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Best Mole Poison in 2024: Expert Reviews

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While moles typically reside underground, they can be a nuisance to your garden or lawn. To effectively eliminate moles, it’s important to know the best mole killer methods that can help eradicate them quickly and permanently.

Moles live in underground tunnels, which they use to move around and create their habitat. As they travel through the tunnels, they can cause damage to the surrounding soil both underground and on the surface, resulting in small mounds of earth called molehills.

Best Mole Poison
Bell Laboratories Talpirid 7150 Mole Bait Worms, 20 Count
Perfectly imitates the natural food of the mole.
My preview
Tomcat Mole Killer, Mimics Natural Food Source, Poison Kills in a Single Feeding, 10 Worms For...
Use for any depth and type of the tunnels.
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Motomco Plac Mole Killer Grub Formula (8 Placements)
Kills within 3 days.
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The problem is that labyrinths appear throughout the area: they visually spoil the appearance, and most importantly, due to this, the root system of plants can be disturbed. As such, animals do not pose a threat.

In my opinion, the most interesting and humane part of mole-fighting is the natural ways of dealing with them.

In any case, many gardeners want to find the best mole killer products to get rid of them in the backyard so that they stop spoiling the appearance and the growing plants.

Top 5 Best Mole Poison

  1. Bell Laboratories Talpirid 7150 Mole Bait Worms
  2. Tomcat Mole Killer: Ground Mole Killer
  3. Bonide 697: Economical Best Mole Bait for Multiple Purposes
  4. Motomco Plac Mole Killer Grub Formula
  5. Sweeney’s S6006-4 Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts

mole hills in a field

The pest control market has a fairly large number of bait for moles. However, many of them are useless. For this reason, it is worthwhile to be careful when choosing chemicals to kill moles, as they may not eliminate the pest but have a detrimental effect on the plantings in the territory where you use it.

I selected the TOP 5 most effective mole killers that will help you quickly and safely deal with them.

1. Talpirid 7150: the Best Mole Poison (Scientifically Proven)


  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin 0.02%
  • Contains: 20 worm shaped baits two individually sealed trays of 10
  • Item Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 1.2 x 12.4 inches
  • Target Species: Moles only (will not work for gophers)

This innovative product, which has been scientifically tested and proven over time, offers a more effective solution for getting rid of moles. The bait is designed in the shape of an earthworm and can be used as an alternative to traps. Once the mole consumes the bait, it receives a lethal dose of poison that will cause its death within 24-48 hours, while it is still in its underground tunnel.

Bell Laboratories Talpirid 7150 Mole Bait Worms

The Talpirid 7150 poison is a widely used tool due to its fast and efficient results. It has been tested on live moles that were captured, and its effectiveness is due to its ability to mimic the mole’s natural food.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the mole not noticing the bait or coming from another direction. This bait will undoubtedly attract its attention, and you can quickly get rid of the pest in just a couple of days.

  • kills in 24 hours;
  • contains special flavoring enhancers;
  • perfectly imitates the natural food of the mole;
  • enough for several years;
  • scientifically tested in the laboratory.
  • you can spoil a couple of worms if you do not follow the instructions.

2. Tomcat Mole Killer: Ground Mole Killer


  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin 0.025%
  • Contains: 10 individually sealed worm shaped baits
  • Item Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.63 x 6 x 7.25 inches
  • Target Species: Mole

Tomcat Mole Killer Worm Bait

The manufacturer TomCat is known for its excellence and proven by experienced gardeners as one of the greatest mole control products.

One of these is a novelty among mole traps: an imitation of the natural food of a mole, earthworms. This method has been in demand for many years and it still works!


The advantage of this tool is that it is effective both on surface paths and in deep tunnels. This option allows you to get a mole anywhere and kill it within 1-2 days.

  • easy to use;
  • use for any depth and type of the tunnels;
  • kills within 24 hours;
  • ready-made product – no need for the preparations.
  • use only with gloves;
  • can harm pets if used improperly.

3. Bonide 697: Economical Best Mole Bait for Multiple Purposes

No products found.

This mole poison worms remedy has a huge number of advantages and lots of features. It is intended both for underground control of moles and for groundwork in the garden and on lawns.

