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How to Get Rid of Birds: Complete Bird Control & Prevention Guide

Although we all admire the beauty of various bird species, and many people cannot even imagine the need to make these amazing creatures disappear from your yard and garden, they can be a real menace. Here, I am going to tell you how to get rid of unwanted birds near your house.

As a professional entomologist, I have witnessed numerous troubles caused by lovely tiny birds. This is why it is important to talk about the measures you have to implement to save your crops or simply have a rest from the pests. Let’s start by learning everything about the noisy hindrance.

How to Get Rid of Birds
  1. Plug all the holes in the walls.
  2. Remove all bird feeders.
  3. Remove the most obvious spots for their nests.
  4. Cut off all resources of their food.
  5. Cut the access to the water.
  6. Install the spikes on the surface.
  7. Use organic and chemical repellents.
  8. Use ultrasonic repellents, baits, physical barriers.

A Detailed Guide and FAQ on Bird Control

Flock of birds

Birds are an equally important part of nature as well as other animals. I am not talking here about killing birds, the aim is just to scare them away. These feathery creatures are more ancient than human beings, and take their origin from dinosaurs.

Birds live on all the continents, and there are millions of bird species that are already recognized by scientists. I will discuss only the most common spread birds in the US, which can become a danger to your yard and plants.

The Most Common Bird Species

Most of the birds that we see around the country are registered and protected by the officials, including the Endangered Species Act. However, there are three types of birds that were officially identified as pests and do not have federal protection.

None of them are American natives and are not hunted by predators, which means that their population is constantly growing. While the numbers are rising, these birds may transmit various illnesses and ruin the harvest.

So, if you are looking for how to get rid of birds in the yard, you may have in mind these particular species:

Pigeons or Rock Doves


They are the largest of so-called “flying pests”. Feral pigeons can live peacefully in both urban and rural areas. On farms, they feed on plants and grain mills. Pigeons in cities survive on human food. Usually, they are dependent on humans and do not go far from them. These pests can carry various disease, as wells as ticks, lice, and fleas, so it is better to avoid touching them.

House Sparrows

house sparrow

They are small and look incredibly cute. Sparrows are active during the year. They eat grains and can become a real problem for farmers. Sparrows are incredibly quick, and their tiny dimensions allow them to get into various barns being unnoticed. You may recognize them by their loud chirping.

Their population grows extremely fast. Sparrows’ nests are usually hard to get, mainly because they build them on electric wires or under roofs. These lovely birds can spread over 20 various illnesses, including West Nile among them.

European Starlings

european starling

Well, they are gorgeous creatures, we all have to admit. They have incredible colorful feathers and a beautiful voice. They prefer to live in numerous flocks and attack fields altogether.

If they pick a target, you may say goodbye to the crops at once. These birds live in rural and urban areas. They may transmit encephalitis, as well as histoplasmosis.



I put them on the list as they can mess around your field as well. They are not considered as pests, but they are still pesky. Robins prefer fruit gardens to crops. They can eat warms as well as various fruits.

Robins have a great voice and sing lovely. It is up to you whether you want to scare them away. They are used to people and stay near them just like pigeons.

The Dangers Brought by Birds

starling with cherry

It is ok to be fascinated by birds, to feed them during cold seasons of the year, and to have one or few as pets. I am not talking about these cases.

Birds are amazing, and even for me, it is hard to admit that sometimes you have to get rid of birds around your house. They are a way different from other pests. I doubt there is a person organizing cockroach or lice watching, while we have dedicated birdwatchers across the world.

If you don’t know why you have to make birds go away, let’s enumerate the reasons:

  • Completely destroyed gardens and fields. You may lose the harvest.
  • Lice, fleas, and ticks may live inside birds’ feathers.
  • They can poison the food you are planning to eat.
  • Birds carry and transmit salmonella, toxoplasmosis, encephalitis, cryptococcosis, West Nile virus, histoplasmosis, encephalitis.

birds in nest

The Signs that Your Household Is Infested by Birds

Birds are not ticks, and they are actually easy to notice. Besides, you may always check out for traces they left on your window sills or different other surfaces. The clues are obvious enough. Your main actions are:

  • Start with your own house. Check out the attic as birds will definitely prefer it over your yard during the cold season of the year.
  • Pigeons can make their nests in dry places rarely visited by people. Anyway, you will probably hear weird noises from the attic, like the sound of wings, and so on.
  • Take a good look at whether the house or the barn have holes in the walls.
  • Examine the crops on the field. There may definitely be signs if they were eaten by birds.
  • Check out fruits and veggies. You will see bites on fruits.

