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Best Termite Bait Stations in 2024: Expert Reviews

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There are no other insects that can destroy a building so drastically than termites. They are even more dangerous due to their hidden impact on wooden constructions. As soon as you detect these creatures inside your house, it is important to take measures against them.

Termite Bait Stations that Kill Termites Quickly and Effectively

One of the options is to use the best termite bait stations. This method is helpful in the early stages of infestation or as a preventive treatment.

So, what is a termite bait? This is a special piece of equipment that you should put in the soil on the building perimeter. They are used for monitoring and spreading termiticide to prevent infestation.

Termite baits contain cellulose mixed with chemicals that are toxic to insects, so they prevent massive infestation and kill colonies via poisoned insects. Bait stations are placed around the building at equal intervals. You should check them and change baits regularly.

In this article, I’ll tell you not only about how do termite stakes work but also about how to use them properly. Moreover, I will review my picks regarding this disinfestation method.

Top 3 Best Termite Bait Stations for Effective Disinfestation

Termite Bait System

I tried to find out what is the best termite bait station? My top picks are ready to be reviewed. I hope my feedback will help to choose the solution that is suitable for your needs.

1. Spectracide Terminate: Best Termite Bait System and Expert Choice


  • Active Ingredient: Hexaflumuron 0.50%
  • Complete kit: 15 stakes with locator shields, instruction booklet and digging tool
  • Item Weight: ‎2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions LxWxH: 4 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Target Pests: Termites

Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection and Killing Stakes

This Termite Detection from Spectracide is my top pick. It is a two-in-one product, which contains both detecting elements and killing chemicals. It is important to be able to detect termites, as they are hardly ever visible on the surface.

Using these stakes as a preventive measure, you will know if there is any infestation appearing near your house and will take action against it.

Spectracide Terminate is easy to install in your yard, and for full coverage, you will need about 15-20 stakes, depending on the area you plan to treat. However, keep in mind that this method cannot be used as the only protection against termites. So, as soon as termites are detected, apply another method with a stronger effect.

  • 2-in-1 product;
  • wider coverage due to pinpoints;
  • easy to install and use.
  • used only as a part of comprehensive treatment.

2. Advance Termite Bait Stations: Professional Termite Baiting System


  • Contains: wood food source and inspection cartridge
  • Item Weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions LxWxH: 19 x 11.3 x 7.9 inches
  • Target Pests: Termites
  • USE: Install around the perimeter of homes and commercial buildings

Advance Termite Bait System

This termite control product includes in-ground termite bait stations that mostly detect, but can poison the insects as well. This method can be used only outside as you should place baits in the ground at least 9 inches deep.

It is important to monitor the station regularly (at least once a month since the installation). As soon as the termite activity is detected, you should replace the defective cartridges with the ones with insecticide.

By the way, here is a drawback regarding this product: you need to order the treatment cartridges separately. After applying insecticide, you have to change baits regularly, right until the termites are gone.

To some people, this product might be a bit overpriced, mostly because of the need to buy extra cartridges for killing insects.

  • professional treatment;
  • simple installation according to instruction;
  • wide coverage thanks to the low design.
  • does not contain bait cartridges in the kit;
  • it might be expensive for some users.

3. Termite Baiting System: Proven Termite Bait Traps


  • Complete kit: 10 bait stations, 10 lids, 10 wood monitors, and 1 Hex Key
  • Item Weight: ‎4.47 pounds
  • Product Dimensions LxWxH: 10.25 x 9 x 7.5 inches
  • Target Pests: Termites
  • USE: Install around the perimeter of homes and commercial buildings

HexPro Termite Monitoring Baiting System

This termite baiting system by HexPro is known for using effective active ingredient hexaflumuron for fighting pests. It affects insects’ maturing and leads to death eventually.

This system can be used for two purposes: monitoring and killing. The package includes 10 stations and 10 wooden monitors. The product can be applied as a part of the outside pest control. But if termites appear in your yard, you can use the bait part of the system to kill insects.

For monitoring, check stations every 1-3 months, and change baits every month during treatment. However, HexPro does not include interchangeable baits in the package, so you need to purchase them separately.

