Comprehensive Terro Ant Baits Review: Is It Effective Enough?

Ants are forest keepers, but they’re definitely not friends for humans at their residences. Therefore, if you still think that their presence in your house or apartment is not such a big problem, then you are greatly mistaken. Before proceeding to the argument that you really need Terro Ant baits, let’s look in the face of danger.

Best Baits Against Ants


  • Style: Liquid Bait
  • Item Weight: 4.3 ounces
  • Number of Pieces: 12
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.2 x 6.6 x 4.5 inches
  • Target Species: Ants

Pros to use the Terro ant baits:

  • professional tool at an affordable price;
  • high performance;
  • designed for indoor and outdoor usage.

Cons to use the Terro ant baits:

  • Borax is unsafe for kids and pets.

3 Reasons to Use the Terro Ant Bait

Now, it’s time for you to face the enemy and be ready to get rid of them.

The First Reason: Ants Harm Your Health

Like many other types of insect pests, ants carry various bacteria on their legs. The reason for this is their lifestyle. Searching for food in garbage containers, they cling to disease-causing organisms and bring them to your house. Ants carry bacteria and viruses that can cause various disorders:

  • intestinal poisoning and intoxication (diphtheria, salmonellosis, etc.);
  • diseases transmitted by airborne droplets.

The Second Reason: Unpleasant Presents

Besides the diseases and bacteria, ants also like to scatter their excrements around. These are also signals for their relatives to find them or potential food sources.

The Third Reason: Unwelcome Guests

Imagine you invited a friend to your apartment for the first time, and suddenly, the ants showed up. A little bit embarrassing, isn’t it?

My main advice to you is to keep your apartment clean so that you can be sure no insects will appear. But, if it has already happened and you found an ant or a whole colony, use the Terro Liquid Ant Baits.

How do Terro Ant Baits Work?

Terro Ant Bait is probably the most popular product to fight the ants. It is also highly recommended by various professional pest control agencies all around the world. Terro Liquid Ant Bait is used to kill almost any ant species and comes in convenient, no-spill containers so you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Like many other insecticide baits, Terro Ant Bait has a delayed effect. Its secret ingredient is called borax, and this is what actually attracts ants to try the bait. The use of borax in the household has been known for over 100 years. Borax is a natural mineral, the product of seasonal evaporation of salt lakes.

Borax consists of boron, sodium, water, and oxygen. The boron trace element in borax is fatal to some insects, such as ants, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish and beetles.

The poison works on the insect gradually. For a certain period of time, the infected individual interacts with other insects and infects them too, so you can control the whole population that has already taken over your house. After the death of the poisoned individual, their corpse continues to emit the infected particles, and more ants are getting poisoned.

How to use Terro Liquid Ant Bait?

Terro Ant Baits can be used anywhere: hospitals, restaurants, hotels, apartments, grocery stores, schools, cafeterias, and even ships. Terro bait is also rather simple in usage. All you have to do is take the stations out of the pack and place them wherever you need. Follow the Terro Liquid Ants Bait instructions to get the best effect.

The Terro company claims that it takes up to 3 days to see the effect. From my personal experience, I’d say that it may take up to 5-7 days depending on the number of pests.

Where can I get Terro Ants Bait?

Luckily, there are various online and offline shops where you can buy Terro Ant Baits including Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, etc. The remedy costs from $3 to $20 depending on the number of stations you want to purchase.

Is Terro Ants Bait Safe for Pets?

Despite the fact that borax in small amounts isn’t toxic, it can lead to nephatony or even kidney failure. Another less dangerous effects of borax poisoning are drooling, excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Depending on the form of borax (liquid or granules), it can also cause coughing and shortness of breath.

Please, be very attentive to your pets when using Terro Ant Baits. If any of these symptoms occur, call the vet immediately.

Terro Ant Baits are not Working!

There are also several cases when people complained about Terro Ant Killer Baits being ineffective. Luckily, such things happen rarely, and the main reason for this is stations misapply.

Like I’ve said before, read the instructions on the pack attentively, so you can learn to apply the baits properly. If you still don’t trust Terro Ants Baits, you can call pest control agency, but believe me, they use the same means to clean your house from this minor nuisance. However, using Terro Liquid Ant Bait will cost you $3, while a professional exterminator costs a slightly different sum.

A Quick FAQ on Terro Ant Baits

  • How does Terro Ant Bait control ants invasion?

As you already know from this Terro Ant Bait review, the active ingredient of the baits is borax. It works slowly enough to provide time for several ants to make trips to the bait and deliver it back to the rest of the colony. In a few days, you should see a notable decrease in the number of ants attending the bait station.

