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Best Wasp Repellents/Deterrents in 2024: Expert Reviews

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Every apartment or village house owner has faced the problem with wasps at least once. Occasionally, wasps fly onto the balcony, and do not present a problem in most cases — it is enough to open the window and let them out.

Best Natural Wasp Repellent Spray
Wondercide - Indoor Pest Control Spray for Home and Kitchen - Ant, Roach, Spider, Fly, Flea, Bug...
Natural components only.
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Best Fake Hornet Nest Wasp Deterrent
Waspinator Waspinator - Set of 3
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You can go with the easiest and most reliable way to get rid of wasps in your house — these are repellents or deterrents. A repellent is a synthetic or natural remedy that repels wasps. These products work by emitting an unpleasant odor for insects. Repellents are designed to deter wasps but not to kill them. The peculiarity of this type of protection is that wasp prevention spray can be applied directly to the nest.

What Is so Dangerous About Wasps?

What Is so Dangerous About Wasps

In late August and early September, wasps and bees literally become predators, and no one is safe from their attack. Therefore, everyone should know how to behave after a bite.

After the attack, a hornet or wasp emits 0.2-0.3 mg of poison. A wound is visible at the site of the bite, sometimes with a protruding sting. Redness and swelling appear around it. For most people, the bite of a single wasp is not dangerous. The exception is people who are allergic to wasp venom.

The bite of even one insect for allergy sufferers is fraught with serious consequences up to anaphylactic shock. Therefore, people suffering from this kind of allergy should always have antihistamines with them. By the way, 1 person out of 250 people can have hypersensitivity to wasp poison.

The reaction of the body to a wasp sting largely depends on the place where the insect bit. The most dangerous are bites on the face, especially on the larynx or tongue, as they can lead to suffocation. In such cases, you should immediately go to the doctor.

If more than three wasps bite you, then attend a doctor immediately. In such cases, a general toxic reaction of the body occurs; therefore, you will need qualified assistance.

A bite of 500 wasps is considered to be fatal to humans. If there is no allergy, even with the hypersensitivity to wasp or hornet venom, one or several bites can cause a severe allergic reaction. The symptoms are increased temperature, headache, nausea, vomiting, urticaria, asthma, and a decrease in blood pressure.

Especially dangerous is if a wasp stings you in the mouth. In these cases, death can occur very quickly from swelling of the larynx and further suffocation.

Top 4 Best Wasp Repellents

  1. Wondercide Natural Products
  2. Waspinator Waspinator
  3. AIRCROW Wasp Out™ Fake Hornet’s Nest Decoy Wasp Deterrent
  4. Outward Creations Wasp Nest Decoy

A wasp and hornet repellent is a quite effective type of product in combating wasp nests and, especially, while dealing with those insects settled in hard-to-reach places of your home. Basically, you have to spray a large amount of the product into the spot where the nest is.

Approximately after an hour, the insects will die in the nest sprayed with the wasp insecticide. However, be careful – some may still be alive, do not meddle into the nest or crevice with bare hands.

1. Wondercide – Best Natural Wasp Repellent Spray


  • Active Ingredients: Cedarwood Oil (4.2%), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Derived from Plants) (2.2%), Peppermint Oil (1.5%), Sesame Oil (0.1%)
  • Item Weight: 2.31 Pounds
  • Coverage: 32 oz. bottle treats up to 400 sq.ft.
  • Product Dimensions LxWxH: 11.3 x 5 x 4.37 inches
  • Target Species: Flying, Crawling, Biting and Stinging Pests Including Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Flies,Fleas, Ticks, Wasps, Scorpions, Mosquitoes, Fruit Flies, Silverfish, Moths, Gnats, Carpet Beetles, Earwigs, Palmetto Bugs, Waterbugs

Wondercide Spray is a multifunctional pet-friendly wasp prevention solution for any type of insects including cockroaches, spiders, midges, flies, ticks, wasps, scorpions, bugs, mosquitoes, ants, fruit flies, moths, carpet beetles, auricles, palmetto beetles, and fleas.

This repellent is the perfect protection for you, your children, and pets. It’s created for usage at home and, especially, is effective in the kitchen area.

You should not worry about your safety because Wondercide consists of only natural essential oil ingredients. You better use it twice a week because the ingredients overall are powerful enough and will deter all the insects in your house.

Despite its strong scent, people and pets are allowed to be nearby. The repellent works only on wasps and other insects because they have a sensitive sense of smell.

