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Best Raccoon Bait in 2024: Expert Reviews

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Hi, it’s Nicholas back! As you already know – I have to deal with adorable yet infuriating critters, just like everyone else. Flying squirrels, groundhogs, feral foxes — over the years, I battled and exiled all of them. But none are as cunning as raccoons.

It’s tough to catch one without a good raccoon bait. The problem is their IQ — it’s terribly high. Younger raccoon generations aren’t as gullible as their ancestors. They learn new tactics of avoiding traps. They learn to risk less and be more cautious. They know that canned food can be dangerous.

So, you will need a very tempting offer to make them lose their guard. I’ve prepared my top 5 personal picks, so you know what to put in a raccoon trap. So, as they say in Pallet Town, let’s catch them all!

portrait of a raccoon

Top 5 Best Raccoon Baits

    1. AuSable Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait 1 lb Bag
    2. Coon Gitter Works Good in Dp & cage Sets Nuisance
    3. Pete Rickard’s LC260 Fish Oil
    4. Lenon’s Raccoon Super All Call Lure 4 oz. Jar
    5. Wildlife Research Center Hard-Core Raccoon Lure #1

1. AuSable Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait 1 lb Bag: The Best Bait to Trap Raccoons


  • Flavor: Four Different Flavors In Each Batch
  • Item Form: Pellet 
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Works for Both Dog Proof Traps & Live Cage Traps
  • Target Pests: Raccoons

AuSable is a pellet-type raccoon trap bait. As far as I know, it’s used by some pest control specialists. The thing is, AuSable has a distinct odor.

I guess its mixture combines fish oil, intestines and some sort of cereals. At least, I noticed corn grains. And sweet corn is like a magnet to these little trash raiders. Once they smell/spot it, their munching instincts kick in.

AuSable claims that it’s dog-proof. It must be formulated a bit incorrectly because I personally saw a dog feasting on a similar bait. So if you have a canine resident at your house, lock him in when laying the trap.

All in all, AuSable is the best bait to trap raccoons. It’s well-balanced. It’s not toxic or poisonous, so you don’t need to worry about your pets. And its smell is strong enough to attract even the pickiest coons.

  • tempting smell;
  • not poisonous;
  • attracts raccoons easily.
  • loses 70% of its smell if wet.

2. Coon Gitter Bait: Easy & Foolproof Raccoon Trap Bait


  • Works for Both Dog Proof Traps & Live Cage Traps
  • Item Form: Pellets
  • Item Weight: 12 Ounces
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 8 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Target Pests: Raccoons, Mice

Gitter Bait is the second best bait for raccoon trap on my personal preference list. Here’s why: even the cleverest and most watchful varmints can’t resist it. Seriously, it takes merely an hour or so for this bait to work its magic. (During the nighttime).

Simply lay a snack trail that leads to the trap, then put some inside. I guess the bait was designed specifically for raccoons. As soon as they enter your yard, the smell will trigger their natural gluttony instinct.

Frankly speaking, I don’t believe that almost any of the baits are dog-proof. Dogs, just like raccoons, are food opportunists. But I think that stray dogs won’t get a chance to savor this bait — raccoons will outpace them. Besides, I think it’s also a raccoon bait that cats won’t eat. It’s simply not their cuisine.

Coon Gritter is a universal ‘snack’. It can be used with DP and mechanical cage traps. Just follow the simple rules:

  1. Lock your doggo in;
  2. Set a trap for a night;
  3. Place the snare as close as possible to the raccoon traffic.

So, if deraccoonization of your garden has been a goal for a while, this bait might do the trick. If raccoons are finally exiled, you can also use it to bait other animals: opossums, feral dogs, etc.

  • toxin-free;
  • affordable:
  • designed according to raccoon food preferences.
  • may attract rodents.

3. Pete Rickard’s LC260 Fish Oil: Raccoon Magnet


  • Item Form: Oil
  • Item Volume: 4 fl.oz.
  • Package Weight: 0.15 Pounds
  • Package Dimensions: L x W x H ‎3.3 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Use Alone Or As A Lure Base

Our next item comes from the brand famous among hunters. Pete Rickard’s scents are used by enthusiasts and professionals to hunt deer, train dogs, disguise human presence, and so on.

LC260 is a vial filled with 118 ml. of pure fish oil. Do raccoons eat fish? Yes. They are known for their passion for fishy, be it fresh, canned, or smoked. But throwing away a whole can of tuna just to catch one little rascal… Sounds impractical.

So, instead, you can sprinkle LC 260 over a piece of bread, dog/cat food, or a biscuit. Fish oil has a very distinct smell — it attracts a rogue raccoon instantly.

Just avoid spilling it on your hands or clothes. The scent can be washed away, sure. But it’s annoying to smell like a salmon or tilapia anyway. A little downside I found is that cats also like the smell. But it’s the best coon bait when it comes to emulating natural fish odor.

