Does Listerine Repel Mosquitoes: Main Benefits of Using Listerine and Analysis of Its Efficiency

The question of whether Listerine Mouthwash repels mosquitoes became really popular. It is considered that all the Listerine repellent hype started with the post of a Facebook user who claimed that instead of using regular mosquito repellent, you can use a popular mouthwash remedy to get rid of insects. So, many people started asking themselves: “Does Listerine repel mosquitoes?”.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the “Listerine question” and see why many people believe that Listerine is better, why they prefer using it, and whether this is true.

How to Use Listerine as a Repellent?

The algorithm of using Listerine, according to the post of a Facebook user, was simple.

How to Use Listerine
  1. Find a spot, where mosquitoes can be;
  2. Spray it a little with Listerine;
  3. Enjoy your time without pests bothering you.

So now, when we know how to use Listerine to repel mosquitoes, it is time to find out whether it works, or not.

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Does Listerine Repel Mosquitoes and Why?

The question of whether Listerine deters mosquitoes effectively is up to date now. People think they kill insects whent repelling them. “Does Listerine work on mosquitoes by killing them?”.

It might be sort of surprising, but Listerine doesn’t kill – it only repels insects, due to its containing some special ingredients.

The very first reason for that is that Listerine contains alcohol, namely the fumes of alcohol. In the research by Olimpia Ferguson, provided by the Ohio University, it was claimed that the alcohol is effective against bed bugs. However, alcohol is also a way to kill insects, spraying it directly on them, which may keep them away on an instinctive level.

Anyway, alcohol is not the only reason why mosquitoes are away after you repell Listerine. The major ingredient in the war with pests is Menthol or Eucalyptol. These oils are often used in different regular repellents, and help keep pests away. The National Pesticide Information Center mentioned these oils in their statement about repelling remedies. So, the answer to the question “Does Listerine repel mosquitoes” is “Yes”.

How to Use Listerine to Repel Mosquitoes?

More users have learned about the opportunity to repel insects with Listerine, so they became enthusiastic trying to find more ways for repelling insects with it. Does Listerine keep mosquitoes away? Yes, but you need to know how to use it.

The very first, which became a classic one, was just pouring the mouthwash remedy on a surface that you want to protect from pests. This way was originally described by the Facebook user who initiated the Listerine issue.

However, some people came further and started using Listerine as a spray. They spray around some amount of remedy in order to make mosquitos fly away. This method is way more pleasant because you will always smell the aroma of fresh mint.

Some users also claimed that they used Listerine as a body spray for repelling insects, but this way is not recommended, due to the fact that Listerine is based on alcohol, which would dry your skin and may cause some allergic reactions.

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Is It Effective, Though?

The community of people who have already tried Listerine to get rid of mosquitoes is massive enough. Some claim this method is fully ineffective, referring to different research and their own experience, while others say that Listerine deters mosquitoes. So, does Listerine keep mosquitoes away effectively?

In fact, Listerine is not that effective against mosquitos. And there are several reasons why.

First of all, the amount of Menthol and Eucalyptol in it is too low. Due to the information provided on the official Listerine website, the concentration of these oils makes only 0.04% of Menthol and 0.09% of Eucalyptol. This is not enough to provide full safety from nasty pests, though.

Moreover, the alcohol, which also might help against insects, quickly vaporizes, which will not give you long-lasting protection. For this reason, if you are going for a walk to some park or forest, the best way is to use different certified repellents, which would be much more effective and long-lasting, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Main Questions About Listerine as a Repellent

What Listerine is best for mosquitos?

Due to the variety of Listerine products, people might not be sure which would be perfect for repelling mosquitoes. If you want to try Listerine to get rid of mosquitoes, try using one with Cool Mint. This way, you are able to get the best protection from pests because Cool Mint contains enough Menthol and Eucalyptol. However, you should use Antiseptic mouthwash which contains alcohol for the best effect.

Will Listerine get rid of flies?

The effectiveness of Listerine against flies is not as good as against regular pests. However, alcohol-based Listerine may be effective for repelling if you use it as a spray.

Does Listerine keep flies off dogs?

Using Listerine on domestic pets is not recommended. It may cause minor painful feelings for them, discomfort, and dry their fur or skin. So, be careful using Listerine as a mosquito spray while domestic pets are close to you.

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Is Listerine really effective for repelling pests?

Does Listerine repel mosquitoes? Yes, Listerine really prevents insects from disturbing you if you are using it as a spray or a little “trap” on a surface. However, it would not be as effective and long-lasting as a real insect-repelling remedy.

If you have no repellent, Listerine mosquito repellant would come in handy to repel mosquitos.

Have you ever tried Listerine as a repellent? Tell us about your experience of using it this way!

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