How to Kill a Mosquito in Your Room: Methods That Work

Everyone is at risk of suddenly hearing a mosquito buzzing in their room or at their ear. It takes some skill and tricks to know how to kill a mosquito in your room at night or in plain daylight.

Always wanted to follow Van Helsing, Buffy, or Abraham Lincoln? The first step is to destroy that little bloodsucker that screams in ultrasound and wants to harm you. There are methods that will let you easily get rid of mosquitoes in a room or search and destroy a single rogue one.

How to Kill a Mosquito in Your Room
  1. Install a permanent repellent that works 24/7. It may be electric or chemical, natural citronella candles, or synthetic coils – whatever that repels them and does not annoy you.
  2. You can also use plant extracts. Lemon eucalyptus oil is considered the best for this.

Step-by-Step Guide on Getting Mosquito Out of Your Room

The mosquito sucks blood

Here are the instructions crafted by the experience of millions. They might have been found accidentally, then retried, checked, and found worthy.

We recommend these methods to catch a mosquito in your room or to drive them away from your house. But all of these will require some actions from you.

How to find a mosquito buzzing at night

It’s one of the most annoying sounds that don’t let you sleep at night when a mosquito buzzes in your ear. (And some people do record it and listen!) It’s too little to hit at once, so you can miss it a lot of times, and it will keep buzzing until it lands on your unprotected skin to suck some of your blood.

Sometimes I wish they were visible like, say, fireflies. But as far as they’re not, you’ll need to turn on some light in your room. The best source is your phone if it’s at your side at the moment.

Don’t hurry up to turn it on, though. Get up with your phone (or whatever light source) in your hand and walk around until you hear the buzz more clearly.

Stand still until the mosquito lands on a nearby wall close to the light source. Then hold your flashlight close up to the wall and turn it on. The mosquito will cast a disproportionately large shadow on the wall, so it will be easier for you to smash it at once. But hurry up before it sets off.

There is another way to see it: have a white blanket stretched between your knees you put up and keep your phone or tablet with its screen on while lying in the bed. As you hear the mosquito, wait until it’s attracted closer by your breath and the light. Then it will be easily seen thanks to the white blanket and easy to kill.

Well, these methods are great against a single mosquito, but they will be useless if they keep entering your room. Make sure you have a mosquito net and keep your windows closed tightly during the night.

How to lure a mosquito

Sometimes, instead of searching how to find a mosquito, it seems more reasonable to lure it – for example, when it can hide in a place hard to access and killing it there is physically impossible. Still, there are strategies that let you lure it out of its hiding place and attract close enough to destroy it.

Body heat. Little predators feel their prey, so sooner or later they will approach you. All you have to do is wait and then use the instruction above for killing the beast.

Light. Unlike, say, moth, mosquitos are smarter than burning in the candlelight. So you’ll need some other light sources, like (as we already stated) your smartphone or tablet.

Specific aromas. Oh, that’s a great topic to discuss! Along with the natural scent of the human body, mosquitos prefer yeast and beer.

How to get mosquitoes out of your room

The most radical way to avoid being worried at night, though, is preventing them insects from appearing in your room or your house at all. It’s a tricky thing to do if you open your windows for ventilation once in a while. Don’t ask yourself: where do mosquitoes hide in the house? Just cover the area so these little stingers can’t stay in anymore.

Mosquito sucks blood from a finger

To get mosquitoes out of your house, you need to install a permanent repellent that functions 24/7. It may be electric or chemical, natural citronella candles, or synthetic coils – whatever that repels them and does not annoy you. It will be especially necessary if your house is next to a forest or a swamp area where mosquitoes are always in excess.

The types of devices you can use for that are the following:

  • Electronic repellents. You can select from a variety of top picks offered by independent reviewers. But even the best of them cannot grant 100% repelling.
  • Chemical repellents. Need to be used with a certain precaution (EPA issued an instruction about that).
  • Plant repellents. Mosquitoes for some strange reason cannot appreciate the fragrance of some flowers and plants, like lavender, basil, peppermint, geraniums, lemongrass, calendula, and others. Have them planted at your windows, so the invaders can smell them from afar and turn away.
  • Plant extracts. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is considered the best for that and even recommended by some state health departments, though you can find others.

If you regularly apply these (or just plant the plants where they are the most effective), the problem of how to get a mosquito out of your room will bother you much less. So you will not have to get up at night and hold your phone to the wall as often as before.


Dead Mosquito

So, here are the most frequently asked questions about how to deal with mosquitos in your house.

How to attract a mosquito?

The question seems absurd, as most of us would like to keep mosquitoes away. But sometimes it’s necessary to attract it in order to kill it. So, mosquitoes are attracted by heat and light (an electric lamp or a candle have both). The easiest way to lure a mosquito is by using your phone.

How long do mosquitoes live in a house?

From four days to a month when it comes to bloodsucking females. Males live up to nine days, and they do not bother you that much. Although even one day is too much, given how strongly they disturb you and deprive you of sleep. So hoping they will disappear by themselves makes little sense.

Why do mosquitoes come out at night?

Because it’s easier for you to notice its buzzing in the silence of the night. In fact, they just avoid the sun – like all vampires do. Sunlight can dehydrate their fine bodies and kill them faster than one might expect. So natural selection has made them nocturnal.

Can I just wait until it gets full and flies away?

Not recommended. Maybe you have enough blood to share it with a little insect, but this sort of charity may cost you. Mosquitoes spread various diseases, including malaria, tularemia, and various sorts of encephalitis. So we’d only recommend this if you want to become a saint and practice your patience.

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Isn’t it easier to just clap hands to smash the insect?

You can even use chopsticks to catch it like master Miyagi showed. But it’s rather about self-perfecting than about getting rid of mosquitoes. If your aim is to kill the insect, you better use efficient methods than spectacular.

Air Defense Ready!

Now you know the ways to easily detect a mosquito in a dark room and kill it. It will take some effort, but it will pay with some good sleep you’d otherwise be deprived of. Repellents are too big a topic to discuss here, they deserve a separate exploration.

If you’re suffering from mosquito attacks, you better save yourself some blood by bookmarking this. Share it on your Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll surely be thanked by some friends who have been under the same attack. And if you know a method we missed, or have anything to add, drop a comment here.

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