How Much Is an Exterminator for Mice: Mice Removal Cost Guide (2024 Updated)

If you suddenly see this little rodent in your backyard (or worse – in your house), one of the first things on your mind may be the mouse exterminator cost. The average price is between $170 and $500, while the hardest cases will cost you over $1K.

You may adore mice depicted in stories from Disney to Spiegelman, but these anthropomorphic creatures have nothing in common with those little invaders biting bread on your table and leaving droppings insultingly on the floor.

It’s time to call an exterminator. Let’s dig into how it’s done – at least, in order not to overpay.

Guide on Mouse Exterminator Costs

white mouse in the basket

It’s the numbers you’re here for. So the average cost is between $170 and $500 (unless your case is indeed heavy). An average infestation is way cheaper to fix than to let go of and then deal with consequences.

Mice Exterminator Cost Summary

National Average Cost:$335
Minimum Cost:$150
Maximum Cost:$1,200
Average Range:$170-500

When Should You Call for a Mouse Exterminator?

You might think that one mouse in your house isn’t much of a problem. It’s only correct, though, if it’s a toy or a computer mouse. If you see one rodent running in your kitchen or at your garbage box, it must mean there are more of them. And they are hungry enough to venture out where they can be noticed.

So, one spotted mouse is already a sign that you host too many of them unwillingly. All the diseases they spread and the harm they do to the environment are included.

There are other signs that indicate mouse infestation. You can see little holes in the walls or the floor, droppings in your kitchen or other room, your food eaten by small teeth, bags bitten through, and other traces of their presence. You may be unsure whether these are mice or other rodents, but it’s yet another reason to call an exterminator.

Main Factors of Mouse Exterminator Cost

As you have noticed, the average cost of an exterminator for mice is given as a range, not as a precise sum. Prices may go well beyond that range; in serious situations, rodent removal may cost way more. Here are the factors that impact the final cost for you:

  • The size of your property. The larger the area, the more it will cost to exterminate the rodents there.
  • Infestation severity. The more these little critters are in here already, the more work (and your money) it takes to extinguish them.
  • Location of the infestation. The methods will regard the place where they nest. It makes a difference whether they dwell in your kitchen, in the attic, in the basement, or outdoors.
  • Methods selected. They require different sorts of equipment and expendables (like baits and fog), so the price will also differ.

To bring any certainty on the latter three factors, though, an exterminator should visit and explore your place. The first visit may be free or paid – so both companies and freelance contractors say. But the visit is usually not charged, only if it results in a signed deal.

Mouse Exterminator Price by Infestation Level

the mouse sits on a branch in the forest

While the size of your property is an already known value (and it does not have to be fully infested), the infestation level is probably the most important thing that defines the work to do, the volume, and the methods of it.

If the infestation is defined as “not serious”, it means that there is no mouse population around. There might be one or two mice that started nesting somewhere on your property, but they have not grown in numbers yet. Removing these settlers is the only work to do. Maybe it will take two visits.

Serious mouse infestation cost

To know that the infestation is serious, you must watch for the following symptoms:

  • Mouse droppings along the walls, under the sink or the bath, and especially in the kitchen. They are a rice grain size, usually brown. Even if you see a few of these, it’s a reason to take care.
  • Holes detected in your walls. It might be outer walls or those of your kitchen. Living rooms and corridors are too noisy for mice, and they offer no food. But if you see a mouse hole in one of these, it means the infestation is even more serious.
  • Urine and defecation smell. They are very recognizable – and unpleasant enough to get you wondering. How much is an exterminator for mice? More affordable than tolerating this.
  • Damaged food. These rodents can chew and gnaw the food you leave unhidden or uncovered, eating surprisingly much. They cannot be stopped with plastic bags, chewing them through. Of course, what they leave is inedible at all.
  • Direct presence. You may see them (it’s more probable at night, but if you see one in the daylight, it means these nocturnal creatures are not afraid of you at all). You may hear the noises they make – again, mostly at night.

If you detect any of these, you need to realize that rodent infestation cleanup cost is still much less than the damage a mouse population can do.

Mouse prevention cost

It’s always cheaper to prevent a problem than to deal with its consequences. Mouse prevention (in the perfect world) consists of two major components:

  • Your own actions to prevent the infestation. You need to make your place the most livable for humans and pets yet the least livable for mice. It includes regular ventilation, keeping the property in order (both the house and the yard), leaving no food exposed to pests – it deserves a separate instruction, though.
  • Inspections by a professional pest exterminator. They may notice and detect the clues you do not notice and report you about been-there-done-that rodents.

Mouse treatment cost by treatment type

the mouse is standing over the leaf

One of the most influential factors that shape the overall price for mouse exterminator service is the type of treatment they use. Some of them are quite exotic; others are typical, but way more efficient when applied by a professional.

When the crime scene is explored, you will decide together on the method; but you must be prepared that prices also will depend on it.


