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Comprehensive Harris Bed Bug Killer Review: Is It Effective Enough?

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Bed bugs, just like other parasitic mites, are known to cause a lot of trouble to people, house pets, or livestock. But why are they so difficult to get rid of and, more importantly, why the hustle and bustle about the bugs?

Similar to ticks, bed bugs feed exclusively on warm-blooded beings, which include humans. As they balloon their bellies with blood, not only do they cause discomfort and itching but can also spur skin inflammation or a serious immune response that may result in underlying health conditions.

Dealing with these pests with old remedies or simple sheets changing is unlikely to be successful; it might require a thorough and full-blown fight to actually exterminate them.

For this, I suggest a Harris bed bug killer review to help you find a real solution.

Harris Bed Bug Killer Review

HARRIS Bed Bug Killer — Bed Bug Treatment Kit Favorite


  • Item Volume: 128 Fluid Ounces
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Item Form: Spray 
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Target pests: Bed Bugs

Harris Bed Bug and Egg Killer, Toughest Liquid

Have you tried multiple treatments, but nothing seemed to obliterate bed bugs for good? Well, try this 4.8 out of 5-star Harris Bed Bug Killer that so many Harris Bed Bug Spray reviews consider a better alternative to the common low-efficiency pest remedies.

How to Use Harris Bed Bug Killer?

I’ve found the product highly-effective for fighting bed bugs at some point, and I haven’t had to use it so far. Probably because of the Harris bed bug killer ingredients. Imidacloprid, which is the main component here, is used as a paralysis-causing substance that is extracted from vegetation.

Once a mite consumes some bits of the particles, its nervous system gets damaged. Afterward, the insect’s movement and respiratory systems start to shut down slowly, which leads to paralysis and eventual death.

To ensure the efficiency of the main component, Harris Bed Bug products are amplified with D-Phenothrin which possesses properties similar to the first one. But it’s main focus is to be wicked through an insect’s digestive system that leads to the same outcomes as with Imidacloprid.

What About the Price?

Harris Bed Bug Killer is normally bought in gallons that last long enough to eliminate all possible mites on your property. So the price for this spray is variable but very reasonable.

How to Apply?

Applying the Harris Killer is no different from using other similar bed bug spray treatments.

  1. First, you need to adjust the spray handle to the container itself by removing the safety lid. Make sure to avoid any direct contact with your skin and eyes.
  2. Second, sprinkle the substance lightly but meticulously on and around possibly infested areas, like bed frames, baseboards, night drawers, etc., or other places close to the infested ones. Do it at a distance of at least 7 inches from the sprayed area and preferably with a mask, glasses, and gloves on. Mind that it’s not meant for bedding or linen as it can contaminate fabrics.
  3. Third, as the liquid is settled on surfaces, let it dry for a good half an hour before reentering the room and unpacking your fabric-based items.


As Harris Bed Bug Killer instructions claim, the product is highly toxic for insects, though it’s mildly dangerous for humans or pets. And it’s true as long as you follow the instructions.

Additionally, it’s essential to stay away from sprayed areas for both adults and children since the fumes are very volatile. For this, keep your children and animals out of such spaces until the spray dries up well.

  • destroys eggs and prevents bugs from mating;
  • effective against other indoor parasites;
  • ergonomic;
  • odor-free;
  • doesn’t contaminate plants.
  • takes a long time to dry up.

Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth Powder — Among Top Harris Bed Bug Products


  • Active Ingredient: Diatomaceous Earth 100%
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 6.5 x 10 inches
  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Target pests: Bed Bugs

Among Top Harris Bed Bug Products

If you want to make sure that all possibly infested areas of your house or property are secured from bed bugs, you can always increase your chance with the Harris Bed Bug Killer Powder from the Harris Bed Bug Killer kit.

The product is perfect for treating small and hard to reach areas, like crevices, cracks, baseboard gaps, etc. Diatomaceous earth that makes up the powder has an interesting property that causes insects to desiccate after coming in contact with it.

Safe, natural, and non-toxic, the product comes in packs of two for a very good price. It lasts a considerable period of time and stays active as long as it’s intact and not damaged by moisture.

  • perfect for enclosed and hidden areas;
  • eco-friendly;
  • harmless to children and pets;
  • stain-free.
  • messy.

HARRIS Bed Bug Killer Value Bundle — Wholesale Harris Bed Bug Killer Kit


  • Scent: Unscented
  • Item Form: Gel, Spray, Powder
  • Item Weight: 15.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.7 x 6.2 inches
  • Target pests: Bed Bugs

In case you’re preparing yourself for an exhausting fight against pets, you might want to consider this bed bug treatment kit. Designed both for prevention and overall elimination, the bundle consists of two kinds of sprays, powder, traps, and gel.

All these Harris Bed Bug products include lethal for pests active ingredients, like Imidaclorpid and D-Phenothrin. Whereas trapping items help isolate and stun insects before the active ingredients kick in. Apply the gel and powder to dry sprayed areas to ensure complete bed bug obliteration from your household.

By purchasing the whole kit, you’ll be able to save a lot of money as the price for each item separately is higher than for the whole bundle altogether.

The products are mostly harmless to humans or animals except for when coming in direct contact. However, to find out safety precautions, check the instructions included in the package.

  • all-purpose items;
  • low wholesale price;
  • good for preventing and treating;
  • odorless.
  • doesn’t include instructions for all items.

How to Choose the Right Bed Bug Treatment?