The liquid Terro ant bait station should stay in one place as long as possible while the ants are actively feeding on it. Don’t forget that the product you use is an insecticide bait, so you should remove all available food in the nearest area. Hide your foodstuff in closed containers, so you can make sure ants will eat only the liquid bait.

  • Can I use the liquid ant bait outdoors?

Of course, you can! Terro Liquid Ant Baits are created for outdoor ant control as well. The Terro ant bait pack comes with pre-filled bait stations, so you don’t have to worry about drips and spills and weather changes. It doesn’t get affected by sun, snow or rain. Don’t forget to change the bait stations every 3 months to keep the ants away from your house.

  • The ants are avoiding Terro Ant Bait Killer. Why?

The answer is simple: you have to refresh the bait station. By the way, you better do it quick, because the ants may find another food source and continue coming to your house.

  • Is there an expiration date on Terro Liquid Ant Baits?

The ant bait does not have a termination date because the effectiveness of the active ingredient borax is almost infinite. However, it is recommended to change the stations in time to achieve the best effect Terro Ant Bait can provide.

Total Summary of Terro Ant Baits Review

Considering all the facts I already gave you, I’d like to give this product a ‘like’ or ‘thumbs up’. Terro Ant Baits are used worldwide by both professional exterminators and average citizens.

It is also the top-selling insecticide product on Amazon, and it has received a 5-star rating out of almost 4000 reviews. That’s pretty powerful when there are so many similar products on the market today.

This product just works. If you follow the instructions on the pack of Terro Ant Baits, you will definitely get the effect in the shortest period of time. One more time, let’s see the main features of the Terro Ant Killer Baits:

Convenient Applying

Unlike some other ant baits and pesticides, Terro ant bait can be placed inside or outside your house or property. Poison stations will not be affected by the weather and they are also small enough to be used in all corners of your apartment. The bait is also put into a plastic case that protects pets and children from tasting it.

Allows you to Avoid Contact With Chemicals

Various ant baits available on the market require you to interact with pesticides in one way or another, whether these are poisonous pills or toxic spraying liquids. Terro provides an ant bait that goes inside the bait stations, so you don’t need to contact the chemicals directly. However, you still need to keep pets and children away from the product and wash your hands after use!

Delayed Effect Formula For Quick Ant Control

Ants who consumed the bait will die during a period from a few hours to a few days, but there’s enough time for poisoned individuals to return to the colony and infect others. It usually takes up to 3 days for a colony to die, but in more serious cases, it can take up to 1 week.

Why Are the Ants Dangerous?


Ants are one of the largest families of arthropods. They are spread almost worldwide. The only exception is Antarctica and some remote islands. In total, there are about 13,000 species of these insects, divided into 21 modern and 5 fossil subfamilies.

There are 8 major ant types you can come across:

Sometimes domestic ants are confused with forest and beneficial insects, so people don’t even try to get rid of them. In fact, these minor neighbors can harm your health. Like many other domestic insects, they spread infections and pathogens.

Even if the ants do not bite humans, they still contact food and different surfaces all over your house. They leave particles of infections that mix with dust and get into the air we breathe.

Domestic Ants: Where do They Come From?

There are two types of ants you can find in your apartment: Pharaohs and Thief ants. Pharaoh ant is the most widespread type of domestic pest insects. They do not know how to survive in the wild, and that’s why they migrate from one human dwelling to another.

Thief ants are more adapted to life in nature. They got their name because of their lifestyle. These ants stay close to the house (sometimes in the house itself) to steal food.

Ants can get to the apartment in different ways:

  • move from neighbors;
  • looking for food;
  • get with store products;
  • fly into the window (yeah, some ants grow wings once a year).

But thieves and pharaohs aren’t that dangerous as carpenter ants. If you noticed carpenter ants in your house, pound the alarm and try all possible ways to get rid of them. These ants are total destroyers.

How do I Know That Ants are in my House?

Well, ants are quite social creatures that live in large colonies, and by large I mean one colony can include millions of ants. Each colony consists of a queen, whose main duty is reproduction, and worker ants, who must supply food for the queen and the offsprings.

Workers usually go long distances in search of food and water to feed their wards. When they find a source of food, they leave a smelling trace, so that other ants can follow them.

If you spot one or two ants in your kitchen, this is a warning alert. Ant colonies also include scouts, and these ants are here to examine your kitchen for the future invasion. Their job is to return to the nest and inform other ants that your kitchen is a potential target for the invasion.

The kitchen urgently needs to be cleaned. Hide and pack all easily accessible products, remove all sources of sticky, sweet, fatty and natural products. Complete this checklist if you have already seen an ant in your house:

  • do not leave dirty dishes in the kitchen or any other room;
  • wipe all the surfaces in the kitchen with a cloth dipped in vinegar (it produces an unpleasant smell for ants);
  • remove all the sources of garbage;
  • sweep, vacuum, or wash the floor daily;
  • rinse jars, containers or bottles with any sticky scraps.

