How Long Can Fleas Live in an Empty House?

Fleas are the most bothersome type of parasite that can harm not only your pets but you as well. Small parasites usually live in pet’s fur or in hair, but an abscenes of these living conditions is not a problem for them – their larvae are super-resistant and can live without a carrier for a long time. The insects can belong to one of many species, but the methods of fighting them are the same. How long can fleas live in an empty house? Let’s figure it out.

Fleas Without a Host: Can They Survive?

Fleas transmit dangerous diseases (tularemia, typhoid, plague, etc.)When they are found, you should take immediate action to eradicate the colony.

  1. Fleas can leave without food around 2-3 month;
  2. The parasites usually hide in hardy-accessible places;
  3. The insects are easily killed by disinfectants and from straight physical influence.

How long do fleas live?

How long can a flea live? The parasite can survive up to three months without a carrier, so you can’t just wait elsewhere without the insects — you should start fighting the parasites right away.

Their bodies are adapted to living in unfavorable conditions and the absence of a food source. But they can’t go without food indefinitely, because they need fresh blood to reproduce and lay eggs.

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How long will fleas live in a house without pets? In reality, they can live for about 2 months without animals or humans. They are highly resistant to negative external factors. If you notice fleas in your home, contact a sanitation service to get rid of the parasites quickly.

Can fleas survive without a host?

Once firmly attached to its host, the insect feeds for eight hours and can live for up to three months. Fortunately, most adult fleas are capable of living without a host for no more than 10 days. However, some species live for up to a year in conditions of high humidity and temperature.

How do fleas survive in an empty house?

There is a common misconception that these parasites are constantly hiding in the fur of pets and will quickly die if deprived of this opportunity. Flea without its carrier can live for about 2 months. They are highly resistant to negative external factors. What do fleas eat to stay alive? Fleas cannot feed on anything but digested animal or human blood, so without a host, they feed on nothing.

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To make insect control as effective as possible and eliminate the problem quickly, it’s important to know which areas you need to pay more attention to. Fleas can move around the house, but they usually concentrate in the places where they are most comfortable. These are:

  • upholstered furniture, mattresses;
  • bed linens, towels;
  • carpets, mats (especially with natural pile), linoleum;
  • cracks in the floor, baseboards;
  • pet bedding;
  • household trash.

Can fleas survive without a host?

Let’s find out the lifespan of a flea without host. Life expectancy depends on the temperature, humidity, and habitat conditions of the adult, averaging 18 days to 3 months. During this time, the insect makes on average about one hundred bites on its victim.

In a lifetime, under ideal conditions, the female can lay up to five hundred eggs. No matter how comfortable the living conditions are, they often die from infections they spread, animals’ teeth, human hands, or from disinfectant. If you leave for a month or two, the parasites will not die, but calmly wait for your return…


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The most popular questions about fleas with answers:

Can dog fleas live on furniture?

Fleas feed on the blood of the host, so if they mistakenly get on the furniture, they will not stay there for long. Under unfavorable conditions, fleas can lay eggs on furniture, but they will not live there.

Can fleas die on their own?

In the absence of a host, fleas will not live more than three months. However, some species live up to a year in conditions of high humidity and temperature.

How long can flea eggs lay dormant?

Fleas usually lay eggs on the host, with 25 to 40 eggs per day. They are not attached in any way, so they fall on the ground, floor, carpet, and larvae hatch from them on days 2-10. Carpets and upholstery in the house are an ideal environment for their development.

Lifespan of Fleas

The parasites are highly resistant to adverse conditions. Fleas can live for several months without a host, so you should not put off fighting them for long.

Share your thoughts about the topic in the comments below. What species of fleas do you consider the most tenacious?

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