Baits are the most common and one of the most efficient methods. It implies that mice are treated with delicious bits (not necessarily cheese or what they like in cartoons), spiced up with special rodent poison. A mouse that eats this bit is doomed.

Yet, it takes some time to extinguish all of them this way. There are also non-poisonous mouse baits, but their efficiency has been proven low.

If you prefer non-violent methods, you can use baits along with cage traps. They let you take your mouse as a prisoner and then relocate it elsewhere. But how do you know it will not return?


Fogging (also known as fumigation) is no doubt the most efficient and the most expensive way of getting rid of mice. It may cost fantastically more than the average cost of rodent removal – from $1000 to the incredible $6000 and even more.

The price includes more than just using the fog. Applying it requires special expertise. Not only does it deliver granted extinction upon the mice, but it also kills other pests (rats, termites, whatever hasn’t been evacuated).

During the fogging, the human inhabitants of the property should be away from it, and so should their pets. On returning, they must be especially careful, as it takes time to ventilate all the fog away.

This method is efficient in a limited number of situations and completely useless against outdoor pests. But if they have multiplied indoors, and you cannot detect their exact location, fogging is the way.


It’s also one of the most popular ways to extinguish mice. Traps are installed in their ways; it takes time for the mouse to get used to the trap and to approach it when attracted by a tasty smell. Then it depends on the type of the trap.

Electronic ones kill mice instantly with electricity. Old type options (so-called jaw mouse traps) either catch it alive or kill it mechanically; these ones, though, are almost out of use now.

This method can be among the cheapest if your infestation case is a minor one. Live mouse trap treatment starts with $250-300. On the other hand, electronic traps are far from cheap thrills (despite they’re thrilling): treatment with these will cost you about $550-750.


This is quite an expensive way to get rid of mice as well, though not as sophisticated and dangerous as fogging them down. Rodenticides are a special sort of pesticides that are most dangerous to rodents – hence the name.

But don’t be fooled by it: rodents are mammals, and so are you (and most of your pets, probably). So, being efficient against mice and rats, rodenticides can be dangerous to the family, including pets. If you decide on rodenticides, you better move away for the extermination time.

The professional mice extermination cost may include special rodenticides. They are, in fact, baits adjusted to rodents’ preferences. This special treatment is rather costly too: the treatment will cost from $750 up to $1000 and maybe more.

Cost of Extermination of Mice by Location

mouse on its hind legs

In fact, mice do not care where to dwell as long as there are food and darkness. That’s not to be said about humans solving the problem.

So, calling an exterminator for mice in the walls of your kitchen or bedroom means that the wall will have to be destroyed and then restored. That’s the only way to get to the nest. It can reach $600 while exterminating the mice that live somewhere else in the living area is just under $400.

It’s easier (and cheaper) if they nest in your basement without damaging the walls, say, in a pile of old laundry.

As for mice in attic removal cost, it’s a bit more expensive and can reach up to $500 and above. The attic procedures imply sealing the attic so the mice cannot escape down from there and then applying the same measures while keeping the living area as safe as possible. On the other hand, it doesn’t take the safety measures necessary for acting in the living area.

It’s the most expensive to exterminate mice in buildings away from the house. While removing mice from your house is up to $500 and from the walls is up to $600, cleaning your garage or barn can be up to $1000.

It’s harder because these objects are more mice-friendly. Rarely visited, rarely seen, not protected so well, they store many edible things humans do not consider as such (like wire coating).

Pets and Kids-Friendly Mouse Control Cost

If you cannot or do not want to remove your family and pets during the deratization process, you must insist on pets- and kids-friendly methods, utilizing only ingredients non-toxic for humans and pets.

Mouse Damage Repair Cost

Despite seemingly less harmful than rats or termites, mice can do enormous harm. The diseases they spread may be terrible. And even if your health doesn’t get affected, your house certainly will. Mice can get to your walls and your food, your car and your wires, your computer hardware (and it will not be the mouse you use for navigation), and your clothes.

DIY vs Hiring a Pro

Doing it yourself is the way our ancestors did, and this way still has some pros. First of all, you know your property as no hired pro does. Second, the experience you achieve can be helpful in case of reinfestation.

Third, even if you have been a stranger to this profession, you will upgrade your mouse exterminator skill. Fourth (last but not least), it may be way cheaper. Given that we live in the YouTube era, instructions on rodent extermination are in excess.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from the mice attack, you probably don’t care at all about all these benefits. All you want is to get rid of them as soon as possible.

That’s when the pro comes in. Professional mice exterminator cost may be higher (but not so much, given that the DIY approach also requires investments), but the result is granted and insured.

How to Hire a Professional

There are large companies on the market, as well as freelance contractors. Their offers may differ in everything – pricing, methods, urgency, and stuff.

How to pick a pro

There are two most popular ways to hire a pro. You can either contact some major company (Terminix, Orkin, Aptive) or search for an independent contractor on Craigslist, Yahoo! Groups, Nextdoor, other social networks.