Besides, the important part is that Wondercide is a multi-purpose spray, and you may use it to kill carpet, furniture, bedding, and flooring fleas. It does not just deter but immediately kills them.

Because Wondercide consists of only natural ingredients, it is much better than any chemical poison, or fake traps that may harm people or pets. It does not include any synthetic pesticides or artificial fragrances and is absolutely safe for children too. I believe this is a crucial factor when buying such repellents. It is good to deter insects but you have to remember about your health and everyone around you.

The great bonus is the manufacturer created different scents for any taste, such as cedar, peppermint, rosemary, and lemongrass. This is even better than I would imagine before the purchase.

  • pets-friendly;
  • natural components only;
  • allowed to use in-house;
  • for all insects;
  • aimed to use also on floors and carpets;
  • convenient using: a spray bottle.
  • may be harmful if you apply more product than the instructions suggest.

2. Best Fake Hornet Nest Wasp Deterrent: Waspinator


  • Without toxic chemicals
  • Number of Pieces:
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions LxWxH: 9.3 x 8.2 x 2 inches
  • Target Species: Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornets

Waspinator is a new era deterrent – a fake hornet’s nest to scary wasps. It is ecologically friendly and safe for people and pets. The reason is the deterrent does not consist of any chemical ingredients. This is a great imitation of a real hornet’s nest.

Best Fake Hornet Nest Wasp Deterren

When wasps see this item, they are afraid that hornets living in the nest may attack them, so they leave forever. Wasps will never intrude in other insects’ territory. The product does not kill any insect, which is important for nature.

You better put it in the yard or in the place where you have seen wasps before. You may use a few Waspinators at the same time in different places for better results.

  • non-toxic;
  • eco-friendly;
  • easy to use;
  • waterproof.
  • not effective to repel other insects.

3. AIRCROW-Be Safe with Fake Hornet’s Nest


  • Without toxic chemicals
  • Material: Durable Foam
  • Item Weight: 2.39 ounces
  • Product Dimensions LxWxH: 7 x 8.5 x 1 inches
  • Target Species: Wasps

AIRCROW is a fake hornet nest suitable for use in any weather conditions. It is created with durable and waterproof foam. The 100% eco ingredients allow people, pets, and even children to be around this repellent and feel safe.

Fake Hornet's Nest Decoy Wasp Deterrent

I find that the most common places to install AIRCROW are garages, backyards, patios, boat buildings, and hummingbird feeders. The wasps will never feel the difference between this fake nest and the real one because they won’t even approach it as they are afraid of hornets.

It is totally okay to put one fake nest in your household if you notice only a small amount of wasps near your house. As AIRCROW doesn’t have an expiration date, you will definitely use it for years. Therefore, I believe this is a good investment in your health for the future.

  • durable;
  • safe for people and pets;
  • doesn’t have an expiration date.
  • not qualified as red wasp repellent.

4. Outward Creations: Safe Alternative Wasps Repellent


  • Number of Pieces:
  • Material: Paper
  • Item Weight: 13.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions LxWxH: 6 x 8 x 0.5 inches
  • Target Species: Wasps

An Outward repellent is an innovative tool to fight with aggressive wasps. This is a great safe alternative to the chemical deterrents that may cause harm to your health. You can put it anywhere you want, in open spaces, terraces, patios, and tents places.

Moreover, you will find 3 repellents in the package! It means you can locate all of them in different places near your house to get rid of wasps as soon as possible.

Outward Creations Wasp Nest Decoy

The main advantage of Outward is its safe ingredients. The nest is made of soap liquid and lasting paper which means its safety for the whole family, including pets. You don’t need to waste a lot of time to set up this repellent, simply hang this item on a tree or any other elevated surface.

  • eco and pets friendly;
  • safe to use;
  • 3 packs for a cheap price.
  • difficult assembly if the instructions are not followed.

A Comprehensive Guide

Clove oil

Repellents are used to scare away wasps, bees, hornets, etc. There are three main types:

  • Fumigants. They affect the nerve endings of the olfactory organs of insects.
  • Contact. This type affects the taste organs of insects in direct contact with the treated surface.
  • Deodorizing (for example, lemon or clove oil). These repellents destroy or neutralize odors that attract insects.
  • Wasp repellent for skin. It is an insect deterrent that you may spray on your skin, and it will drive away not only wasps but other insects too.