Proper Ways to Get Rid of Birds

Birds Control

There are numerous ways to remove birds from house and yard without killing or poisoning them. I don’t recommend you to harm them. Here are my best suggestions for you:

  • Plug all the holes in the walls. You need to start with this. If you skip this step, birds will continue to fly and nestle around the house. Sparrows are tiny and can get inside through the ¾ inch gap.
  • Remove all bird feeders. It sounds the only obvious thing to do, but weirdly, many people still keep them, wondering where all the birds are coming from. If you want to get rid of birds in the garden or the house, you have to stop feeding them.
  • If it is possible, remove the ledges and pipes where the birds nestle. If it is not possible, try to use various devices to make their dwelling on those pipes really inconvenient. Sticky glue and spikes are the most widespread and helpful tools for this case.
  • Cut off all resources of their food. Birds are really not picky when it comes to the food and the place where they receive it. After you remove the bird feeders, don’t forget to clean all your garbage, and make sure birds do not have access to it.
  • Cut the access to the water. Birds need to drink, and if you have stale water somewhere, they will drink it;
  • If you can, remove the most obvious spots for their nests. I don’t suggest you cut all branches, but you may at least take care of the dead one. If there are tree branches attached to your house, I recommend you to get rid of them immediately. Don’t let them make nests if you are wondering how to deter birds.
  • Shut down all entryways for them. If your doors are rarely closed or contain small spaces in-between, you may expect small birds to nestle there.

Here are the most popular measures on how to get rid of pesky birds:


They can be made of metal or plastic. Their main purpose is to prevent birds from sitting on the specific surfaces or nestling there. They can be listed among the things to scare birds away. You can put them anywhere, including gutters and ledges, or the roof.

Birds away

Organic and Chemical Repellents

There are two ways of how to repel birds: the liquid and gel forms of a product. They emit the odor unpleasant for birds. You can apply these repellents on the same surfaces as spikes.

Organic repellents are safe to use even on plants. Check out whether these products are natural or chemical. Use mothballs and birds will probably get poisoned so be careful with that.


You will find a set of small mirrors among the products I describe below. You may check out for bright dream catchers or even lights. The birds will be extremely confused seeing the vivid colors or shiny things. They will be afraid to come closer. This is one of the most effective ways on how to scare birds.

Ultrasonic Deterrents

You can use these deterrents together with decoys for the best results. Deterrents are tiny boxes that are broadcasting various sounds of predators that birds are afraid of. You can either buy them or make them by yourself. Before you use this tool, make sure you know the exact species of birds you want to scare away, so you can use noises of specific predators.


Make no mistake, decoys are not the permanent solution to your problem, and you may need to change them. However, they are eco-friendly, safe for kids, and don’t do any harm to birds.

Flying pests are incredibly smart, and they know how their enemies look like, yet birds don’t have enough courage to fly closer and check whether a scarecrow is real or not. Below, I recommend the owl that is spinning her head, which is way more effective.

Physical Barriers

If you are able to cover your plants with some type of nets, it would be a perfect way to protect your harvest. You don’t have to build a glasshouse to protect your veggies. Use nets from plastic or fabric. This way the sun rays will still reach the plants, and they will be hidden from birds.