  • strong smell;
  • economical;
  • made for professional hunters;
  • can be used as a vitamin supplement for a pet.
  • may attract cats.

4. Lenon’s Raccoon Super All Call Lure: One of the Top Reliable Raccoon Bait for Live Traps


  • Scent: Smelling Musk, Powerful Essential Oils 
  • Item Form: Paste Blend
  • Item Volume: 4 fl.oz. 
  • Positive Action Assured At Both Dry Land And Water Sets
  • Target Pests: Raccoons

The brand behind this bait has some history. Lenon Lures have been making baits for all types of the game since 1924!

I’m not sure which components it includes. But there is a strong presence of smoked beans or something. Raccoons can be vegans too, and vegetables are one of their beloved treats. (Especially covered with honey).

What I like about this bait is that it’s durable. It doesn’t lose smell while in the open air for a long time. Even moody weather can’t spoil it much.

It’s not too pricey. But one jar won’t last for too long: 1-2- times max. At the same time, Lenon’s formula never seems to disappoint. And raccoons come for this bait like zombies for brains. So, it’s one of the top reliable raccoon bait for live traps, in my opinion.

  • brand reputation;
  • endures open air and weather;
  • appeals specifically to raccoons.
  • one jar per ambush.

5. Wildlife Research Hard-Core Raccoon Lure #1: Irresistible Scent


  • Scent: 100% pure, uncut calling 
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Item Volume: 4 fl.oz.
  • Item Weight: 0.3 pound
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.75 x 4.5 x 1.25 inches

WRC is a company that specializes in producing baits for every animal: from elk to coyote. Their raccoon lure seems to be intriguing. It’s a scientifically mixed potion that has a strong and somewhat sweet scent. And as we know, raccoons have a sweet tooth!

Why I like Lure #1 is that it’s weather-resistant. Its structure is oil-based, which means no raindrops or snow can mess your bait up. Just sprinkle it over a piece of food and voilà. Besides, it doesn’t contain any artificial thickening agents.

So, its delicious, saccharine smell is perfect to bait raccoon. And one more thing: I haven’t tested it personally yet, but I think dogs will show zero interest in it.

  • noticeable aroma;
  • attracts sweet-craving coons;
  • water-resistant;
  • doesn’t trigger dogs.
  • pricier than other lures.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

raccoon in the grass

How to Attract Raccoons?

Any raccoon trap food from my list can do the job. But if you’re worried about the venture’s success, then add some extra elements – a piece of rotten watermelon, a chicken egg, maybe some sweet corn.

Basically, it depends on your anti-raccoon budget. If you want to catch the pesky coon within 20 minutes — sprinkle some fish oil over the cooked fat meat. I guess this combo will overpower fear instincts of the most watchful little varmint.

If you have a big dog, make sure it stays inside the house during the ambush time. A bigger barking beast will scare the intruder away. Also, check that there’s no buzzing radio in your yard/garden, as raccoons are intimidated by the human voice.

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What Do Raccoons Eat in the Wild?

What do raccoons eat… It’s a tough question, actually. It’s easier to name what they don’t like. Now and then, they are so desperate to fill their fluffy tummies, so they steal alligator eggs. So, if we’re talking about feral coons, then it can be literally anything.

raccoon lies on a log

They steal corn from the fields. They raid nests and nick freshly laid eggs. If you have a hen house and your area is populated by raccoons — your birds are certainly in danger.

Berries, apples, wild honey, sunflowers, carrots are also on their menu. So, your garden can be quite alluring to them.

In cities, raccoons gormandize on trash. The garbage pandas favor pizza leftovers, expired dairy, watermelon rind, sausage wrappers and even potato peels. So, basically, all of their food choices have a strong and saturated odor. It’s a universal rule to follow when ambushing one.

How to Make Raccoon Bait?

Actually, it’s easy to make one! As we know, coons react to smell. So here comes the ouch part — you will need to make something with an unpleasant tinge of rottenness.

The best homemade bait is fish-based. Be it a canned fishy or a freshly caught carp — it doesn’t matter. What matters is that before putting it in the snare, you should let it spend a day in the sun. Keep it away from your house as far as possible, though.

two raccoons in a tree

Cat or dog food can also do the trick. But only if the raccoon dwells somewhere near. Otherwise, its smell won’t reach his lair.

The most important part is to know where the raccoon traffic is. To identify it – think about where and when you usually see the little perpetrators.

The Great Baitsky

I hope my top 5 picks will solve your coon issue in no time. Use any from the list as they all are a safe choice. They aren’t dangerous for your pets. They don’t harm the animal. And at a small price, you will stop the raccoon invasion.

I will test and review more anti-raccoon products in the future, so stay tuned. If you have tried some from my today’s list or know any great alternatives — feel free to share your knowledge in the comments section!


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