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Does the Dryer Kill Fleas? Step-by-Step Investigation

Everyone knows that thorough cleaning of the whole house is a measure to control parasites. Every homeowner wants to get rid of fleas and their deposits quickly. Some people think that one wash in an ordinary washing machine is enough to get rid of fleas on clothes, bedding, etc. However, in most cases, simple washing can’t kill all parasites on your clothing, but the dryer can do it. So, does the dryer kill fleas? Let’s find the answer to this question in my post!

Guide on Using Dryer Against Fleas

  1. Fleas and their larvae cannot resist high temperatures during drying.
  2. Wash and dry your clothes as long as possible to repel fleas.
  3. You can also use the dryer without starting laundry.
  4. Sort, wash, dry, and store your clothes correctly to remove parasites.

Does the dryer kill fleas and flea eggs?

To fight fleas, you should do general cleaning. By washing and vacuuming all rooms, you destroy the pest’s habitat. Drying clothes in a hot dryer will get rid of fleas. Pillows, blankets, and mattresses are common places where they accumulate.

many fleas under the microscope

You should periodically leave them in the sun, or, on the contrary, freeze them in cold temperatures outside. Here I offer a complete guide and various options on how to use the dryer to repel fleas and flea eggs:

  • Washing clothes and bedding is a simple and inexpensive way to kill fleas. It is an important part of both self-flea control and hiring a professional to do the insecticide treatment. Using a few simple, practical tricks, you can easily clean your clothes and keep them from becoming a flea hiding place while you try to get rid of them in your apartment;
  • While washing kills some of the bed bugs; drying at a high temperature will kill any remaining insects, including fleas. Do flea eggs die in the dryer? Flea eggs are very vulnerable to high temperatures, so they cannot survive in your washing machine. Drying is one of the easiest and most effective ways to completely repel flea eggs;
  • Also, you might try to boil your clothes, if you don’t have a powerful dryer — the result will be the same.

How quickly does a dryer kill fleas?

No one has timed the period needed to kill fleas in the washing machine yet. Just try to wash clothing as long as possible, while not spoiling it. Does heat from the dryer kill fleas? Yes, fleas and their eggs are intolerant to water and high temperatures, so they can’t live long in this environment.

Do the clothes have to be washed first?

It’s not necessary. Fleas tend to spread very quickly throughout the house. It is best to first move all your clothes to a place where fleas have no place to spread and infect the entire neighborhood. Then do general cleaning at home with all the necessary special products and wash your clothes using the dryer.

Guide to using washer and dryer to remove fleas

man checking dog for fleas

There are three basic steps to consider when washing your clothes to kill fleas. These steps include sorting, washing, drying, and storing clean clothing.

Step 1: Sorting clothes

  1. While in the infested area, sort your clothes as you would normally do before washing them. Place each sorted pile in a separate plastic bag. Pay attention to the laundry instructions. They can help you choose the maximum allowable temperature for washing and drying your clothes.
  2. Separate items that are not washable cannot be washed, but you can place them in the dryer.
  3. Close the bags tightly before you take the items to the wash. This will prevent fleas from spreading through your home or a self-service laundry room.

Step 2: Washing and drying clothes

  1. Put the items from each bag into the washing machine (or into the dryer if the items are not washable).
  2. After emptying each bag, fold the open edge toward the center of the bag. Then wrap the rest of the bag around the open edge.
  3. Immediately put the empty bags in a separate clean bag, and close it tightly before throwing it away.
  4. Wash and dry your clothes at the maximum temperature allowed for the fabric.
  5. Place the items that are not washable but can be dried in the dryer with medium or high-temperature settings. Run the machine for at least 20 minutes. Then take clothes that cannot be washed to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning and ironing. Drying kills the fleas, but it doesn’t make the clothes clean.
  6. If your goal is only to get rid of fleas, and you don’t need to wash clothes, simply place the infested items in the dryer for 30 minutes at a high temperature. This will kill all fleas as well as bed bugs.

Step 3: Storing clean clothes

  1. When you take your clothes out of the dryer, fold them immediately. If you wash clothes in a self-service laundromat or a communal laundromat, swiftly put them in a new plastic bag. Do not put things on the folding table without first checking the latter for fleas.
  2. Keep clean clothes in bags until you get home.
  3. If your house is already exterminated from fleas, take the washed clothes out of the bag and put them back.
  4. Otherwise, keep the washed clothes in a bag and remove them as needed. This will keep things from being reinfested.

You might wonder: “How long to run a dryer to kill fleas?” As I have written above, fleas and eggs cannot stand high temperatures, so killing them is fast. However, to be sure, set the drying time to at least one hour.

Dryer Against Fleas: Is It Effective?

As soon as you see the first signs of fleas in your apartment, you must immediately take action. You always need helpers: a vacuum cleaner, water, a bucket, rags, special disinfectants and disinfectants, a steam generator, protective gloves, a mask, and a great desire to get rid of these parasites. A washing machine and a dryer will help you. A little patience is required, and you will not have a single parasite in your house soon!

Share your thoughts on the topic with me and other readers in the comments below. How long do you dry your clothes? Is it possible to kill fleas without a dryer?

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