Does Alcohol Kill Fleas? Detailed Guide

Not all people have a problem with fleas at home. If you notice strange black spots on your clothes or your pets itch more, that’s a reason to think about combating fleas and their eggs. Remedies from the supermarket can be expensive and not effective enough, so more traditional methods are gaining popularity in the sphere. Does alcohol kill fleas? Let’s find that out.

Guide on Killing Fleas at Home

  1. Isopropyl kills fleas.
  2. Alcohol is not that effective in killing flea eggs.
  3. Candles, light, honey, and other traps are used to repel fleas.
  4. Using alcohol on pets is dangerous.
  5. Maintain cleanliness in the house and do not forget to give your animals a regular prophylactic anti-flea treatment to prevent parasites in the future.

Does alcohol kill fleas?

There are not many ways to kill fleas at home, but let’s break down the simplest — alcohol and any pungent odors such as glue, paint, cement, and putty repel fleas. There is another, less disgusting, way to get rid of fleas — regular household rubbing alcohol.

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Its pungent odor can not only prevent the appearance of these nasty insects but also kill them quickly and painlessly. However, you should always take precautions; otherwise, you can harm not only your pets but yourself. Let’s figure it out.

Which kind of alcohol kills fleas?

An interested reader might ask: ” Will alcohol kill fleas?” It can kill fleas on your clothes or on your skin, but I don’t think you are eager to sacrifice your hair to kill pests. If you have fleas on your pet, rubbing alcohol is not a good idea. However, any kind of alcohol helps fight parasites. The main thing is that its concentration has to be more than 50 percent.

Does isopropyl alcohol kill fleas?

Isopropyl alcohol can help you, but getting rid of the consequences such as the terrible smell and harm to pets is difficult and not worth it. You should first go to a vet. If you can’t meet in person, consult a flea specialist online.

Does 91 alcohol kill fleas? Acetone easily kills fleas, but it is highly irritating to mucous membranes: Prolonged inhalation of large concentrations of vapor leads to inflammation of mucous membranes, pulmonary edema, and toxic pneumonia. Prolonged exposure to 91 alcohol can be fatal not only for you but also for your pets.

Does alcohol kill flea eggs?

The greatest number of eggs are laid by the female flea during the last days of its life. Unlike the eggs of other parasites, flea eggs are not sticky and simply fall to the ground after laying. The process of turning an egg into a larva takes about 12 days, and most eggs hatch after a few days.

Depending on the stage of development, flea eggs can be found in different places. Eggs are laid directly in the hair of animals, from where they fall on carpets, upholstery, furniture, and cracks in the floor and walls. They develop in these secluded places, from where they return again to the animals, having become adults.

flea on human skin

Can rubbing alcohol kill fleas? Alcohol vapor can hardly kill an ordinary flea. Therefore, it is not enough to kill the eggs. Eggs cannot withstand the adverse conditions caused only by direct contact, so they die. Don’t let fleas take over your home, but don’t harm everyone living there either.

How to use alcohol against fleas?

Fleas can die only after contact with alcohol, so first you should construct a flea trap, and then pour alcohol into it. The general mechanism of action of flea traps is to lure the insect into the device and eliminate it. It is impossible to catch fleas by analogy with other omnivorous parasitic insects on food bait. The flea is only attracted to fresh blood, which it gets by biting its victim.

Anyone can make anti-flea traps. Let’s describe a few ways in which catching fleas will become a little easier.

1. Use a romantic trap

Candles! Basically, this is the whole trap. The more lit candles placed in the room, the more fleas you will catch. Insects are lured by the warm light; they jump to it and get stuck in the melted wax. Then you can take all the traps outside and leave them in a container of household alcohol.

2. Apply a light trap

This method of how to catch a flea in the room is also based on the love of fleas for light and heat. You need a container of water (it is better to dilute detergent, alcohol, or soap in it) and a beam of directional light from a lamp or nightlight. Jumping to the light, the bloodsuckers will get into the solution and drown in it.

