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Does Lemon Repel Mosquitoes? How To Keep Buzzing Squadron Away

Sour yellow fruit, in addition to the mass of vitamins, can also be useful in… the fight against mosquitoes! Does lemon repel mosquitoes? At least that’s how it’s considered. Let’s figure it out.

Does Lemon Repel Mosquitoes? Complete Guide On The Natural Repellent

Lemon Against Mosquitos:
  1. Lemon effectively fights not only mosquitoes but also other insects, although it does not repel 100% of them.
  2. There are many ways to use lemon as a repellant, ranging from oil or spray to pieces of fruit.
  3. It’s not for those with allergies or asthma.

Unlike insecticides, chemicals that kill insects, this product is harmless to both adults and children. It should be approached with caution by those who suffer from individual intolerance of its constituent components. The smell of such a product is specific.

lemon tree

Does Lemon Repel Mosquitoes And Why?

How do lemons keep mosquitoes away? The reason that makes the lemon effective is its smell. The fact is that mosquitoes do not tolerate the aromas of essential oils contained in citrus fruits, as well as the spicy smell of cloves. Plants, such as lemongrass and citronella, which these parasites prefer to fly around, also provide effective “fighting” mosquitoes. That’s the specifics of these harmful insects: aromas that are pleasant to humans are simply repugnant to them. Such smells are called repellents, which in Latin means “repulsive”.

How to Use Lemon to Repel Mosquitoes

Let’s figure out how you can use lemon to protect against mosquitoes.

  • A method that many have probably heard of is lemon and cloves. You need to take a ripe lemon, cut it into 4 parts and stick dried cloves into the peel and pulp. The smell is quite rich and pleasant.
  • It is worth using the product indoors because the concentration of oils outside is too small and the product won’t work. Like any other plants containing essential oils, lemon and cloves can cause allergies, although this happens quite rarely. Artificial aroma oils and fragrances can be quite unpleasant and cause discomfort.
  • As for cloves, the smell of this spice can cause headaches for the inhabitants of the house, if the recipe is not followed and the concentration of the spice is exceeded.
  • You can also make lemon juice mosquito repellant. Everything is pretty simple. Squeeze lemon juice, add a few drops of citrus essential oil of your choice and use as a spray. But this variant is a bit controversial because it’s not clear: does lemon juice repel mosquitoes by itself or because of essential oils added?
  • You can also use lemon oil for mosquito repellent. Just apply lemon or other citrus oil to your wrist and neck. Or apply it to an incense stick.
  • Here goes one more option for lemon mosquito repellent: fresh or dried lemon peel can be spread around the room or used for incense.

lemon oil

Is It Effective?

Yes, all methods are effective to some extent. Anyway, it is worth remembering that they will not completely scare away mosquitoes, but only reduce their number. The option with fumigation and application of essential oil or spray is suitable for outdoor use. Lemons with cloves are intended for indoor use.


What smells do mosquitoes hate?

As you probably know, mosquitoes are quite picky when it comes to scents. For example, they do not tolerate the smell of cloves, eucalyptus, cinnamon, basil, anise. (By the way, mites also avoid eucalyptus.) If there are no natural plants, the essential oil will do.

Do spiders hate lemon?

Yes, spiders also dislike lemon because of its pungent smell. For example, rub the lemon peel on the door of the house and the spiders will not get inside.

Are bugs attracted to lemons?

No. Beetles, like other insects, do not like the smell of citrus fruits, including lemon.

A Delicious Fruit and A Good Repellant

As you can see, lemon will help to cope not only with mosquitoes. There are many ways to use it and you can choose the one that is convenient for you personally. Have you tried lemon for fighting mosquitoes? Which method did you like best?

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