Repeat all these simple procedures for 3-7 days. If the ants wouldn’t find something to eat, they will go somewhere else.

Ant on bread

A Little Bonus From Me: a Quick Guide on Ants Invasion Prophylaxis

You should keep your house perfectly cleaned. No crumbs, or any other garbage should be left. Clean all surfaces. Tables, floors, and walls (especially in the kitchen) must be washed on a daily basis. If you keep your house clean and dry, you can be sure no ants will show up sooner or later.

I also recommend to throw away pet food before night. If you constantly leave dog or cat food in a bowl for the night, it may cause ants or even cockroaches invasion.

And of course, try Terro Ant Baits as a prevention method. If you have seen the ants near your apartment or heard about your neighbor struggling with the ants invasion, it is better to defend yourself. Use 1-2 baits a week and make sure you are safe from these minor pests.

Want to learn about more ant remedies? Check my review of the best ant treatment products.

Still Have Questions?

In this Terro Liquid Ant Bait review, I’ve tried to cover all possible questions and explain to you everything I know about this product from both professional and common perspectives. If you still have any questions about it, please, feel free to leave a comment below, and I will try to give an answer to it as soon as possible.

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  1. After reading your Terro ant killer review I decided to check it in my apartment because ants are a big problem in our area, especially in summer. Before it the only remedy I tried was vinegar. Its scent was enough to scare the insects off for some time but they always come back. Five days passed since I started using Terro 600 baits and the result is amazing. My kitchen is clean at last and I don’t have to worry about finding ants in my food. Thanks for the recommendation, your terro ant bait review was very helpful.

  2. After applying Terro ants are dying out very quickly. I was desperate trying to get rid of those insects in my house until I’ve found this Terro ant baits review. And the main thing I like about it is that my dog can’t reach the poison so I can be sure she is ok. Now my supplies are protected from pests and I don’t need to examine my food before eating it. Awesome, thanks for the review.

    • I use 1 terro ant bait on my kitchen counter. Around 3am I came in to get a drink of water. there were over 10 ants by the bait and inside. I wanted to smash them but I left them they were sort of staggering .. I hate crawling things so I washed the other side of the sink – counter with fantastic. (Maybe I shouldn’t have ) and went to bed. When I woke up I found ants were all inside the trap and still are. It is now 2 pm .are they going to just due inside the trap? Should I throw that trap outside? Help!

  3. Thanks for sharing with us these Terro liquid ant bait instructions, it is very helpful. My friend told me that this is the best mean to get rid of ants and gave me a couple of such traps so I could install it in my house. But after doing it I noticed that Terro ant baits not working. After reading your article I understood my mistake – I had to clean the bait to use it right. After I did it these insects started disappearing and then completely left my house. I appreciate your advice, Nicholas.

  4. My backyard is occupied with little black ants so I decided to search for the effective solution of this problem. After browsing the web I understood that the product you described here is the coolest one. The only thing I was concerned about is does Terro work for outdoor usage. After reading your guide on how does terro ant baits work I think that it’s nothing to worry about. These baits are both for indoor and outdoor usage, Already installed it near my house, waiting for the result.

  5. I strongly recommend Terro multi surface liquid ant baits to everyone as the best home remedy on the market. The process of usage is rather simple and the devellopers of that product made everything to protect your home from pests. Borax is a substance which works perfectly with any type of ants, no matter indoors or in the garden. These baits are totally safe for children and pets because there is no direct access to the poison. I’m working as an exterminator for almost five years and I can assure you that Terro t2600 is the best option to stop the infestation. Nicholas, thanks for such an awesome guide, it will be very useful for those who want to solve the problem on their own.

  6. On amazon terro liquid ant bait costs under 15 bucks. For that price you get two baits in a pack and it’s more than enough to get rid of ants on any kitchen. We live near the forest and ants are the very common guests here. We need to keep our supplies hidden all the time. Luckily, the amazon terro ant killer gave us an opportunity for avoiding contacts with ants. Strongly recommend to everyone, very cheap and effective ant killer.

  7. Thank you, Nicholas, this terro ant review was very helpful. Ants are infesting my house every summer and didn’t know what to do about it. All the means I tried before were useless. After reading your description of how terro ant bait works I followed your suggestions and I haven’t seen any ants for almost a week.

