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Best Chipmunk Poisons/Baits in 2024: Expert Reviews

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Hi, there! It is Nicholas Martin, and today I will tell you about what different types of chipmunk baits and poisons exist and how to choose the one that will take care of your chipmunk infestation problem once and for all.

First, let us see what we are dealing with. On the surface, chipmunks seem like cute, innocuous little things poking around a pile of fallen leaves in search of acorns and dried fruits. However, most people will be amazed at the amount of damage these critters can do if they are left to feed and breed as they please.

From digging 30-feet long burrows underneath your house and compromising the structural integrity of the building to destroying your cherished garden and neat lawn, an extended family of these rodents can bring tons of chaos and disruption into your life.

Wonder how to poison chipmunks? I have carefully evaluated all the different chemical baits for chipmunks available today and chosen what I believe to be the top-5 most optimal choices in terms of their price and performance.

Top 5 Best Chipmunk Poisons/Baits

  1. Neogen Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait Pellet Pack – Top Pick
  2. Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx
  3. Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks – Runner Up
  4. JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait
  5. Victor’s Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts

Discover which chipmunk poison bait is best and how to poison chipmunks without intoxicating your pets.

1. Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait – My Top Pick


  • Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum 0.005% 
  • Bait Color: Blue
  • Item Weight: 9.25 pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 21.25 x 10 x 19.5 inches
  • Target Species: Rats and Mice

If you do not mind spending some extra money to get the desired effect sooner, Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait should be able to meet and exceed all your expectations. The toxic ingredient in the composition of the bait is brodifacoum.

This highly potent one-feed poison is considered to be the best poison for chipmunks among professionals. It kills rodents within just a few days by causing extreme dehydration. Dehydrated rotting carcasses do not smell as bad, so no need to worry about using the poison indoors.

Neogen Havoc Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Bait

When poisoned, the little critters are likely to leave the insides of your home and go looking for a source of drinking water outside. That is where death will catch up with them.

The poisonous packets are easy to use and can brave any weather. The only downside is the price, which is somewhat higher than for other poisons.

  • much less decaying smell from carcasses;
  • no need to use a bait station indoors;
  • quick action;
  • works effectively on larger yard pests such as possum
  • May be a rather pricey choice;
  • May pose a threat to some non-targeted wildlife.

2. Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx: Best Chipmunk Bait for Small and Big Rodents


  • Active Ingredient: Diphacinone
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Liquid Volume: 64 Fluid Ounces
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 8.75 x 8.25 x 6 inches
  • Item Form: Tablets

Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx has been many homeowners’ go-to chipmunk bait food for years. This weather-proof bait is made to resist mold and moisture, so it easily survives any storm without losing any of its top-notch qualities.

Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx Killer

Another neat thing about the Tomcat’s product is how easy it is to use the bait. You place the packets where you have previously been seeing chipmunks and wait for the rodents to find them, attracted by the smell of the food-grade ingredients and quality taste enhancers.

This economical chipmunk killer acts fast. When you use it to kill rodents inside your house, better couple it with a trap to pin down the poisoned animal; otherwise, you risk not locating the rotting carcass soon enough. Also, if you are concerned about relay toxicity, there are safer options.

  • effective under any weather conditions;
  • affordable price;
  • suitable for indoor use;
  • kills bigger vermin too;
  • compatible with different bait stations.
  • toxic for children and pets in the house.

3. Farnam Just One Bite II Bar: a Powerful Chipmunk Poison Bait for Year-Round Protection of Your Yard


  • Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone 0.005%
  • Item Form: Bite, Chunks
  • Item Weight: 0.66 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 19 x 16 x 9 inches
  • Target Species: Rats and Mice

All types of rodents fancy the Farnam’s Just One Bait chunks. While the bars seem large, their soft texture and unique shape with nibble ridges make it easy for even the smallest vermin to get their teeth into the tasty treat.

This type of bait to catch chipmunks uses bromadiolone, which is a potent blood-thinning rodenticide with a much faster action compared to other poisons. Bromadiolone is a very convenient choice if you have to deal with warfarin-resistant rodents who survived first-generation anticoagulants. Once the pest has ingested a lethal dose, the death usually comes within 3-4 days.

  • it can be used without a trap;
  • a second-generation anticoagulant that acts faster than other poison baits;
  • rodents adore the firm and chewy composition of the bait bars;
  • nibble ridges make for easier biting.
  • may unintentionally attract and kill other animals, use bait stations;
  • not available in some US states (LA and Minnesota).

4. JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide: an Effective Chipmunk Killer Bait for Year-Round Pest Control


  • Active Ingredient: Diphacinone 0.005%
  • Number of Items: 144
  • Item Weight: 1 ounces
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Target Species: Rats and Mice

Bait Block Rodenticide by JT Eaton is one of the most powerful options available today. Whether it is a large chipmunk infestation or just a few rats you have spotted in your garage, the package of 144 blocks should be enough to help you get rid of the rodents quickly and bring peace to your yard and home.

JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide

The poisonous component is diphacinone, which toxic effect accumulates over a few days and kills the vermin once it has eaten enough. Such a delayed action means that when a predator catches the poisoned animal, the likelihood of secondary poisoning is much lower.

Also, there is no need to set a trap when you want to eliminate rodents living in your yard. However, for the indoor application, using one is advisable. This way, you can be sure a rodent will not die somewhere in the house where you cannot find it quickly.

  • the peanut butter scent is appealing to chipmunks, squirrels, moles, rats, and mice;
  • the 144 blocks should suffice for a long time;
  • a very economical choice;
  • the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.
  • if the bait is used indoors, it is hard to predict where and when the rodent will die;
  • the poison requires multiple feedings to work.

5. Victor’s Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts: Gets the Problem of Underground Pest Infestations Solved in No Time

Victor’s poison peanuts for chipmunks is a branded product trusted and favored by many generations of gardeners and householders. These chipmunk poison pellets are primarily aimed at gophers and moles, but can reliably cope with a massive chipmunk infestation in your yard too.

The unique conoid design makes the bait canister extremely convenient to use. It allows you to easily make holes in the ground and access burrows and tunnels made by the nasty rodents without even touching the poison. The flip side here is that you cannot apply the poison to eradicate above-the-ground vermin.

  • it keeps your lawn intact due to the handy cone design;
  • touch-free baiting and poisoning;
  • can target other vermin infestations too.
  • suitable for underground eradication only;
  • poisonous for kids and domestic pets.

Buyer’s Guide: Tips on How to Choose and Use Different Toxic Chipmunk Baits

If you decide to go up against chipmunks and stop a shameless home invasion, there is a lot you can do. Depending on how big the infestation is, you can choose between the traditional snap-and-kill traps and live traps, ultrasonic or scented chipmunk repellents, toxic fumigating agents, and, of course, poison-based baits. The latter is usually the last line of defense for when the situation has got out of hand and requires you to take emergency actions.

One can quickly get confused when trying to choose from a wide variety of chipmunk poisonous baits available today. Read on to learn more about what different baits do and how to choose the one that will meet all your requirements.

Why Use a Chipmunk Poisonous Bait in the First Place?

Why Use a Chipmunk Poisonous Bait in the First Place

If you have already tried every civilized imaginable method to lure the chipmunks away from your property without killing them, but nothing helped, it is time to think of a more radical way. Lethal chipmunk traps are efficient but also take too to do the job long when the population of chipmunks is large.

An easier way would be to scatter around synthetic rodenticide baits that attract rodents with their tasty scent and kill them within a few days.

How to Choose the Best Chipmunk Poisons/Baits?

Poisoning the little intruders in your home or yard is often the only way to eradicate the chipmunk infestation problem. Today, this market offers a wide range of products that come in different forms and sizes, act fast or release poison over time, are safe to apply inside your home, or designed for outdoor use only.

Choosing the right one will depend on how big the problem is, how much time you have to solve it and how much money you are willing to spend on it.

Here is a quick overview of the most popular types of poisoned baits for chipmunks:

  • Chipmunk poison pellets or nuggets are very easy to use. Just scatter these around your yard in the places where you have previously seen the nasty pests;
  • Poisoned peanuts in a cone-tipped canister are perfect for when there is a visible burrow in your garden. Simply stick the bait inside the tunnel, and the rodents will find it soon;
  • Poisonous bait chunks or blocks are very convenient to use outdoors as they often are moisture-resistant and can survive any bad weather. Indoors, these can be used separately from a bait station or together with it for the safety of your house pets;
  • Rodenticide bars can be safely located in damp places. The only downside is that they are too big to be used with regular bait stations, so you will need to make sure your kids and pets cannot reach them.

How to Use Chipmunk Poison Safely for Pets?

Always combine your bait with a bait station if there are any pets in your house. For one, these poisoned baits are made to be appealing to more than just rodents – a dog can easily be attracted by the smell of peanut butter. Secondary poisoning is also a major concern for pet owners. The amount of poison in these bait blocks is often high enough to kill a cat that finds and eats the dead vermin.

When used with a station, the bait can only be accessed by who it is meant for. The design of the station also does not let the dying animal leave the trap to be later eaten by your pet.

How to Catch a Chipmunk Without Killing it

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It Is Time to Take the Matter of Chipmunk Control into Your Own Hands

All of the said – chipmunk baits are equally potent, even though their unique properties may slightly differ. Choosing one will depend mostly on your individual needs and expectations. I, myself, favor JT Eaton’s Bait Block Rodenticide for its ease of use, affordable price, and reduced risk of secondary poisoning.

However, if you need instant results or are dealing with an extensive underground infestation, one of the other options may be a better deal.

Have you ever had the problem of chipmunk invasion? What did you do to get rid of the annoying critters? Do you have a favorite method of pest control and eradication? Feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!


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