How to Get Rid of Fleas on Couch: Best Ideas for Everyone

If you want to know how to get rid of fleas on couch, you need to read the article first. Fleas are dangerous neighbors, and as soon as you notice them, you have to act fast. They bite people living in the house and can carry a wide range of dangerous diseases.

Despite the popular opinion that only pets can bring these pests home, you can do it yourself too. These creatures can definitely find their way to your home if they feel welcomed. Although some of them prefer to hide in the bed or rug, you may notice their traces on the couch.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Couch?

  • Remove all the pillows and blankets from the couch and wash them.
  • Vacuum the couch each day until you notice that fleas are gone.
  • Buy a flea fogger for severe cases.
  • Use spray against fleas. Here you will learn what to spray on furniture to kill fleas.
  • Make the flea traps to make sure that there are no fleas left.

Guide to the Fleas Infestation 101

Do you want to know how to treat furniture for fleas infestation? There are numerous ways to get rid of these nasty insects that ruin your peaceful life. If you have noticed the fleas hopping on the couch near you, there is no time to waste. The first thing you have to do is to make sure you have all the remedies you need. Read this detailed step-by-step instruction on what kills fleas on furniture and how to implement it.

Fleas infestation signs

Let’s start with the signs that your couch was infested by fleas and not any other bugs that look like fleas. Moreover, you have to make sure that the couch is infested and not the middle point between fleas and their real target. Here are the signs that you have fleas on your couch and in the house in general:

You witness constant scratching coming from your pets

Dogs and cats are the usual transmitters of fleas. They catch them outside and bring them home. If dogs or cats start to bite themselves, it means that something is not right. Pay attention to this sign since you can stop fleas from spreading before it turns bad. Your pets will quickly jump on the sofa and leave several fleas there. If you notice your pets are scratching, wash them with specific shampoos and wear collars on them.

Ankle bites on your legs

Although fleas attack pets first, if the infestation is severe or you don’t have pets at home, they will pick you as their main course. If there are fleas in your house, you may notice red or swollen parts on your ankles and possibly knees. These bites differ from others mainly by one puncture hole in the center of the bite, while spiders leave two, for example.

Flea dirt everywhere

Pay attention to small black or red-brown dots around the house and near the couch. It is the feces that fleas produce. These feces become reddish due to the digested blood. You may notice them by wiping the couch and nearby areas with a white paper towel. If you don’t see anything, you may need to spray the water there slightly, and you will see brown and red hues there if fleas are in your house.

Flea eggs

You may notice tiny white and small eggs. They usually hide these eggs in the carpet or other fabric, like sofa cushions and blankets. Check all these areas. To do this, you should wear gloves and run through the surfaces. If you can’t see anything, use the magnifying glass.

You literally see the fleas jumping on the couch. It means the infestation is severe. You need to act immediately if you don’t want to throw away the couch. Call pest control if you can’t get rid of fleas by yourself.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Couch: Easy Extermination Guide

Cat at sofa

You will see lots of products on the market against this problem. Fleas can be brought to your house in numerous ways, meaning nobody is 100 percent protected from them. You can even buy the remedy in advance and keep it in storage. The basic ways fleas get into the house:

  • They hop and hide in the fur of your pets;
  • You buy the second-hand carpet or furniture with them;
  • They jump on your sweater or any other clothes during the trip;
  • They can hide in your car or public transport system;
  • The mess in your house attracted them.

No matter the reason for fleas to feel welcomed in your house, you need to stop the infestation until it becomes a catastrophe. You have to follow the next simple rules. Sometimes it is better to use preventive measures and spend time inspecting your house than to deal with several generations of fleas.


Before you start the treatment, you need to make an inspection. If you are unsure where the fleas are jumping off, you need to find the spot. Apart from the hiding spot for adult species, you should find where they lay their eggs. Use white gloves or at least white paper towels to search for the traces. Objects you have to check in the first place:

  • Your own bed and all the bedding you have. Fleas like to hide among the fabric. They like to be close to the source of food too;
  • Cotton T-Shirts, sweaters, all your clothes;
  • Old furniture, including the shelves and cupboards;
  • Rugs;
  • Couch, pillows, and blankets on it.


Once you have found flea eggs on couch or notice adult fleas jumping there, you have to act. Here are the most popular treatments. Choose one or try several at the same time.


Vacuum your sofa and all the pillows on it first. Think of it as a preventive measure even if you have not found any traces of fleas. Vacuum it gently once a week. If you have noticed fleas there, you should vacuum the couch daily. Make sure you’ve removed all the cushions. Don’t bring them back until you get rid of the fleas.

flea check on dog

After you clean the surface, move the sofa from its spot and vacuum the floor under it. Don’t forget to wash the floors carefully. The most important part about cleaning is always cleaning the vacuum cleaner bag. If you have disposable bags, just throw them away immediately, and if the bag is washable, do it with hot water.

Wash all covers

If you can remove the cover, take it off and put it into the washing machine. Pay attention to the temperature. The gentle mode does not work. You need to wash it at hot temperatures and don’t forget to steam it later.

Larvae and eggs can’t stand hot water, and if you add soap to it, they will die for good. However, I strongly recommend not returning the covers, cushions, and blankets back until you get rid of all fleas on the couch.