Both ways have their pros and cons. Come on, ask them: how much does a mouse exterminator cost? The answer will probably be given after the quote in both situations, but the price of indie will probably be more affordable than that of a big company.

On the other hand, reputation is easier to maintain for a corporation than for a freelancer. So if you opt for the latter, listen to recommendations from the friends or neighbors you trust.

Things to discuss with mouse exterminator

  • Licenses. This sort of business is subject to licensing according to your state’s laws. You better check the licenses even before you request a quote to plan further activity. It should be legit in your area and not expired.
  • Estimations. How many mice are probably there in your house? Where do they nest? What methods will be the most efficient?
  • How quickly can an exterminator get rid of mice? How many visits are necessary?
  • Do you have to remove humans and pets during the procedures?
  • What safety measures should you take after the extermination, and how long should you continue?
  • How to prevent the infestation in the future? To answer this, you should learn about the measures to take to prevent further infestations, safety recommendations, as well as monthly or yearly mice control cost.

All these factors define the mice exterminator prices, but not only. If you follow the recommendations, the chances of reinfestation are reducing significantly.

How to Prepare for Treatment

In fact, preparations for treatment are similar to measures to take for preventing the infestation. But it makes sense to emphasize.

  • Clean your house as perfectly as possible. There should be no places mice can hide in. All the old droppings and damaged items should also be removed.
  • Hide all the food, including animal food. It should be either in the fridge or in sealed boxes. It concerns anything, including flour, grains, and all the things humans consider half-stuff, but mice see as edible.
  • Keep the doors to all potentially infested areas open or provide the keys.
  • Find somewhere to keep the pets during the treatment. If there are baits accessible to your pets, they may be attracted and eat it – with no good consequences.

There may be other instructions, depending on the method the exterminator selects. You should take it as seriously as possible. Remember: mice are mammals just like we are. What is dangerous for them may be dangerous for us as well.

Your Actions After Extermination

We have already mentioned that you can take some simple actions to prevent mice from appearing again. Even if your property is mouse-free so far, keep up this work to never learn the rodent removal cost at all.

  • Ventilate your house frequently. It should smell well and tasty, so any unpleasant smell will feel alien. It will keep the mice away as there will be no familiar smells. And if some of them are brave enough to settle there, they will be easier to detect.
  • Sweep and wash the floors daily. The less waste remains on the floor – the fewer mice will like it here. Keep track of your clothes and stuff: piles of garbage are perfect places for mice to nest in. Old-time philosophers even considered that mice could be spontaneously generated in piles of dirty laundry. Luckily or not, in fact, they cannot – but they like to live there.
  • Keep your garbage bins and trash cans closed most of the time. The reasons are obvious.
    Install a smart home system with cameras, lights, and motion sensors. If a mouse is detected, a camera can record it or show it in real-time. A night-vision camera will be even more useful, as mice are nocturnal creatures. Your home security will anyway benefit from it.
  • Fix all the holes mice can get in through. Go around your home and look for holes and cracks.
  • A cat can deter mice by its presence alone. Scientists say it’s the smell of the cat that mice are genetically avoiding. Still, you will need to keep your cat and its place clean.

Mouse Extermination FAQ

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Both large companies and independent contractors tell a lot about their job on their pages. Still, many questions are left to answer.

What does an exterminator do to get rid of mice?

If you mean whether the mice are killed or just removed, the answer will not be too green or humane. Rodent extermination methods are usually lethal (except for trap cages that, in theory, allow for letting the mouse out somewhere else).

So the methods include poisonous baits, electronic and mechanical traps, and even fogging. That’s why humans and pets are often asked to leave the property during the procedure.

Should I get an exterminator for mice?

If there are signs of infestation, you should either call an exterminator or handle the job yourself. The former is usually more affordable and more efficient.

How much does the average exterminator cost?

As we have said, the prices are shaped by various factors. The exact price for you can be calculated after a quote. Still, the average price range is between $170-500. The fewer mice there are, the simpler and the cheaper the treatment is. That’s why you should not wait too long before calling an exterminator.

What if my neighbors don’t follow the recommendations and attract rodents?

Make sure it’s they who let the situation out of control, not you (or your landlord if you live in an apartment). You are an interested party, so don’t feel shy to step up first. Check the reasons why they cannot exterminate the mice.

If they cannot afford the exterminator, maybe they should try DIY methods of prevention and extermination. Apartment dwellers may contact the landlord to intervene.

A suburban property owners association can play the same role if the pests are coming from your neighbor’s yard. There are many methods to affect them before using them (though it may come to this).

Your House Is Not a Mouse Shelter!

Unless you are a Disney top manager, your house should not be a mouse house. So as soon as you see one, consider calling an exterminator. Opting for DIY methods makes sense only if it fits your plans and inclinations. Professionals cost some money, sometimes considerable, but will save you from greater losses.

Have you ever had a rodent infestation on your property? How did you fight it? Any funny or not-funny-at-all situations? Any stories or notes will be welcomed, and every experience matters. So feel free to drop comments or share this post with someone interested.


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