Getting Rid of Birds in the Yard

scarecrow from disks

If you don’t want to adopt a dog who will scare away backyard birding for you, you can still protect your yard. It is harder than applying safety measures to your home, as you can’t always stay outside to check out the results. However, it is possible. Follow my tips:

  • Scare them away. Birds can easily be scared. This is why the classic good old scarecrow is always a good idea for the fields of crop. You can place shiny objects on the scarecrow to make it even scarier.
  • Decoys. Plastic or wooden dolls may be helpful in your yard. However, I recommend using more advanced technologies, which I will mention on the list of my favorite products. Change their accommodations to show birds that they are watched.
  • Water deterrents. While birds love water, they don’t love to be sprayed with it right in the head. Have you ever noticed how birds prefer to stay away from sprinklers? You can buy a motion-activated system for your yard;
  • Turn on ultrasonic deterrents. You can do it from the house, just make sure that they can be heard from the street. Don’t use wild noises if your neighbors have certain complaints.
  • Hang shiny distractions on the roof and trees. Birds will not come close to them.

Best-5 Bird Control Remedies

I have gathered this list of my favorite products that will help you with your birds’ problem. All of them can be used separately, as well as together. Check out detailed descriptions and recommendations.

1. Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit – an Affordable Tool for Scaring Off Birds


  • Material: AStainless/Poly
  • Number of Pieces: 100
  • Thread Size: 1-1/2″-12
  • Item Weight: 1.28 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 5 inches


Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit by Bird-X is a working device that will help you to get rid of birds and forget about the problem. This product covers the 10-feet area, and I suggest you use it on eaves and window sills if you need it. These spikes can be attached to private houses and public institutions. They are safe, don’t contain any chemicals, and can be used permanently.

Bird-X offers you numerous human pest and bird control measures. It has been a leader on the market for 50 years. This American company has developed a flexible and convenient way to get rid of birds. There is a plastic base, which allows you to change the directory of spikes if you need it. The stainless steel of a high-quality will not be damaged by weather conditions.

  • safe for your family;
  • high-quality materials;
  • covers 10-feet area;
  • easy to attach to the surface;
  • flexible plastic.
  • it is less cheap than similar products on the market.

2. Chephon Upgraded Bird Repellent Discs Set – Best Destruction to Keep Birds Away from House


  • Contents: 24 Mirrored Discs, 24 Easy Rings, 8 Rotating Swivels, 8 Hooks, Instructions
  • Work Clevetly: Scare birds away without anyhharm to them
  • Item Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 1.5 inches
  • Target Species: Birds

Upgraded Bird Repellent Discs Set by Chephon includes 3 double-sided mirrored disks. Hang them close to the roof or near your crops to prevent birds from getting close. You can even hang them inside the house, in the attic. This repellent is completely safe for humans and animals. The product scares away birds like pigeons, geese, sparrows, and woodpeckers.

Chephon is a top-seller on the market. This time, it offers an eco-friendly solution for birds’ problems. These mirrors look lovely and can be a great decoration for your house and yard. Both sides of each disk are shiny and reflective. Even if the wind will twist these disks, birds still will not dare to come closer.

  • three disks inside the pack;;
  • two-sided mirrors;
  • can be used inside and outside the house;
  • easy to attach to the surface;
  • great design.
  • you have to decide where and how to attach them on your own.

3. Gardener 784672887786 Dalen RHO4 Rotating Head Owl – One of the Natural Ways to Get Rid of Birds


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Brown/White
  • Work Clevetly: Scare birds away without anyhharm to them
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 7.2 x 18 inches

Rotating Head Owl

The 784672887786 Dalen RHO4 Rotating Head Owl by Gardener is one of the most unique decoys I have ever seen. It has an automatically rotating head, which creates the feeling that the owl is alive. The product is extremely realistic, and you may put it close to the territory that you want to protect from birds.

Since an owl is a natural predator, multiple species of birds will not dare to come closer to it. Gardener produces numerous tools and helpful devices for gardens. This owl is an exquisite item among them. It is totally safe for children, and you can place it even at home or use the item as the yard’s decoration.

  • effective against birds;
  • scares away different types of birds;
  • looks stylish;
  • does not contain chemicals;
  • affordable price.
  • it is better to use this owl with other remedies for better effect.

4. Bird-X BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller Version – the Best Way to Get Rid of Birds Outside


  • Color: Green
  • Is Electric: Yes
  • Item Weight: 3 Pounds 
  • Item Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 8.5 inches
  • Target Species: Birds

 BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller Version

BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller Version from Bird-X is a powerful device that emits sounds of predators to scare away all the birds around. This tool requires the power of 110v. You may control the volume of the sounds. The sound wave covers 1 acre of the land.

