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How to Get Rid of Fire Ants: Effective Fire Ant Removal Methods

Pests form an essential part of the ecosystem, but at times, they pose a significant threat to many people’s way of living.

Fire ants are effective outside as they feed on other insects. They are essential when the pests they feed on are the harmful lots that work tirelessly to deny you a bountiful harvest. However, when close to your home, oils and sugars may quickly draw them into the house.

Best Fire Ant Treatment


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Their stings gave them the name “fire ants,” and I know they aren’t much of the friendly lot you want to be frequently visiting. Their harmful effects have compelled me to come up with a guide to educate you on how to get rid of fire ants in your yard with ease and what fire ant killers to use.

Reviewing the Best Way to Get Rid of Fire Ants

fire ant mount

If you are wondering how to kill fire ants outside, here are multiple ways of dealing with these, at times, disturbing bugs. The methods vary in efficiency, cost, and ease of applicability. Analyzing the different techniques accessible will enable you to pick the most suitable one that meets your needs. But before that, let’s get familiar with fire ants.

What Are Fire Ants and How Do They Look?

Fire ants are known for their dull red body and the painful stings they inflict. They are six-legged and have a pair of antenna. They likewise have a stinger. Fire ants have a segmented body that takes an oval shape. They are common in the southern part of the U.S. They nest in the soil in open grounds or near buildings.

fire ant close look


Do Fire Ants Sting or Bite?

Many people refer fire ants as insects that bite human beings, but that’s not the case. A fire ant stings instead. The stings are painful, and the effect is more severe to those allergic to animal “bites.”

But, what would prompt the pests to attack you?

Many people get the wrath of these small creatures when they accidentally or intentionally disturb them in their hives. Fire ants live in large numbers, and interfering with the nest will leave you nursing multiple stings.

What Other Damage Do Fire Ants Cause?

From invading plantations and grass, fire ants can cause more harm than good. When they live near a building, they can easily attack during the rainy seasons and end up seriously injuring children and the elderly. Nevertheless, that is not all. Fire ants have been known to make their mounds, which end up damaging mowing equipment.

Besides that, they are easily drawn by electric currents, and they end up making a nest in switches. By doing so, they easily lead to short-circuiting, which in turn leads to fire break out. They significantly damage telephone lines and transformers. Thus, fire ant control is crucial.

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants Permanently – Four of the Best Methods

When analyzing the best options when it came to getting rid of fire ants, I found baits and insecticides to be the most efficient method. The use of slow baits makes it possible to infect a large number of ants, including the queen, thus perfectly taming their reproduction. The option, however, takes a while to work, but when it does, the problem is solved once and for all.

Sprays, traps, and natural remedies are less effective but also an option to consider given their diversified use. The main con on these methods is that you won’t be in a position to stop their breeding, and thus, the problem will bounce back after a while.

How to Get Rid of Fire Ant Hills Using Insecticides

killing fire ant hills with insecticide

A known trait in insecticides is their speed of action as they suit killing fire ants instantly. The only problem is you do not get a chance to suppress the colony since it is hard for insecticides to reach the ants’ breeding core.

All in all, if you are wondering how to get rid of fire ants in the house, insecticides should be the first option to consider. You will be required to drain the treat deep the mound to ensure it hits the central target that is the queen. Fairly, when taking such a step, it is wise to put on protective clothing to prevent the “guarding” fire ants from getting the best of you.

However, using the item over a long period and killing the visible ants will work as a driving force as the rest may be compelled to look for sanctuary elsewhere. Most liquid insecticides contain Fiprinol and Pyrethroids. The only challenge is the way their effect doesn’t last for long. They are likewise easily washed away by rain.

Check my review of the best fire ant killers.

How to Kill Fire Ants – Dusts Application

Dust insecticides have almost a similar composition as liquid insecticides. They, however, edge over liquid insecticides as they have a longer-lasting effect. When eliminating ants, look for those dust sprays that are waterproof.

This will enable you to use the item in almost all settings, including outdoor. It will also not get washed away as a result of rain. You can cover the nest with the dust because that’s how to kill fire ant mounds swiftly. Besides killing, it acts as an insect repellent with an 8-month lasting effect.

The products are perfect to use on many insects, thus offering a solution on how to get rid of red ants. They contain Fipronil and Pyrethroids as the main ingredients. They are a better choice but require use with bait for a complete fire ant extermination.

How to Kill Fire Ants – Use of Baits

The method’s efficiency in fire ants eradication is unmatched. It suppresses the whole colony though you need to be a bit patient with the results. It is likewise the best way to kill fire ants, as it surpasses the use of dust and insecticides in many cases. Here you place significant chunks of bait in areas easily accessible by ants.

When in contact, ants bite and carry a chunk into their hives, making them the most effective vessel for poison distribution. This enables the bait to reach the nest’s deepest places inhabited by the queen. Attack the queen, destroy the ant colony! That makes the method work like a charm.

It takes 3 to 7 days for the ants to die, but the effect starts close to 48 hours upon contact with the poison. The item’s packaging ensures pets and children cannot access this toxic fire ant solution. It suits use on all insects.

For this fire ant killing technique to work ideally, make sure you keep changing the bait regularly. Besides that, the most important ingredient to look for in baits is Borax and Indoxacarb. Though the toxicity of these two is high, they are likewise highly effective.

There are a few tips to consider for optimal results when using baits. First, you need to apply the treat when the ants’ activity is high. This is so when its fairy sunny and not during the rainy seasons.

How to Keep Fire Ants Away – A Natural Approach

Though they are the least effective, people insist on using natural means even though they ideally fit repelling ants. Peppermint is among the known solution that keeps fire ants away from your home. Lemon juice and vinegar are likewise standard homemade fire ant solutions. Cinnamon is known for killing fire ants. The scent is strong such that when ants inhale it, they suffocate and die. The product is versatile and also provides a solution on how to kill red ants.

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Closing Remarks

Having gone through some of the best ways of exterminating fire ants, I hope you are now in a position to find the route to follow for optimal results. Fire ant removal methods differ in efficiency and speed of execution.

The most efficient method, though it takes some time to materialize, is the use of baits. When applying the process, patience is the key. It is advised against killing the insects that get into contact with the poison immediately, as this leads to an incomplete circulation of the poison in the colony.

This means that you need to refrain from applying insecticides and dust spray when you already have baits in place. Remember, the products are incredibly toxic and thus need to be carefully used. The case on the item is utterly made to prevent dogs and kids from contact.

Having highlighted the main active ingredients to look for in the best fire ant killers, I leave you to take the proper action on these attacking creatures. But before that, what’s your experience with fire ants control and eradication? Has any of the methods above worked for you? Kindly share with me your experience as it is of utmost importance.

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