Best Vole Traps in 2024: Expert Reviews

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Voles are a type of rodent that can cause significant damage to the garden and farm fields. Therefore, many people try to get rid of them by all available means. You can use trapping voles to fight them effectively. But not every bait and trap is potent. In this review and comparison, I will describe how to trap voles and which means are best to use.

Top 5 Best Vole Traps

    1. Acmind Mouse Trap, Small Mice Traps That Work
    2. CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps
    3. Authenzo Mouse Trap SX-5006
    4. Havahart 1020 Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap
    5. JT Eaton 902R Top Loader Bait Station

I’d like to share what is the best way to trap voles. Special traps will allow you to get rid of a whole family of rodents in your home or garden within days or weeks. But this requires you to choose the right product and install it according to the instructions. Choose a vole trap bait based on the infestation. In some cases, it is better to use poison to kill voles quickly.

1. Acmind Mouse Trap — the Most Effective Trap Against Voles

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If you noticed a vole in the house or in the yard, you shouldn’t wait for rodents to fill the whole household territory. Based on my experience, I believe that Acmind voles bait is the most efficient and easiest to use. It is a mechanical device that squeezes the rodent with great force when it enters the affected area. There are no sensors or electronic mechanisms. This vole killer has no lifespan restrictions. You can use it all the time.

It’s enough to put the bait inside and wait for the result. As soon as the rodent enters the affected area, the upper part with sharp teeth snaps into place and kills the pest. It only takes 0.03 pounds of weight to trigger the trap. This feature makes the device effective even for small rodents.

The use of this trap has proven its effectiveness over a long time. There are simply no parts in the design that can break down. The spring is made of stainless steel, so the trap is effective even in humid environments.

  • simple and reliable design;
  • longevity.
  • it can kill only one mouse at a time.

2. CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps — Without Murder and Cruelty


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Small
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Item Weight: ‎0.28 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.7 x 2.4 x 2.5 inches
  • Target Species: Chipmunk, Mouse, Rat, Vole, Hamster, Mole

CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps

If humanity comes to the fore, I choose CaptSure Original Humane Vole Trap. The design is intended to catch voles and other pests. But you’ll have to release them yourself somewhere outside your home or garden. This is relevant if you live with a small number of mice in your yard.

This item is a mechanical trap that does not use electronics, poisons, or chemicals. All you have to do is open the inlet by tensioning the spring. The exit is blocked for a mouse as soon as it gets inside. There is a pedal, which is activated by the slightest impact on the mechanism. You will not come into contact with rodents when you remove them.

Use bait to lure mice and other rodents. Peanut paste, which lures pests with its scent, is best suited for this. This way, you will catch not only voles but also chipmunks, rats, hamsters, small moles, and other garden dwellers.

The body of this vole trap is made of plastic. But there are cases when pests damage the construction with their teeth. For example, the mechanism can break down after several triggers, if rodents are very aggressive. The low price for this vole control product is fully justified. It is usually worth buying several pieces at once to put them in different places at home, patio, or garden.

  • simple construction;
  • reusable option;
  • safe and humane for rodents.
  • the casing can break down if you catch aggressive rodents.

3. Authenzo Mouse Trap SX-5006 — Big Pack of Mouse Traps

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Authenzo company claims that the mechanical trap SX-5006 is the most powerful on the market. Only 0.03 pounds of the weight is enough for the device to trigger and squeeze the rodent. You can use cheese, peanut paste, and other products to attract voles and other pests.

I like that you can buy a whole set of six traps to kill voles for an affordable price. They can be placed in different places and deal with rodents.

The body of this trap from Authenzo is made of durable polymer. The spring and some engine elements are made of stainless steel. There is really nothing to break in this design.

Moreover, even aggressive mice can’t damage it. Traps are designed for reusable operation. After triggering, all you have to do is push the lever as far as it will go to tense the spring again.

The design allows you not to touch the body with your fingers when adjusting the spring. This allows you to maintain hygiene and cleanliness when you use the trap.

  • sturdy plastic and stainless steel housing;
  • easy to recharge;
  • efficiency;
  • hygienic.
  • needs to be recharged after each triggering.

