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Pest Control Hacks Essay Scholarship Contest

Bringing the idea of improving the world through education, Pest Control Hacks online platform announces a contest. The winner will get $1000 scholarship for education.

Are you a US student and have entomology topics in the sphere of your scientific or common interests? Then try your hand in the educational contest from Pest Control Hacks.

What are the contest terms and conditions?

Pest Control Hacks offers you to participate in the contest for the best-written essay. We’ve prepared two themes both connected with entomology and pest control studies, so that you can choose one of them for your essay. These are:

  1. “The day from the life of an insect.”

Here you need to select any of the existing insects species and describe 24 hours of its life. You can as well portray a life of an insect no more existing if you have enough scientific basis for this.

  1. “Urban pests: today and hundreds of years ago.”

Here you have a freedom to select any of the existing insects species or write about pests in common. In the first case, you need to describe how this species transformed for the certain period (at least 100 years need to be considered in your survey.) If you want to write about pests in common, track the change of their ecosystem for the past hundred (or hundreds) of years.

Most common pests you can choose as a topic for your essay:

When the topic for your essay is selected, please rely on the following requirements to write it:

  • The essay needs to be at least 500 words.
  • Unique content and clear structure.
  • The manner of writing is unofficial.
  • You may write your essay using fiction or science fiction style.
  • Your essay has to be reinforced with scientific facts and nature-study observations.
  • Using your own experience, research, and experiments are desirable.
  • Complementing your essay with pictures and drawings is highly preferable.
  • Referencing the used sources is obligatory.

Please take note, that the Pests Control Hacks won’t consider essays that do not correspond to the above terms and have the signs of plagiarism.

* Keep in mind, the definition of the term “essay,” when applying for the contest.

Are you eligible for participation?

In order to take part in the essay contest from Pests Control Hacks you must be:

  • A student of any degree and specialization; an applicant of any U.S. college or university; a high school student.
  • At least 17 years old.
  • A citizen of the US or a student with any citizenship studying in the US.

How to apply?

To apply for the Pests Control Hacks essay contest the participant needs to provide:

  • A written essay that corresponds to the terms and conditions of the contest.
  • A brief motivation letter with your personal data (Name, First Name, Current Address, E-Mail or Phone Number, Name of the College or University You Already Attend or Planning to Study in) and a few words why you’ve chosen a particular essay topic and what’s your interest in entomology and pests control study.
  • Send your contest essay with a brief letter attached to our e-mail:

Take note, that we respect your privacy and will not use your personal data for commercial or any other use. To know more about our position regarding this question, attend our Privacy Policy page.

What is the deadline for application?

The deadline for submitting is 16 November 2019. All the scholarship applications that will be sent after 11:59 PM (DST) 16 November 2019 won’t be considered for the contest.

How will we select a winner?

We will select the winner by the accordance of his essay to all the named above criteria. We will also take into account the original performance, the uniqueness of thoughts expressed and research done, the completeness of the topic, and the depth of immersion into a question.

We will announce the winner on 1 December 2019 and send our congratulations letter to their e-mail.

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