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Bugs That Look Like Stink Bugs: How to See the Difference?

You may think that all bugs are quite similar, and you need the same repellents to get rid of them. Actually, it’s not that simple.

First of all, various insects prefer diverse places in your house and appear in different seasons. Also, some of them are more dangerous.

That’s why you should be able to define the bugs that look like stink bugs and then decide how to manage them. In this article, you will find some tips to determine the bug type correctly.

How to Define the Bug Type

It would be much easier if you knew some of their features. So, you will find the comparison below.

Stink bug vs shield bug

shield bug

To see the difference between stink and shield bugs, you need to look at their coloring. These insects are from the same family, so they both have six legs and long antennae.

However, a shield bug is darker than a stink bug if we talk about autumn. In the summer, the bugs change their color to bright green. Also, the stink species is a little smaller than the shield one ( ¾ inches to 1-2 or even more).

Stink bug vs kissing bug

A kissing bug has a different body shape. Most stink bugs are triangular or shield – that means that their width is almost the same as their length. The vampire insects have an oval and long body with a small head. Also, they are dark-brown or black.

kissing bug

They have got such a name because of the habit of biting people’s faces. You won’t probably know if the bug has bitten you or not. They are nocturnal creatures. These insects carry diseases (while stink bugs are not dangerous to people), that’s why you should know for sure when kissing bugs enter your house.

Stink bug vs assassin bug

There are thousands of assassin bugs’ types. But some of their features are similar and make it easy to discern them. They have a more colorful body than stink bugs. The patterns can be brown, red, orange, yellow, or black.

assassin bug in the Garden

Also, their legs are more similar to the cricket type than to bug’s one. The body length is the same as stink bugs have – about ¾ inches. However, some types can be bigger. You should also be careful because assassin bugs can bite people at night too.

Stink bug vs bed bug

The bed bugs are challenging to see because they are about ⅕ inches in length. Another reason why you won’t see them is that they like to hide in the wall or floor cracks or attack your bed. Bed bugs can bite people at night.

bed bug on the hair

However, they are not as dangerous as assassin or kissing bugs. It’s not so easy to get rid of bed bugs because they are small and can leave without feeding for 70 days. They have light brown coloring and shorter antennae than stink bugs.

Stink bug vs soldier bug

soldier bug

Soldier bugs are of stink bug look alike type in many characteristics, so it will be really complicated to identify them. But there are two essential features that make them special.

First of all, soldier bugs have a solid brown spot at the back tip at the center. Also, the shoulder’s lines are more pronounced than stink bugs have. If you look closer, the antennae are also more straight.

Stink bug vs squash bug

squash bug on the leaf

Some people think that those bugs are the same. However, they have some differences in appearance and behavior. Squash bugs are longer than stink bugs.

Also, they have a darker coloring, and their back legs are bigger. Most squash bugs prefer your garden to your house, but you should be careful because they have the same foul odor when they’re squashed.

Common Questions About the Bugs

Here are some other tips on coping with diverse bug types.

Why is the stink bug named stink bug?

The reason is when you squash them, they release an unpleasant odor. That’s why you should stop and think for a second before you do something when you see a bug.

Are squash bugs and stink bugs the same?

They are not the same insects. I have provided their comparison above, so you will be able to see the difference when you meet them.

Is it difficult to get rid of bugs?

It all depends on the bug type. If they’re smaller and faster, it will be a little more complicated to cope with them. However, pesticides and devices are quite effective nowadays.

Be Aware of the Bug Types You Meet

Bugs similar to stink bugs are not a challenge for you now. Take a look at today’s comparison if you doubt whether it’s a stink bug, a kissing bug, or something else. Remember that if a bug looks like a stink bug, it doesn’t mean that they need the same prevention or repellent.

Have you ever faced stink bugs or other similar-looking bug types? How did you get rid of them? What stink bug sprays did you use? Please, share your comments in the section below.


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