4. Havahart 1020 Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap — Robust and Reliable Design

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  • Material: Metal
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Item Weight: 0.8 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 10 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Target Species: Rats, Mice

I like this vole trap because of its metal case. Its high durability makes the structure robust and unbreakable. You can catch rodents and other pests with this device for many years. Though it an economical purchase, for efficient catching, you need to buy several items at once, placing them in the rodents` habitat.

These traps are suitable for mice, rats, chipmunks, rats, and hamsters. In this case, any animal inside will remain alive even as the design is humane.

The features of this trap:

      • The body is made of stainless steel, which makes the construction durable;
      • There is a net on the sides of the hull to see the prey;
      • There is a large handle for transporting the trap with rodent inside;
      • There are no sharp angles, which eliminates the possibility of injury to the rodent inside;
      • Simple trigger design that eliminates the possibility of breakage;
      • The rodent is unable to damage the metal housing with its teeth;
      • There are two doors for voles.

This trap is designed for small animals, as the inner body size is 3×3 inches. But this manufacturer also has models of a different size. Select the best option according to the vole in your home or garden.

Are you wondering how to catch a vole with this trap? First, you have to put the bait inside. The most effective baits are peanut paste, cheese, bread, or cereal food for birds. After that, place the trap in the rodent habitat. You can use disguises made of dry leaves or grass to avoid deterring potential victims. Remember to check the trap regularly for rodents inside.

  • rugged stainless steel case;
  • an animal can get in through two doors.
  • unassuming appearance.

5. JT Eaton 902R — A Reliable Bait Station

JT Eaton Top Loader Rodent Bait Station

The JT Eaton 902R trap has two side holes for rodents. You can put poison bait inside to destroy the rodents. However, this model has no lockable doors. So you can’t catch mice or other pests with it. This trap is only needed to poison the rodents around.

The item is made of durable plastic. There is an opening on top for loading poison. The trap can be used many times without restrictions. It is convenient to attach it to a fence or other places with the help of special hooks.

  • reusable;
  • top bait load.
  • it can only be used for poisoning rodents.

Buyer’s Guide

The Buyer’s Guide will help you choose an effective anti-voles remedy.

How to Trap Voles

Voles and other rodents usually have a large population. Therefore, one or two traps will not give a noticeable result. To catch all mice, you need to set many traps in the places where they are most active. Every day you need to check whether the caught animals are inside the traps.

vole with children

Do not use other methods to control voles except poison, traps, and some repellents. You can find a description of ineffective methods on the internet. For example, poisoning mouse dens with car exhaust fumes or using a tin can that rings. Unfortunately, all domestic control methods are less effective than proven chemicals or quality traps.

Using Traps vs Using Poison

But what is more effective: chemical poison or simple traps? Both methods of getting rid of voles have their advantages and disadvantages. Simple baits without poison are harmless for pets, children, or livestock. They do not poison the soil or leave any trace.

It is more rational to use traps if you need to catch all the voles without risk to other living creatures. Besides, catching rodents without killing them is humane. You don’t have to suffer the moral oppression of killing voles.


small vole on hand

Are Voles Dangerous?

Although voles look cute, that’s a deceptive appearance. Being not dangerous to humans, they cause harm to their plantations. Colonies of small rodents can completely destroy your garden. They never live alone and multiply very quickly.

If you have seen several voles in your garden or field, be sure of their breeding population. They can destroy cereals, flowers, growing vegetables, and fruits in a few weeks. So take care of your harvest. Voles can also be carriers of viruses or infectious diseases.

Will Mouse Trap Kill Voles?

A mousetrap is the most humane way of catching voles. Traps are not designed to kill living creatures. Mice or other rodents get in through special openings, which are immediately closed. Voles can’t get out of the trap, but they stay alive all the time.

All you have to do is keep an eye on the traps, so the rodents don’t stay inside for longer than two days. Otherwise, they will die of thirst and hunger.

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Do Voles Come Into the House?

Voles can enter the house if they feel a lack of food outside. Most often, they get into the house during the cold season when there is practically no greenery or cereals outside.

Ensure the Voles Won’t Return

Due to my specialization, I have tried different ways to control rodents and other pests. It turned out that mechanical traps are the most reliable and simple devices for catching mice and voles. But don’t forget that you have to release caught pests. That’s why not everyone prefers such traps because of the need for constant control.

How did you get rid of the voles before reading this article? Was it effective without traps and poison?


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