3. Prepare a honey trap

To make such a sweet and sticky trap, you need a clean and dry surface such as a flat dish, a piece of cardboard, and glass. Smear it with a thick layer of honey and place it in the flea habitat. Insects will bind to the sticky surface as they move. Next, do the identical steps with alcohol as in the first point.

4. Try a carpet trap

Another method to get rid of a certain amount of flea infestation is applying a special mixture to the carpets in the house. I recommend that you carry out this procedure at night:

  1. First, thoroughly vacuum the carpet.
  2. Apply a dry mixture of laundry detergent or baking soda with boric acid to it (remember that boric acid corrodes the skin, so you must always do it with gloves on).
  3. Leave the liquid on the carpet for 10-16 hours. Collect it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. It is better to clean the surface several times, and get rid of the contents of the bag promptly.

5. Purchase a ready flea trap

It is the simplest solution. These devices allow you to catch some of the fleas that have settled in the house.

However, only more serious measures such as extermination by an environmental company can kill parasites. Be careful: Some manufactured remedies can cause allergies.

Сan you use isopropyl alcohol on dogs and cats?

I strictly do not recommend it. Even small fumes can lead to complete intoxication of your pet’s body, not to mention washing the fur with alcohol. It is very dangerous to destroy fleas and eggs in this way. Does rubbing alcohol kill fleas on dogs and cats? Yes, it does, but it can also kill you and your pet. You should never use it in this way.

Preventing fleas

It is always easier to prevent the appearance of these parasites than to fight them later. To never wonder how to get rid of fleas in the house, follow certain rules:

  • Carry out general cleaning at least once a week;
  • Do not clutter up the house. Follow all sanitary and hygienic requirements;
  • Treat pets with insect repellents such as collars, pills, and shampoos;
  • Inspect your pets often, especially after a walk;
  • If you only think about getting a pet but fear that there might be parasites in the house, you should choose hypoallergenic dog breeds. Many of them have short or no fur, so the risk of bloodsuckers’ appearance is minimal;
  • Inspect your shoes after returning from the outdoors; rinse the soles, and clean all surfaces;
  • Frequently ventilate your apartment;
  • Dry out pillows, mattresses, and blankets;
  • Caulk all cracks and crevices in baseboards and walls.

Always pay attention to your pets first. They need constant inspection and care. Knowing how fleas breed and how to get rid of them will keep you and your loved ones safe from the parasites and the damage they can cause.

FAQ About Alcohol Against Fleas and Eggs

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Let’s consolidate the information and answer the most popular questions. This part might be very useful for you.

Сan disinfectant spray kill fleas?

It is effective enough to use in the house, i.e., for carpets, clothes, etc., but it is not intended for pets. Vapors from such a spray can lead to the intoxication of an animal, so it is prohibited to use such a substance.

Does rubbing alcohol kill fleas on surfaces?

Yes, it does. However, alcohol can’t kill their eggs laid down deep in fur or hair. So, even if all fleas die, new ones can appear after some time.

Does rubbing alcohol kill fleas on humans?

Yes, it does. But if you have fleas on your head, I don’t recommend washing your hair with household alcohol, even diluted. The substance dries out the skin very quickly, which can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Will alcohol kill fleas on carpet?

Yes, it will. You only need to rinse the carpet thoroughly so that no unpleasant odor is left behind. You should dilute pure alcohol with water in the ratio of 1:2 and pour this substance over the entire carpet. Do not forget to take the carpet out of the house. Otherwise, you will not get rid of the smell.

Effectiveness of Alcohol in Killing Fleas

Alcohol is the sworn enemy of fleas and their eggs. What a shame that this substance can become an enemy for you, too, if used improperly. Don’t forget about the safety precautions. You should remember that you can’t use alcohol to fight fleas that are bothering your pets. If you need to get rid of fleas at home, then alcohol will be your faithful companion in the fight against them.

Share your thoughts about the topic in the comments below. Have you ever used alcohol to kill fleas? Was it more effective than special products? What other ways do you know to combat parasites?

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