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Best Ultrasonic Bird Repellers in 2024: Expert Reviews

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Birds individually can be considered pretty cute creatures, but when their number grows and exceeds units, this can pose a serious threat to your property. Crowned sparrows, robins, and fitch will most likely damage your vegetable crops by eating them fresh or nibbling tiny sprouts before they start to fruit.

But the main threat of your property is not the birds themselves but the products of their life – bird droppings. Especially pigeon droppings are very acidic in nature and can eat away almost every surface. So your solar panels, car’s paint, and house roof may get damaged easily.

When you try to clean bird droppings out, you are even at greater risk; since they carry a lot of serious diseases, and can cause you to have Histoplasmosis, Psittacosis, or Cryptococcosis. Considering the risks, it’s much better to prevent the problem, which is possible only by repelling the birds away from your property, and here I will tell you how to do that in the most effective way.

Top 5 Best Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

  1. Bird-X – BXP-PRO2 BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller – Top Pick
  2. Bird-X Balcony Gard Bird Repeller
  3. Garden Secrets Animal Repellent
  4. Bird-X Yard Gard Animal Repeller
  5. Wikomo Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Solar Powered Waterproof Outdoor

To help you with the right choice, I decided to give here a small review on the best bird repellent devices.

1. BirdXPeller Pro – Best Electronic Bird Repeller


  • Color: Green
  • Is Electric: Yes
  • Item Weight: 3 Pounds 
  • Item Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 8.5 inches
  • Target Species: Birds

This effective audible bird deterrent is able to protect equipment and buildings from corroding bird droppings and prevent bird infestation on the territory of up to 1 acre. BirdXPeller Pro is a completely programmable product where you can tune and control sound, volume and timing options. For your convenience, it can work both from solar energy and batteries.

Bird-X - BXP-PRO2 BirdXPeller Pro Electronic Bird Repeller Version 2

How it works: This sonic bird repellent device emits different sounds that distress, frighten and completely disorient pest birds. It works with the help of recorded natural voices of birds and predator’s calls. This electronic deterrent warns birds of emergency in a natural way, so sparrows, pigeons, starlings and gulls will stay far away from your property.

Huge action radius and complete water resistance make this product a perfect solution for public parks, farms, warehouses, corporate grounds, manufacturing plants, parking garages, loading docks and others.

Bird-X has been the leader in manufacturing high-quality bird and pest control products for more than 50 years, this way electronic repeller provides mountain hardware and consultation, which will make even the installation an easy process.

  • effective in repelling birds in a humane way;
  • fully programmable;
  • works both from batteries and solar panels;
  • covers up to 1 acre of territory.
  • deterrents birds only, doesn’t affect other pests or animals.

2. Wikomo Ultrasonic Bird Scarer (Currently Unavailable, Try Bird-X Balcony Gard instead)


  • Sound Pressure: 90 dB at 1 meter
  • Coverage: up to 900 sq.ft.
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.25 x 5.4 inches
  • Target Species: Birds

The effectiveness of this product is based on the triple influence that this small device can produce to deterrent birds. It creates ultrasonic waves, gives the audible sound like an alarm from the two speakers and deterrents birds with flashing LED light.

So, if for some reason, the first option of ultrasound is not enough to give the desired result – the second and the third functions will definitely scare pests away.

Bird-X Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Wikomo created the device not only as a bird scarer, this product perfectly fights animals that invade your territory, so it has a deterrent effect on rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, skunks and deer. Works most effectively on the distance of 32 feet. But thanks to the wide-angle of influence (180 degrees), this pest repellent covers up to 5000 square feet territory.

This product can be charged by USB-cable, but for convenience, Wikomo added solar panels on the top of the device, so you can easily charge it on sunny days with no need to connect to the power supply.

In 2019 the company created the new unique design for their animal repeller. So now this bird scarer will also become a perfect decoration for your garden in its owl shape look.

  • effective to repel animals and birds;
  • can be charged by solar energy;
  • waterproof;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • nice design.
  • the audible sound might be noisy.