Flea fogger

You may use a flea fogger to get rid of fleas on your couch as well as anywhere in your house. It is highly effective, and it brings immediate results. If these pests got into the fabrics of your furniture, you would not catch them all. You should use the fogger, so fleas could die at any life cycle stage, including adult species and eggs.

Some foggers contain chemicals; others are natural. Before you spray it, remove all the washable fabrics. Stay out of the room for the next 6 hours. Once the mist is gone, you have to clean the room.

Flea spray

Flea spray may be an even better idea for your furnishing, thanks to the formula that does not leave stains. Make sure that there is no contact with your skin or eyes. Sprays made for furniture have specific formulas; you only have to pick them. Once you use them, try to avoid sitting on the sofa for several hours. Some natural sprays include peppermint.

Diatomaceous earth

This is a perfect method to remove fleas from your couch and pet. This powder dries fleas from inside, leaving only skeletons. It is safe for cats and dogs, and you can also use it on your pets. Fleas will die from dehydration. After using the powder, wait for 6-8 hours and vacuum your couch. You have to clean even under it.

Flea trap

The flea trap is a smart device that attracts insects by mimicking the warmth of the human body. Fleas jump inside the trap, get glued to the sticky pad, and can’t get out of the trap. You can’t set up this trap on the couch, only near it. When you order it, make sure it is made specifically for fleas. After you catch enough fleas, you have to change the trap. You will not catch all the species. For example, you still have to deal with eggs, so you can use other measures from the list.

Top 3 Best Fleas Treatments

  1. Wondercide Natural Flea Spray For Furniture – Top Pick
  2. Vet’s Best Against Fleas in Sofa – Runner-Up
  3. PetArmor Flea Spray for Couch and Carpet – Great Value

You can use one or all of these treatments to get rid of fleas on your couch and house. Once you find the remedy that works for that, keep using it. All the products on the list were checked personally by my friends or me.

1. Wondercide Natural Flea Spray For Furniture Top Pick

This spray is a universal measure against fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks. You can use it at home, close to your pets. Wondercide contains the oils deadly for these pests. I recommend starting with 16 fluid ounces bottles. Wondercide is a US-based brand founded by a dog owner who was eager to help pets and families deal with pests without using harmful chemicals.

The remedy has a pleasant cedar wood smell. It kills fleas at any stage of their lives, from eggs to adults. You can apply it right on the animals or furniture. Repeat the procedure after 2 days. You will notice results in a few days. Yet, if the contact with the flea is direct, it kills in 2 minutes. It contains cedar oil, sodium chloride, citric acid, and vitamin E.

  • Natural
  • Family-friendly
  • Contains vitamins for pet’s fur
  • Kills fleas in 2 minutes
  • American-based brand
  • Requires several weeks to get rid of fleas if the infestation is severe

2. Vet’s Best Runner-Up Against Fleas in Sofa

You can use this spray inside your house and on the sofa specifically. It consists of natural ingredients safe for your family and pets. Meanwhile, it easily kills ticks and fleas at any stage.

Vet’s Best can be used as an active infestation and preventive measure. It’s a U.S. manufacturer with numerous certificates proving that the company uses only eco-friendly natural ingredients. The company was founded 30 years ago by pet fans.

You can apply this spray not only on the sofa but even on the floors and the spots outside the house. You may also use it on your dog’s skin. The best way to apply the remedy to the dog is to massage it inside the fur. The spray does not leave any stains on the fabric or fur.

  • Certified by vets
  • Can be rubbed in dog’s fur
  • Effective on fleas and their eggs
  • Can be used in preventive measures
  • Does not leave stains
  • It is less effective than chemical mists that kill fleas in a moment

3. PetArmor Great Value Flea Spray for Couch and Carpet

This spray can easily kill flea larvae, eggs, and adult species. It stays active for 7 months after application, so you can use it as a preventive measure as well. PetArmor also kills ticks, so you may apply it on the couch, rugs, drapes, and even your pets’ bedding.

It’s safe for allergic people as it does not have any odor. If you apply it to the bedding, it will kill dust mites, bedbugs, and lice. PetArmor is an American manufacturer that provides a wide range of sprays for your pets and family against pests. The company has been awarded as a pets-safe brand.

You can cover up to 500 sq ft with one bottle. This product is effective both inside and outside the house. You can apply it to cats and dogs once you notice they start biting themselves. The company developers recommend using it at least once a week on your carpet or sofa and vacuuming the place after several hours.

  • Simple in use
  • Savvy offer
  • Stays active for 7 months
  • Reliable developer
  • Safe for pets
  • You have to reapply it several times before killing all fleas

Life Without Fleas on Your Couch

If you can’t imagine life without constant struggle with fleas that your pets bring you in enormous numbers, you have to use working remedies against them. You can pick one of those sprays I have described above. They are all family-friendly, don’t contain chemicals, and can even be rubbed into your pet’s fur. My best pick is Windercide control, yet, you can choose any product from the list. They are all trustable and helpful.

Have you ever had to deal with fleas on the couch? What remedy have you used? Express your thoughts and provide recommendations in the comments.

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