How to Deter Wasps

Wasps are attracted by sour and sweet smells. These insects enter a living room through open windows and doors. It is recommended to fight wasps with the help of traditional remedies recipes. You should wipe the frames and window sills with different decoctions, as well as leave small pieces of cotton wool there, after soaking them in the decoction.

Using vinegar wasp repellent, you can deter wasps quickly. From my expertise, I’ve studied that in the afternoon the wasps went down, so it would be safer to do this process at night time. You need to take 1 teaspoon of vinegar and dilute it in a glass of cold water. In order to achieve a rich aroma, cotton wool must be soaked in concentrated vinegar poured in a saucer.

You can get rid of the wasps’ nest permanently with essential oil wasp repellent. The product must be applied to window frames with the help of the dotted method in the openings between the glasses.

Also, spray this liquid to the outer sides of the walls and the area near the nest. The smell of essential oil is pleasant for a person, so you can spray it in the entire living room. For wasps, the aroma of lavender, basil, geranium, mint, and lemon balms are unpleasant.

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What Repels Wasps Naturally

Through my 10-years experience, I have discovered that a natural deterrent for wasps which includes the pungent odors such as the aroma of mint scares these insects the most.

Some summer residents believe that these plants can fight mosquitoes, but this is not always effective. If you plant the wormwood near the house, this can reduce the number of insects. However, dangerous wasps and hungry mosquitoes will still penetrate your home and harm people. You can repel wasps with chemical odors such as:

  • ethyl alcohol;
  • gasoline;
  • kerosene.

Before you proceed to getting rid of wasps’ nests with the natural wasp repellent, you need to choose the right strategy. You can buy a garden spray gun and spread kerosene, diesel fuel, and gasoline near the nest. For those who prefer natural deterrents for wasps, I recommend using some plants and herbs.


How to Keep Wasps from Returning

How to Keep Wasps from Returning?

These insects have the habit of returning to their old place. Therefore, be sure to inspect the attic in the country house and to cut all the bay nests with a sharp knife in the spring season. Such an inspection is best done in early spring when all the insects are still sleeping in secluded places. In addition, I would recommend treating old places of wasps dislocations with the peroxide solution and potassium permanganate.

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Remember that it is forbidden to fight a large and aggressive flock of hornets or wasps on your own. You should definitely call the emergency services only professionals can remove the nest.

How to Make Wasp Repellent?

There are plenty of homemade organic wasp repellent liquids. I want to share one of them with you that is quite popular among home gardeners like me.

Mix 2-4 tablespoons (30-60 ml) of shampoo or liquid soap with hot water (500 ml) in a spray bottle. The combination of these two components will kill the wasps instantly when you sprinkle this solution directly on them. Soap envelops the wasp and dehydrates it.

Do Fake Hornet Nests Repel Wasps?

Each hornet family is “assigned” to its own territory. Therefore, having discovered a strange nest, insects try to avoid it. You can take advantage of this feature when controlling wasps by creating a fake nest. Just crumple a paper bag for sandwiches and hang it on a tree at about your height. This trick has one drawback: as soon as the wasps realize that the nest is not real, they will stop avoiding it.

Does Citronella Repel Wasps?

Citronella is a perennial repellent plant, the oil of which is added to chemicals that repel insects. It has a very bright citrus smell, so wasps primarily respond to it. The aroma of the plant repels insects much more than chemicals.

Be Careful – Prepare Beforehand with the Best Wasp Deterrent

Best Wasp Deterrent

Wasps in the country is a fairly common occurrence. Of course, they interfere with the normal organization of life. However, in situations where their abundance poses a threat to the normal life of the owners of a house, getting rid of these dangerous insects with the best wasp repellent becomes the only right decision.

Fortunately, in today’s world, there is no shortage of wasp repellents, and people may use them without any harmful effects for themselves. If you still doubt that you need to get rid of wasps, let’s recall the harm they cause:

  • Wasps harm fruit harvest in a summer house or in the garden.
  • Wasps or hornets can be a vector of infections.
  • The insects inflict acute pain with their bites and can attack for no apparent reason.
  • Wasp venom can cause a severe allergic reaction, even death is possible.

I wish everyone would repel such dangerous insects as soon as possible because this is an important matter of taking care of human health.

Maybe, you have already tried some of my recommended repellents and want to share your experience? What is your favorite way of deterring wasps? Don’t hesitate and leave a comment on what you find the most useful about my article!


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