Bonide 697 mole poison is a very economical means since you only need one teaspoon to kill several moles. Put it into an active tunnel and wait 1-2 days until the mole dies.

Mole & Gopher Killer is also designed to protect flower bulbs when planting in the fall. You need to place some root bait.

  • used to protect flowering plants;
  • used underground and on the surface;
  • eco-friendly.
  • not allowed in some states.

4. Motomco Plac: Ready to Use Mole Poison


  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin 0.025%
  • Contains: 2 Boxes each containing 4 Placements (8 Total Placements)
  • Item Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 7.5 x 6.25 inches
  • Target Species: Mole

This mole bait is presented in the form of worms or lures in the shape of a larva. I recommend using it in gardens, kitchen gardens, and lawns. The poison is developed by extensive laboratory and field studies.

Motomco Mole Killer is quite economical, as moles can eat a lethal dose in one feed and die in just one to two days.

  • kills within 3 days;
  • lasts for a long time;
  • imitates natural food-larvae.
  • used only with rubber gloves.

5. Sweeney’s Poison Peanuts: A Job Well-Done

No products found.

This is an original product in the form of peanut mole poison pellets. It works well due to the active ingredient zinc phosphide, which allows you to quickly and efficiently get rid of such pests as moles.

You just need to dig a mole tunnel a little and squeeze out a few balls of peanut poison. Within 1-2 days you will see the first results.

  • convenient use;
  • effect within 24-48 hours;
  • safe for others.
  • faster usage than other poisons.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

There is a large number of mole extermination products that do little harm to earth and plants. They should be used with caution. You have to study the instructions well before using any of the mole poisons.

If they pose a danger to small mammals, they can also harm humans. Do not try to make poisons yourself, it is life-threatening.

It is better to refrain from using folk remedies. For example, cover the holes when baiting for moles to make sure that no one except moles dies. Home pets, children or simply anyone who does not know that you are trying to eliminate moles in particular places can suffer. Also, the spreaded poison can harm soil and plants.

I do not recommend using rat poison, as well as products that are easily soluble in water. In the first rain, they will transfer to the fertile soil layer.

Different Types of Best Mole Killers


On the market, you can find a great number of mole poisons, which have different efficacy and effect on pests. There are several types of such rodenticidal products on sale: poison baits that are placed near holes: braces, pellets, granules; concentrated liquids used to prepare poison in the form of an additive to the base of grains or other products; toxic gas.

You can add poison to food, for example, to porridge. But be careful. If there is a dog in the house who is used to eating something similar, it will most likely smell the “treat”, tear it up and try it. The victim may also be a neighbor’s cat or an innocent hedgehog.

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Sometimes, it is better to turn to professionals for help. There are specialized companies involved in disinfection and pest management. Their services are more expensive than appliances sold in stores, but there will be a guarantee that the rodents will leave the site for a long time.

What Else You Need to Know About Moles to Successfully Fight Against Them

Moles live everywhere, except for sandy soils. Usually, they are 12-16 centimeters in size and weigh up to 120 grams.

The mole does not live long without food: if it is caught and does not eat within three hours, it dies. Its metabolism is very rapid, it eats about one and a half times more than its weight per day. Therefore, it has to actively seek food.

In general, moles in the lawn do not just simply live their life and ain’t harm people or anyone. They do not know where your territory is because underground, the territory is common. However, at the same time, the plants are an obstacle for them, so they destroy their roots randomly.

Tips for Better and Faster Extermination of Moles:

