Does Lavender Repel Mosquitoes?

Every person in warm countries around the world is suffering from annoying insects and mosquitoes during the summertime. Traditional repellents sometimes don’t help and may have an allergic effect on people. So it’s not surprising that we are searching for a simple and natural remedy. Does lavender repel mosquitoes? Yes, using lavender may be such a saving solution for the problem of mosquitoes.

Lavender VS Mosquitoes

Lavender has many positive effects on humans. Lavender’s flowers and oil are often used to calm down the nerves in stressful situations, to get rid of rheumatism, migraines and other diseases. Moreover, lavender is an ideal option for those who need protection from mosquitoes because of the prevalence in flower shops and good efficiency. So, let’s answer the main question: “Does lavender keep mosquitoes away?”

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Does Lavender Repel Mosquitoes and Why?
  1. Lavender is considered as anti-mosquitoes traditional remedy.
  2. You may use lavender as a repellent by applying it as an oil at the skin or planting flowers in your garden.
  3. Bear in mind that sometimes lavender can cause allergic reactions.
  4. Lavender oil is not toxic to animals.
  5. Lavender may also repel other bugs, especially moths and flees.

So, do mosquitoes like lavender? No, surely not. As you can see from the first paragraph, lavender is a frequently used anti-mosquitoes traditional remedy. However, not the plant itself scares insects away but a lavender oil.

The oil, which is frequently used against mosquitoes, is made by distillation and extraction processes. The essential oil can be extracted only from narrow-leaved lavender which is, at the same time, the most widely spread lavender sort. Many people like the aroma of lavender, but insects are afraid of the smell. Also, dried lavender flowers are often used to scare away moths.

Mosquitoes try to avoid the source of the odor, and there are a couple of reasons for such behavior. This is due to some of the substances it is composed of:

  • camphor;
  • geraniol;
  • linalool.

They all have extremely strong odors, which are unpleasant for most insects. Even a small drop of lavender essential oil can save from the attack of insects.

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How to Use Lavender to Repel Mosquitoes?

The most adopted method to make a lavender mosquito repellent is to use lavender oil by applying it right in the skin. Alternatively, you may plant some lavender flowers in your yard to prevent mosquitoes. However, planting lavender flowers is not the best way to repel mosquitoes – some other plants like lemongrass and vinegar cope with them better. Lavender flowers are better to use for getting rid of flies and moths.

An essential lavender oil is used in a solution with other oils which play a role of the solution’s base. However, you may use it in its purest form if you are not afraid of wasting it and if you don’t have an allergy. Here is a receipt of a common base oil, which has a positive effect on skin:

  1. macadamia oil – 1/3;
  2. hazelnut oil – 1/3;
  3. Evening primrose oil – 1/3;

You can find out a lot of different variations of base oils on the Internet, if this one is unsuitable for some reasons.
When you get a base oil, you mix a lavender oil and a base oil in a particular proportion:

  • 2-3 drops of lavender oil for one tablespoon of base oil.

Apply the solution to the exposed areas on the skin and it will be enough to get rid of mosquitoes. Obviously, you may want to bring the remedy with you, so I’d recommend making a spray for these purposes. Here are two variations of the solution:

  • Dissolve 25 lavender oil drops for every 1 ounce of the base oil. Mix it somewhere and use it whenever you want.

A water-based body spray. Dissolve 5 lavender oil drops in 1 tablespoon of alcohol and add 4 tablespoons of water. Shake the bottle well before use. Now you can spray it on skin and clothing.

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Safety warning

Some people have a strong allergic reaction to particular oils and a lavender oil is not an exception. However, even despite the fact that mosquitoes try to avoid it, this oil is one of the calmest ones. It is quite fragrant, but it is not aggressive to the skin. In most cases it can be used by people with sensitive skin and small children with no problems.

But bear in mind that such essential oil, like any other, can cause allergic reactions. A person may have an individual intolerance to the fragrance. To avoid problems, you smell the oil and check the reaction of your body. If the smell causes nausea or any other allergic reactions, you should not use a lavender oil but try out some other herbs like vinegar or lemongrass.

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Some frequently asked questions about lavender.

Which lavender is best to keep mosquitoes away?

A common narrow-leaved lavender is the best solution to prevent mosquitoes in all meanings. You can plant it in the yard or apply its essential oil on your skin. Using a water-based spray with lavender oil is also a pretty popular method.

Is lavender toxic to dogs?

In most cases, it’s not toxic for dogs and cats. However, these animals have a strong sense of smell, so the smell of a neat lavender oil is unpleasant for them. Lavender flowers are also completely safe for pets.

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Does lavender repel bed bugs?

Yes, it does. It affects bed bugs in the same way as it does for mosquitoes. You can use a water-based spray with lavender oil or try out planting the flower to get rid from the bed bugs.

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So, Should I use Lavender for Mosquitoes Repelling?

Overall, lavender oil is a pretty effective and affordable remedy. You can make a spray or a cream with this essential oil and get rid of mosquitoes. However, the smell of lavender flowers has a better effect on moths and flees than on mosquitoes. Yet with no doubt, lavender flowers may reduce the amount of insects in your yard.

Have you ever used lavender for getting rid of mosquitoes? Which result did you get? Share your experience in the comments below.

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