What can I do about stink bugs?

Questions and AnswersCategory: BugsWhat can I do about stink bugs?
Rebecca asked 1 year ago
What can I do about stink bugs?
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Liza Smith Staff answered 1 year ago
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First step in fighting stink bugs is prevention. Stink bugs come to your home searching for a warm and cosy structure to stay during winter months. Find all the possible points of their entry and seal them. If you’ve been seeing a lot of stink bugs outside your house lately, spray the perimeter of it with an insecticide to keep them from coming in. Terro Stink Bug Killer is a good choice.
If you already have a steam bug invasion in your home, try not to squash them, if you did squash them, clean the area immediately. Stink bugs smell awfully when they’re dead, so even if you squash every one of them, the smell will stay in your house for weeks. Same goes for pesticides: try not to use them indoors if you don’t want to be left with lots of dead smelly stink bugs. Best ways of dealing with them is vacuum cleaning (just empty the vacuum cleaner bag afterwards) or drowning them in soapy water solution.
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