  • If you think that catching one mole is the end of the game, you are wrong. They always live with families and do not go anywhere alone. Therefore, you should apply as many poisonous substances as you consider relevant. This will certainly help.
  • Moles live in wintertime the same life as at any other season. The difference is that they prepare for the winter period by saving reserves as earthworms, larvae, etc. Moles cut their head so insects cannot run away anymore. It seems that they are not active but as soon as the spring season comes, you will see a lot of small hills in your garden.
  • Moles dig their tunnels within the first 15-20 centimeters of fertile soil. This is why they easily destroy the roots of the plants.
  • Moles are active for the whole day and night except time from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The best time to catch them with bait for moles is early morning when they wake up and start digging.
  • A mole has small eyes that are mostly useless underground. Instead of eyesight, they use smell and touch receptors which help them to find food and determine whether there’s danger around.
  • Moles are quite strong animals, even though they are small. You better use leather gloves when catching one of them and hold it by the scruff of the neck. They have strong and large paws that help them to run fast, about 5 km/hour.
  • Moles have bad eyesight, but a great sense of smell and hearing, which helps them to be aware of everything that is going on at the surface level.
  • If your neighbors also have moles, then everyone needs to get rid of them at the same time, like you do with cockroaches. You will free your territory, and animals from other sections will come there. It will be an endless cycle of moles.
  • You have to be patient when poisoning moles. It is not always a quick process to catch them the first time, but if you do it periodically, then everything will work out.

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Using Poison vs Using Traps


You can catch pests using homemade devices. They can be no less effective than those sold in stores.

Traps have flaws. Firstly, these devices can cripple the animal and lead to its death. Secondly, with their help, it is difficult to drive out the entire population. However, there is some benefit to them.

The most effective mole killers can be both poison and traps if they are installed in the right place. They must be installed in the alleged mole hole. As for poison, it is not always possible to spread it equally throughout the land. But it is a more humane way of fighting moles.

When starting the process of controlling nuisance moles, you better precisely determine all the behavior features of these animals and their activity underground. You may use these observations to find the best mole poison and effectively eliminate moles forever.


Does Mole Poison Work?

Several types of chemicals differ in the active toxic substance. But the principle of work and the result is the same for them. Laid along the inactive mole paths, they emit a pleasant aroma for the animal. The animal eats an appetizing smelling bait and dies from asphyxiation almost immediately.

A deadly effect is also given by special smoke bombs capable of releasing gas underground. They are also laid in mole passages and sprinkled with earth.

Are You Legally Allowed to Kill Moles in Your Yard

Gardeners and farmers are often unhappy when they discover moles on their property and try to kill them in any possible way. However, for example in Germany, it is forbidden to kill moles with poison or cause physical harm to them.

In the USA, it is not forbidden to use mole poison, but in some states such as New York, California, New Hampshire, it is restricted to sell these chemicals.

Moles are protected by law, their destruction threatens the owner of the garden with a fine of up to 50 thousand euros. You can deal with them only with non-violent methods.

Will Rat Poison Kill Moles?

Strong rat poison with immediate action kills moles within 1-1.5 weeks. But even if you decide to destroy these small animals in such an inhumane way, it is not so easy to make a mole swallow this poison.

A mole eats only meat. Therefore, I suggest that you use earthworms cut into pieces and sprinkled with poison as bait. The worms stir for about 20 minutes— as soon as a mole smells meat, it’ll eat it and will not notice poison inside.

How to Safely Use Mole Poison?

When using any chemicals in your garden, you should pay attention to the water level. You have to water the fertile soil abundantly every time before and after you put poison underground. However, read the instructions first.

How to Use Poison?

Before you dig a hole, you should determine the direction of the “tunnels.” You should be very fast when putting the poisoned worms into the tunnel. After this, close the hole with some material and cover it with soil.

Worms should move, showing clear “signs of life.” The mole will have time to react to the prey and eat it. When working with poisons, it is important to take precautions to prevent poisoning yourself, other people and pets.

Concluding Remarks: Do You Need to Use a Mole Poison?

Now you perfectly know that moles are not that dangerous as many think. To fight them, it is enough to choose the best method of rebuffing and follow the instructions If you notice that you need more poison or mole traps, just combine these methods and you will certainly achieve maximum results!

Eventually, I want to bring something significant to your attention. When people start eliminating moles, they often forget that some of them do not die, they simply go to another territory. And this territory may be your neighbors’ garden or cottage, or a nearby forest.

Therefore, when planning this battle, you should warn other people around you, and together you may win this battle. Otherwise, this all does not make any sense.

What do you consider the best mole killer? Which of them seems to be the most effective and why? Maybe you can share your knowledge about some other features of moles?

Do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments!


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  • Moles in the lawn (Kevin Frank, Michigan State University Extension, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences):
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