3. Garden Secrets Animal Repellent – Best Ultrasonic Bird Repeller


  • Color: Green
  • Coverage: about 550 sq.ft.
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Item Weight: 1.05 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 4.1 x 3.1 x 5.5 inches
  • Target Species: Armadillo, Mouse, Bat, Rat, Cat, Birds, Raccoon, Coyote, Skunk

If you are tired of using different traps or hazardous chemicals to keep your backyard or garden free from birds – this compact ultrasonic device will leave all those troubles in the past.

You don’t need special talents to install it since all you need to do is just to hang it on the wall or stick into the ground – and simply enjoy your territory as now it is free from any unwanted animal-guests!

How it works: This little device creates an ultrasound on frequencies completely unpleasant for animals, so they will just leave the territory, and new pests will be repelled. People can detect sound waves on frequencies up to 19 kHz, while this system creates waves at 24kHz, so Garden Secrets Animal repellent will stay completely quiet and undetected for your ears.

GARDEN SECRETS Compact Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

But powerful ultrasound will make all pests leave your territory in a period from 2 to 3 weeks. You will see the changes immediately after the installation.

So less than in a month after this ultrasonic device will settle in your area, it will make it free not only from birds but from other unwanted animals like mice, rats, bats, raccoons, rodents, armadillos, skunks, deers and bears.

In this device Garden Secrets created three ways of deterrence:

  1. Ultrasound (with several modes)
  2. LED
  3. Alarm

So you can choose any option that you find suitable in your situation.

Besides that, Garden Secrets deterrent has several other advantages that make it indispensable in your favorite territory:

  • it has a powerful solar panel, so you don’t have to charge the batteries all the time or look for a source of power;
  • covers a wide area (up to 60 square meters);
  • can stay in the open air even under light rain;
  • absolutely safe for your family, plants and even animals.
  • powerful deterrent;
  • 100% toxins free;
  • solar charging;
  • low maintenance;
  • 1-year full warranty.
  • in heavy rains, you need to hide it inside.

4. Best Solar Powered Bird Repeller by Zovenchi (Currently Unavailable, try Bird-X Yard Gard instead)


  • Color: Green
  • Is Electric: Yes
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.25 x 5.4 inches
  • Target Species: Armadillo, Mouse, Bat, Rat, Cat, Rabbit, Birds, Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk

You can install this small device at any place in your garden and not worry about the connection to the power outlet. There are solar panels built on the top of Zovenchi animal deterrent, so the device will be fully charged just by standing outside on a sunny day.

Actually, even in rainy weather, you don’t have to worry about this little garden device because the construction of it is water-resistant, rustless and windproof.

Bird-X Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller

How it works: Pest repeller is activated by a motion sensor. It means that when a bird or any other animal will appear in the protection range of this device, the PIR sensor fixates that and the unit starts to emit ultrasound waves at frequencies not audible to people, but unpleasant to animals. Together with that, the flashing red light will be turned on, thus, it perfectly deterrent pests away.

This portable, easy-to-install, eco-friendly and cost-effective device by Zovenchi might become the best solution to keep your garden or backyard free from birds or other unwanted animal guests.

  • deterrents birds and animals;
  • can be charged by solar energy;
  • easy to install;
  • rustles and waterproof.
  • if pests don’t move – it won’t be activated.

5. Ultrasonic Bird Deterrent from Cleanrth TSBR620 Super Advanced


  • Color: Green
  • Coverage: 1200 sq.ft.
  • Batteries: ‎ 4 D batteries required
  • Item Weight: 12.1 Ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 4.25 x 6 x 6.5 inches
  • Target Species: Bird

This bird repeller emits adjustable sonic and ultrasonic waves that can cover up to 12 000 square feet of territory. This product is equipped with powerful LED strobe lights and high intensity sonic & ultrasonic speakers. Such combination helps to repel birds even before they get to your territory. It’s possible due to the triple scan technology sensor detecting birds 115 feet away.

Cleanrth TSBR620 Super Advanced Sonic Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

For easy use there are three adjustable modes of the device:

  • always on ( the repeller working non-stop creating bird repulsing sounds);
  • detection mode (starts deterring only when a bird intrudes the problem area);
  • always off (in case you don’t need the repelling function for some period).

An additional convenient feature of this ultrasonic pigeon repeller is that you can control the sensitivity of the infrared sensor. If you regulate the slide to the low setting, the infrared signal won’t be transmitted to its maximum range but will use less battery of the device.