Most products that actively kill bed bugs have certain characteristics that can help you determine the effectiveness of such for your case.

bed bugs in the sink

First, property size is irrelevant as bed bugs mostly reside inside the house or are spread via animals and humans. You need to look for treatments that are designed specifically for indoor use, as other products that can also rid you of different outdoor mites can be highly toxic.

Generally, a bed bug problem isn’t really large-scale and requires maintenance only in designated places, like bed frames, baseboards, furniture, etc. For this, choose small-size sprays or powders that cover smaller areas and are floor-board or furniture-safe.

Make sure to apply the product not only to infested areas but also to the ones that are closest since bed bugs like to jump around and hide in crevices.

Second, regardless of how toxic or eco-friendly treatment is, it’s advised to use precaution measures to ensure safety. When buying a product, always make sure that it’s EPA-approved and has been certified by authorized bodies to avoid fake and health-threatening counterfeits.

Before applying any extermination remedy, it’s better to pack away all fabric-based and personal use items, remove the bedding, and open the windows. It’s also a good idea to protect sensitive areas of the face by gearing up with a mask, glasses, and gloves.

spray in the trashbox

Moreover, children and animals are to stay out of a sprayed place until the substance dries up, not to irritate their airways.

Last but not least, check the prices. A more expensive item doesn’t always guarantee better effectiveness, making it a simple rip-off. If you have a real bed bug infestation, you might want to consider buying a whole kit or some optional products to increase the extermination.

What Other Products Are There for Better Results?

You can deploy a number of items to increase your chances when fighting bed bugs.


Solid particle products are useful for exterminating bugs that are repulsed by the smell of traditional treatments. As you apply bed bug powder to a sprayed area, the substance tends to dehydrate bugs avoiding the fumes by damaging their exoskeleton.

Moreover, such substances are natural and don’t cause any harm to people or animals, which makes them a perfectly safe solution for bedrooms, kitchens, or home comforts.


Designed with the same principle as mouse traps, a gel consists of non-toxic, natural components that can glue an insect to all kinds of surfaces. Of course, using a gel alone won’t be enough for killing pests, therefore, it should be spread over disinfected areas. Upon getting stuck, a bug inhales or consumes bits of toxins that leave it paralyzed and lead to eventual death.

Steam Cleaners

After ridding your bed of bed bugs, you might as well want to use an electric steam cleaner for baseboards, furniture, or bedding. Producing high-temperature water evaporations, a cleaner kills bugs on the spot due to its lethal heat that comes in direct contact with the pests.

This option is very environmentally-friendly and causes no side effects for humans or pets, and can be applied to all indoor surfaces after the main extermination techniques.

Bed Bug-Proof Bedding

using bed bug

When bed bugs have been treated and there’s no sign of them left, you can always get yourself an anti-bug flat sheet or fitted sheet. Such mattress liners are known to secure beds against active bugs, as well as prevent new infestations thanks to Permethrin.

Lasting for a couple of years, they can prove most useful for both adults and children, excluding any harm to your health.

Harris Bed Bug Killer vs Hot Shot


  • Item Volume: 1 gal
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Weight: 8.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:12 x 4.5 x 7.45 inches
  • Target pests: Bed Bugs

Bed bug

Having used both of these products, I’ve come to the conclusion that Hot Shot might not be the best option for indoor bed bug killing as it has one flaw. Though it doesn’t really have any odor, the product is quite volatile and can irritate the airways causing sneezing or cough.

Harris vs Raid


  • Item Volume: 22 fl. oz.
  • Item Form: Spray 
  • Item Weight: 0.056 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.63 x 3.08 x 10.63 inches
  • Target pests: Bed Bugs

Harris vs Buyer Advanced

Yes, Raid is a renowned trademark for fighting mites and pests. However, it’s not meant for long-time use and acts effectively only upon direct contact with bed bugs, which makes it hard to apply.

Harris vs Buyer Advanced

No products found.


  • Item Volume: 64 fl. oz.
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 4.3 x 9.3 inches
  • Target pests: Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs.jpg

The latter is a great option for large areas but it might need reapplication more often than it’s estimated on the container, whereas Harris works rapidly and lethally after the first use.


I know that you might still have some questions regarding the basics about the treatment. Therefore, let me answer some to release you from the necessity to Google them.

Does Harris Bed Bug Killer Work?

Yes, it does. It’s perfect for indoor bed bug issues of all sizes. Moreover, it’s proven useful against dust mites, ants, and other kinds of pests.

What Is the Main Working Ingredient in Harris Bed Bug Spray?

There are two of them, Imidacloprid and Phenothrin. Both of them act as inhibitors that cause paralysis and lethality for mites.

Is Harris Bed Bug Killer Safe for Pets?

It is, if used according to the instructions. However, it’s always better to keep pets and small children away from disinfected areas.

Bottom Line

Dealing with bed bugs is an exhausting and time-consuming task. Not only are they resistant to many traditional treatments, but also they can multiply and mate so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of them.

Many Harris Bed Bug Spray reviews will suggest that it doesn’t have to be that difficult, as the bugs are no different from other annoying pests. And that’s true. Try fighting against them using modern methods and up-to-date solutions, and start enjoying your sleep and rest the way you deserve it.

Nonetheless, I hope this review will come in handy for you, as well as save your time and money. Have you ever used Harris products? How good did you find them? Maybe, you’ve come across other optional treatments to improve the results? Feel free to comment down below!


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