  • easy-to-apply construction;
  • small impact on the environment if you follow the instructions;
  • no need to apply the treatment at home.
  • baits are not included in the kit.

How to Use Baits Properly?

Termite Bait

For effective pest control results, it is important to install and use termite bait traps properly. Novices can worry about it, but everything will be simple if you follow the instructions. There might be some specific requirements considering different products, but the basic algorithm is the following:

  1. Create a scheme of your yard to plan the location of termite baits. You have to place them around the building with even intervals to create a protective chain and ensure wise coverage. Every station has its recommendations, so just read guidelines before applying it. Usually, the suitable placement is 3-4 feet from the house walls with 10-12 feet intervals.
  2. Dig holes for placing baiting stations. Make sure the hole fits the size and have the right depth to place the system properly.
  3. Put baits into the ground and settle them. Fill in empty spaces between the station and the ground with soil and cover it as well. Make sure your dog or other pet will not dig it.
  4. Check indicators and baits regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If there is no in-built signal system, just check them at least once a month. When baits attract the termites, change them. If there is no sight of infestation, you still need to change baits at least once a year.

As you see, there is nothing complicated in dealing with bait systems. They just need maintenance and cartridge-changing from time to time.

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Termite Bait Traps vs Termite Pesticide: What Is Better?


There is no straight answer on whether termite monitoring stations are better than liquid treatment and vice versa. Before selecting the method, you should define the following:

  • Do you want to drill floors, porches, and move furniture inside your house? Bait systems are part of outdoor treatment. So, using them, you will protect your house and what is inside from invasive treatment. But if the building is old, and is not meant for living, apply termite sprays.
  • Do you want to spread chemicals around your home? Liquid pesticides are spread around the buildings, and gallons of them get deep in the ground, polluting it. While baits keep the active ingredients, mixed with cellulose, inside, and not much of it goes to the soil.
  • Does your yard have any specific constructions that cannot be treated with liquid products? Some yards have ponds, wells, drainage systems, and other objects and facilities that can be polluted with liquid insecticides. In such cases, termite spikes are used due to their closed design.
  • Do you have time, or do you need a fast result? You need to know that the baiting system works slowly, gradually eliminating the number of insects in the area. The process can last for months. If there is a threat of damage or the infestation is massive already, it is better to apply the liquid treatment.
  • What budget for the treatment do you prefer? If you need to treat a wide area, you might spend a lot on a suitable number of baits. Also, you will have to change cartridges inside them at least once a month. Sometimes, homeowners combine two types of treatment for quick detection and effective disinfestation.

As you can see, baits are good as regular monitoring and controlling tool, while liquid solutions are required when the infestation is getting serious, and you have to act quickly.


Termite Bait Stations

Do Termite Bait Stations Work?

If you choose the best termite bait system, you receive guarantees of its effectiveness. The quality product provides long-term action thanks to its slow acting. It is more like a preventive method as it helps in the early stages of infestation and can kill all types of termites before they form a massive colony.

The main aspect here is the right application of the baits and following the instructions considering maintenance.

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Do Termite Bait Stations Kill Termites?

Bait systems work in two directions. They can be used as termite detectors helping to prevent the infestation. Placed around the house, baits protect the walls from termites getting into them. As soon as insects are detected, the killing part starts acting, spreading poison on all insects, which eventually brings it to the colony.

Are Termite Bait Stations Safe?

In most cases, termite baits are used as the safest prevention method. You do not spread any insecticides, and do not bring any chemicals inside your house. Each station has a protected construction and is hidden under the ground. So, as soon as you follow all the instructions carefully, baits remain safe to your family, pets, and the environment.

Final Words

It is important to take all required pest control measures in areas where termites are active. They cause serious damages throughout the country. So, it is better to monitor the situation and prevent infestation rather than deal with massive termite invasion. That is why I hope you will use my termite bait station reviews to find the best option for pest control in your yard.

What termite control methods do you use? Have you ever tried termite baiting systems? Share in comments about your experience and recommendations with our readers.


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