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Does Coconut Oil Kill Fleas? Detailed Guide

Everyone knows that essential oils help to get rid of gnats and other flying insects. Using rubbing alcohol and some kind of traps for getting rid of fleas is a more common solution, unlike coconut. The chemical compounds extracted from coconut repel blood-sucking insects better than the globally known repellent. But is it effective against these parasites and their eggs? Does coconut oil kill fleas? Let’s figure it out.

Guide on Using Coconut Oil Against Fleas

  1. It repels fleas thanks to the aroma.
  2. All product types can help you to get rid of fleas.
  3. Using this remedy is also a cheap solution.
  4. You shouldn’t apply it to pets.
  5. Wipe all surfaces in the house with a watered sponge soaked in the substance to prevent fleas.

Can coconut oil kill fleas?

This essential oil is great for indoor flea control, but using it to deal with pet fleas can be very dangerous. Pets can lick the substance off their fur and get severe poisoning. Is it too dangerous to use coconut oil for fleas?

We all know that coconut has a rather strong bright aroma, which in this case is the active ingredient that fights fleas. This aroma allows you to get rid not only of fleas but also other types of parasites.

big flea close-up

Fleas have a well-developed sense of smell. They clearly perceive and distinguish odors, so they are guided in their search for a victim. But there are certain smells that they perceive as a threat to their life such as the aroma of essential oils.

The parasites try to leave the area as soon as possible, and fleas never lay their eggs where the scent is present. Does coconut oil repel fleas? Yes, but eggs laid by them will still remain.

Do all types of coconut oil kill fleas?

It comes in two varieties: cold-pressed and refined. Although they taste different, both options can repel fleas. Their effectiveness is about the same in the fight against parasites.

Why use coconut oil instead of conventional flea remedies

Coconut substance is cheaper than conventional flea remedies. Special sprays can be more effective, but they leave an unpleasant odor. There are no such problems with oils. Do fleas like coconut oil? Obviously, no, but if you run out of money to buy specialized products, then it is good for you.

Is it safe to use coconut oil for pets?

fleas on comb

Remember that this remedy can be used directly for treating living spaces, and the application on animals is very dangerous! Also, a strong enough fragrance can irritate and affect the receptors of animals. As a result, your pet might cease to distinguish between smells. Therefore, only specialized products should be used on the infected animals, as well as for preventive measures.

How to use coconut oil to kill fleas?

If you don’t have enough money to buy specialized anti-flea products, you can use traditional methods. To get rid of the parasites:

  • Add 20 — 23 drops of oil to 4 liters of water.
  • Use a sponge to treat all surfaces where the insects can hide. There is no need to rewash the floor with clean water.
  • Cleaning with a fragrant composition should be carried out periodically. The more often you smell lavender or juniper in the apartment, the further the fleas will go.

Preventing fleas with coconut oil

The best way to prevent a flea infestation is to protect your pet from fleas with regular flea prevention. Be sure to research a wide range of products that will help protect your pet from fleas. Essential oils should not be used; they can do more harm than good. Regular cleaning is better. Is coconut oil good for fleas? Yes, but not for pets.

Follow these recommendations to prevent fleas in the future:

  • Clear the house regularly;
  • Wash your pet at least two times per month;
  • Apply a special prophylactic anti-flea treatment for your pets.

FAQ About Killing Fleas With Coconut Oil

removing fleas from dogs

Let’s consolidate the information and answer the most popular questions here. This part might be very useful for you.

How long does it take coconut oil to kill fleas?

A flea dies within seconds of direct contact with the substance. However, if you apply this treatment to flea eggs, they will survive.

Does coconut oil kill flea eggs and larvae?

No, it cannot kill the eggs, but the larvae are just as vulnerable to the oil as the adults. Use some other methods to kill flea eggs.

Does coconut oil kill fleas and ticks?

Yes, the smell can scare them off. Moreover, if exposed long enough (about 10 seconds), this remedy can also kill the pests on direct contact.

How to make coconut oil spray for dogs?

I highly don’t recommend that you do this. This solution is not intended for animals. If a dog or a cat licks off even a small portion of the substance, it might be fatal to them.

Coconut Oil Against Fleas – Should I Use It?

It can be your helper in the fight against these parasites if you notice fleas in your house. When used correctly against fleas in the apartment, essential oils clean the house, create comfort, and help to forget about the unpleasant invasion of bloodsuckers. However, you should not use them to prevent fleas on pets.

Share your thoughts about the topic in the comments below. What other flea remedies do you know?

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