You can charge this bird repeller by plugging in, for this purpose, Cleanrth provides a 38-foot long power cord coming with this device.

  • repels with audible sound and ultrasonic waves;
  • detects birds at long range;
  • 1 year money-back guarantee.
  • needs a source or power of rechargeable batteries.

What You Might Need to Know About Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

What You Might Need to Know About Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

When you are planning to buy a bird repellent, it’s not enough only to know if it’s effective or not in scaring birds away. There are several features to which you have to pay attention when choosing the best repellent for your goal, specifically:

  • deterrent technology (if the device creates a repelling function with ultrasonic or sonic waves, flashing lights);
  • pests covered (check if the repeller works on birds only, or it can be used for getting rid of other pests as well);
  • construction (since it’s mostly an outdoor device, you need to understand if it’s protected enough);
  • power (solar-powered bird repellers are more economical and convenient in use);
  • price and warranty.


Do Ultrasonic Bird Repellers Work

Do Ultrasonic Bird Repellers Work?

Yes, they work, and it’s the most eco-friendly and quiet helper in terms of getting rid of the pests on your territory. It doesn’t kill birds, but just deterrent them with the help of the sound. Birds are afraid of the noisy sound, so bird repellers create special powerful sounds at the frequency that human ears can’t detect.

This way such devices will stay quiet for you, but scaring for the birds and other pest animals. Anti bird devices are usually also equipped with the LED flashing strobe lights; this provides additional deterrent function discouraging birds even from landing on your property.

Are Ultrasonic Bird Repellers Dangerous for Pets?

No, ultrasonic devices for pigeons and other birds are not harmful or dangerous for pets, although dogs and cats can hear the ultrasonic waves. Our pets have very sensitive hearing, so they can hear noises that are not audible for you.

The main difference between wild animals and our beloved pets is that our four-legged friends have learned how to live in an environment full of ultrasonic waves. A lot of our home objects and devices can produce ultrasonic sound. Maybe you even noticed some differences in your dog’s behavior when you turn on your ultrasonic hair humidifier?

Ultrasonic waves might be annoying for your pets and make them keep their distance from that object. But the more often animals hear the ultrasonic sound – the faster they learn how to adjust to its frequency, so our pets learn how to “cooperate” with ultrasound. That is why ultrasonic waves are not so annoying and irritating for our furry companions as they are for wild animals and birds.

But not to put your pet’s comfort under a risk, I recommend placing ultrasonic bird repellers far from the area frequently visited by your dog.

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Where Should I Place Ultrasonic Bird Repeller to Scare Birds?

The most annoying sounds for birds are undulating types of noises like European police sirens. If you want to create the most effective protection from pesky birds, you can get 2 bird repellers and place each of them against a wall or big tree trunk.

It will help to bounce waves back into the open area, so when birds fly into the territory – they will be hit with different noises and light flashes from two different directions. That will create undulating noise and won’t allow birds to even stop for a moment on your territory.

Where Should I Place Ultrasonic Bird Repeller to Scare Birds

Most ultrasonic repellers are easy to install, some manufacturers say that you can simply stick the device into the ground. And it’s a really good idea if you want to deter small animal pests, but if your goal is to deter birds only – that might be a count-productive decision. Therefore, the choice of device’s location depends on your original goals.

Your Experience Reinforces Knowledge

There are many ultrasonic bird repeller reviews that describe these devices as the most eco-friendly and humane bird control products, and it’s really so. Many homeowners still use gel or paste deterrents to prevent birds from nesting in their properties.

But these chemicals are extremely harmful, apart from ruining the yard, they can also lead to bird’s death. While the ultrasonic devices just create bird deterrent sound that prevents birds from nesting on your property without any harm for them.

In this article, I tried to give you some ideas and help you to choose the best device for your needs. If you still have any questions – I will be glad to answer them or simply hear your thoughts regarding bird repellers.

Have you faced the problem of bird infestation? Did you try other ways to keep pests out of your territory? Your experience will be helpful, share some in the comments section!


  • A doctor ponders the dangers of bird poop, and more (Texas Medical Center):


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