There are customizable settings inside, which you can change as much as you want. The recorded noises in the repeller scare away sparrows, pigeons, gulls, and starlings. Bird-X is a well-known American producer of bird and pests humane traps and repellents. You can easily install this deterrent by yourself.

    • a powerful tool against birds;
    • scares away seagulls, except other bird species;
  • family-friendly;
  • covers 1 acre of land;
  • customizable settings.
  • the item requires 110v power.

5. Bird-X Bird-Proof Gel Bird Repellent – a Working Tool to Prevent Birds from Building Nests


  • Active Ingredient: Polybutylene
  • Application Type: Gel
  • Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 10 inches
  • Target Species: Birds

Bird-Proof Gel Bird Repellent by Bird-X is an easy-to-apply gel that will scare away birds from your eaves and crops. There are non-toxic compounds in the repellent, which do not cause any harm to people and animals. One pack includes 3 tubes. To take into account, 12 tubes of this gel cover 125 linear feet distance.

Bird-X offers this product as a preventive measure as well. Birds will not nestle near the area covered with this gel. Due to the comfortable pack, it is simple to apply it, while putting it even in almost unreachable places.

  • an affordable price;
  • a savvy pack;
  • non-toxic ingredients;
  • easy to apply.
  • you have to climb close to the eaves to apply the gel.

How to Get Birds Out of Your Attic

The first thing you need to do is to clean your attic, and get rid of nests if there are some. You have to plug the holes in the walls or in the roof if you have some. Also, you need to ensure that windows on the attic are closed, and no birds can fly through.

Birds Prevention Tips

Here is my top advice for you if you want to prevent the problems with pigeons or other beautiful birds:

  • Keep your house and yard clean.
  • Cut old branches down. If there are trees that are no longer alive, you have to chop them down as well.
  • Surround your field with decoys, scarecrows, or bird deterrents.
  • Plug all the holes inside the walls.
  • Don’t let the doors and windows open while you are away.

How to Get Rid of a Bird’s Nest?

How to Get Rid of a Bird’s Nest

After you found the nest, don’t rush to touch it. The first thing you need to do is to check out whether there are any eggs or baby birds. If the nest is empty, you can toss it into the trash.

Don’t forget to remove all the materials for another nest, or this animal pest will be able to recreate one more place to live, right after you threw away the previous one. After that, clean this area with the water and bleach or your favorite cleaning tools.

How to Stop Birds Nesting in Eaves?

I recommend you to use the same devices I have already described. Hang the shiny destructions across the roof or put spikes and glue on the eaves. I also advise you to make sure that there is no food or water for the pigeons in a close reach.

They have chosen this place because of some reason, so find this attraction and get rid of it. Apply the repellent on the surface of the eaves. If there is a nest, get rid of it immediately.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Without Hurting Them?

I have mentioned numerous ways on how to get rid of birds without killing them. If you don’t want to cause them pain, you can simply try to scare them away, using visuals, like scarecrows, decoys, shiny objects, odors, like repellents and glues with the strong unpleasant smell for birds, or sounds, like ultrasonic deterrents.

What Are Smells That Repel Birds?

mint in the yard

Besides the smell of predators, many birds don’t like the smell of:

  • Garlic;
  • Cayenne and chili pepper;
  • Peppermint oil.

You may find oils of these plants in every shop or drug store. You can also order them online. If you have these plants in your yard, I suggest you plant them close to the place where you have noticed birds.

Which Product to Choose

I am a little bit biased when it comes to birds, to be honest. I don’t want to kill them or make them hurt. This is why I have gathered only the humane repellents, deterrents, and decoys here. I believe they can all be used at the same time, especially if you have your garden or field to look after. This is why I suggest you check out all the pros and cons of each product before you decide which one you need.

After you try it, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. I am also eager to know your personal story of struggle with birds.

Which kind of birds was bothering you? How have you dealt with this problem?


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