  8. Oh, this article is exactly what I was looking for! I tried terro bait for exterminating carpenter ants in my living room and these traps are amazing. The only thing I was curious about is how to clean up terro liquid ant bait so I could use it again. Your guide really helped me out, Nicholas. Other terro ant killer dust reviews are not as far so informative as yours. Thanks for describing the solution of ant problem from A to Z.

  9. Very professional terro bait review, all the pros and cons are described here. This remedy deserves to be called the best ant killer for home usage ever. If you follow all the terro ant bait directions described here you will no longer have to bother about these little annoying insects. Terro will erase them completely. It’s very convenient, cheap and safe mean for home pest extermination.

  10. I was a little concerned about is terro ant dust safe for pets. I have two cats and I don’t want them to be poisoned. But the case where you put the bait is protected and your pet can’t reach it. I used to try ant gel and one of my cats tried it. She is ok now but she felt very bad then. My Terro amazon purchase is a different story. There is no need to watch after my animals all the time – all the poison is in the box and only ants can reach it. The effect is amazing. The number of ants in my house reduced rapidly.

  11. I’ve looked through Terro ant dust reviews and it seems to me that liquid Terro baits are better. The same active component but it’s much easier to apply. The safety of that product is on a higher level too. All you need is just to know how to clean the bait station properly. There is a lot of articles like “Terro liquid ant baits how do they work” but none of it give a full answer to this question. I’ve found a full description only on pestcontrolhacks, thank you for it.

  12. Ant exterminating process is very dangerous for pets. All those chemical elements can cause unpleasant circumstances – from different diseases to even death of your pet. Terro ant bait safe for cats and that’s was the main reason for choosing it to me. My cat is my best friend and I care about her very much. That bait station is a great opportunity to get rid of sugar ants in my apartment and to keep my pet safe from being accidentally poisoned. Thanks for telling how to use terro liquid ant bait stations, it was very helpful.

  13. My parents lived in this house for over 50 years, and every spring, they suffered a new invasion of ants – the large black variety as well as the small ones. They used to swear that this house was built on a giant anthill, because nothing stopped these ants. Every spring, they would buy a new supply of Terro ant killer, and it would do the trick without fail, at least giving them the rest of the year ant-free, even if they had to repeat the process with a new generation of ants the next spring.

    Now I live in the house and with the first few warm days and rain, right on cue, here come the ants in droves, marching all across my countertops and invading my sinks in the kitchen, seeking water and food. This year (2020) seems particularly bad – not sure why, if it’s the mild winter or what – but I’m seeing a sudden invasion of ants in far greater numbers than I’ve ever seen before. Out comes the Terro, and now begins my battle with myself – because I know in order to make the Terro effective, I have to NOT KILL the little buggers, but let them eat their fill from the Terro bait and stagger their bloated little selves back to the nest to hopefully kill all their friends and relatives. (Not kidding when I say “stagger” – watch them sometime – it’s kind of comical, like they’re blind drunk. They’ve gorged themselves on the tasty treat I’ve left them and are carrying it home to share!)

    So now I wait the required number of days and hope to be able to restrain my impulse to smite the little suckers dead every time I see them, so the Terro can do its job.

  14. I have been spraying bug spray outside and inside, but the ants still lived. I purchased the ants baits yesterday and put them on the kitchen counter because that is where I saw the ants. I was shocked to see the amount of ants after a couple hours. Should I have placed them elsewhere? Now, I don’t want to use the kitchen because they are all marching in between the two stations. One of them spilled on the counter top when I moved it to be closer to where they were coming from. How long do I need to wait before cleaning them up? What do I need to do to clean the counters? Is dish soap and water good to clean it up completely?

  15. I am using the Terro ant baits now. These little ants are so tenacious! I just have a question. If the bait appears full do I replace it with a new one.? Will the ants leave or are they dead in the trap? Thank you in advanced!

  16. Will Terro Aunt Baits still do their job if I Clean up the dead ants while the bait is still working to kill more ants?

  17. How do I know when to replace the liquid bait with a new one? I set it out yesterday morning and they swarmed, but then disappeared after about 5 hours. I see handful today in that room but not near the bait. Since it’s clear gel it’s hard to tell if it’s already gone within a day. What do you suggest?

  18. Can I use the Terro Ant Bait Stakes in a raised bed vegetable garden

  19. Hi…there are 4 side holes to a bait..why are the grease ants only on 1 hole..they are on top of bait.
    on the sides..will they ever go inside…2 went in but came out quickly….baits are on each side of my kitchen faucet..there were ants in sink between top of the tub and counter top..

  20. I have Terro Liquid Ant bait traps that took care of the problem, and now I need to dispose of the opened traps that still have bait in them. Can they be thrown in the regular trash, or is t his considered household hazardous waste? Ingredients are Water, Sugar, Borax.

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