foggers to get rid of the biggest part of the infestation and then use other treatments locally when you find where the nests are. Roach bombing a house doesn’t take too long, but you need to follow all the instructions to get the results.

Do Roaches Get Out After You Use Foggers?

The way foggers work is that they affect cockroaches directly. The insects will be confused due to the loss of their senses, which means that they will get out of any spots that they are hiding in. Once you fog a certain room, the insects may begin climbing everywhere, so you should leave the spot while the product is working.

It is important that roaches don’t find new locations for living when they are disturbed by foggers, so it’s something to think about beforehand. Because insects are not killed the moment you use foggers, it is completely normal for them to try to escape, so it means that the product is working properly.

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Getting Rid of Roaches Requires a Complex Approach

Eliminating roaches takes some patience and using products the right way. You should always use enough insecticide and foggers according to the size of the rooms. Thorough cleaning after using bombs also prevents any eggs from turning into adult roaches again. In the case of apartments, it is important to get rid of roaches in the entire building, as your personal efforts won’t be enough to kill them.

How have you got rid of cockroaches? Do you have any recommendations? Please, share your experience in the comments.

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