How to Keep Mice Away from Your Bed

You need to learn fast how to keep mice away from your bed if you have noticed them near your room. These rodents carry numerous diseases and can bite you. While they look like cartoonish Jerry character, there is nothing cute about them. Unlike several decorative species that are bred specifically to live in the cage in your house, mice are wild, unpredictable, hard to catch, and dangerous. Even if they don’t touch you, they can leave their droppings and urine everywhere in your house. You start asking yourself: “Will mice come near me while I sleep”? If that’s the case, you have to act before you can check out this theory.

Guide to Keeping Mice Far From Your Bed

Here is how you can keep annoying pests away from your bed:

  • Put the mouse traps everywhere in your house;
  • Seal all the holes in the walls;
  • Keep all your rooms clean. Don’t forget to wash and clean cupboards;
  • Take your cat to sleep in your room;
  • Remove your bed to a place mice will not reach you.

Mouse near bed

Helpful Recommendations to Keep Your Bed Clean From Mice

If you stumble upon droppings near your bed, you may witness a mice infestation. You have to act immediately in this case. Normally, mice would avoid human beings at any cost. If you see the signs of infestation, the rodents have a nearby nest. You may suffer from mice bite while sleeping, which is highly dangerous for your health.

Why Mice Invade Homes

Let’s start with the simple question. We used to think that mice prefer to live outside, making nests in the pile of old leaves. It is not entirely true. If mice can make a nest in your house, they would prefer this safe space over staying outside during cold autumns and winters. They don’t necessarily have to go close to your bedroom. Mice can dwell without being noticed in the attic, garage, or workshop. That’s what attracts them:

  • The garbage you leave. Think about the trash you have in the house. Mice think about it too, considering it as their free food: the crumbs you leaver, the opened cans, and garbage bins. Mice are not picky at all;
  • Water. Mice need to drink. Check all the possible ways to get access to the water: leaking pipes or puddles nearby;
  • Cracks that already exist in the walls. After you have gathered all the crumbs and stopped the leakage, don’t forget to fix all the holes and cracks in the walls. They are perfect for building nests inside.

Ways to Keep Mice Off the Bed

Can mice climb beds? Yes, they sure do. They can crawl on your bed, sofa, or inside the cupboard if their goal is water or food. These rodents may also consider your bed an obstacle on their way to the nest. It happens rarely, but still, they can just run around to get from one place to another.

Move Your Bed

You may start by moving your bed to a different place so that you can fight mice better. There will be no obstacles in front of you, and you may start using traps and repellents there. Some homeowners also try to put the bed higher, so mice would not get into it. Yet, I am not sure about this idea since mice are quite good at this sport.

Don’t get me wrong. Once you move the bed, you can’t relax; it’s just the beginning. While it may take some time, sleeping far from the mouse’s nest is safer.

Use Fresh Cab

After you move the bed, use the repellent like Fresh Cab. It is simple and reliable. Moreover, you don’t need a pest control specialist to waste your money on. You have to be careful with it, though. Make sure there are no people sleeping in the room. Wear protective goggles and gloves to avoid getting poisoned by repellent. You have to wait for some time before coming inside the room.

I recommend repellent mainly because it acts fast. If you have allergies to ingredients, you can still try natural sprays, like:

  • Camphor mix;
  • Ammonia, which you have to mix with two spoons of detergent, and a quarter of water. You will need 2 cups of ammonia for it;
  • Peppermint oil will scare away mice since they don’t like the aroma;
  • Pepper.

Use Safe Mouse Traps

Traps can be handy as well: they will let you find out if you have mice and help you get rid of them. The main advantage of the trap is that it is not toxic. The disadvantage is that you have to deal with the corps by yourself. It also takes longer to eliminate all the mice in your house using the traps. It is faster to poison them or scare them away from your home using specific tools like electronic repellents.

Mouse in trap


It is always better to take the situation under control and prevent mice intrusion than to fight them when they are already there. If you worry about such a possibility, it means you have your reasons for it. Maybe your neighbors suffer from mice infestation, or perhaps you have seen these rodents in your garden. Here is what you can do about it.

Close Gaps and Holes

This is the first thing you have to do to secure your house. Why? Mice are vulnerable to cold temperatures. Each cold season they search for a place in the house. Do mice like cold rooms? Not really, but they still prefer to live in the cold room or behind the wall, surrounding themselves with any garbage they find instead of freezing outside. You have to be extremely careful every autumn-winter season.

Examine your house for small tiny holes and cracks. They can be on the walls, behind the cupboards, fridge, attic, or basement. Check out everything. Take some time to make a thorough inspection. Watch and listen for their noises.

Wet Waste Management

Initiate the wet waste management of your garbage if you have not done it yet. While dry wastes can attract mice, wet wastes lying and decaying in the bin attract rodents even more. It is better to get rid of them as soon as possible. Put the moist leftovers outside and keep them there. Any organic food waste must be separated and put in a separate bin.

Maintain Cleanliness

Clean the mess in your house, including the clothing thrown everywhere. Do mice eat clothes? Yes, they do. They don’t have specific preferences for staying alive and feeding their numerous descendants. That is why it is essential to keep your house clean. If they can’t find the food, they will leave the place.

Checking Your Ceiling

If you wonder whether mice can crawl on the ceiling, they probably can’t. However, they can crawl through the walls and settle down in the holes and cracks in the ceiling corners. If there is a wooden beam, mice can easily crawl on it and settle down in the ceiling’s spot if you have one. They can dwell on it if there is a way to get out. You have to scrutinize everything, not only the walls.

FAQ on Miceless Bed

If you want to live peacefully, you have to learn from your enemy and destroy it. I have collected the most popular questions you may want to ask on the Internet. If you have more to add to my comments, you can do it below.

Will Sleeping with Lights on Keep Mice Away?

Perhaps the first time, mice will be scared. Yet, after some time, they will quickly understand that nothing happens even if the lights are on. Apart from the fact that it is not practical, you’ll spend a fortune on electricity bills. There are more effective ways to keep mice away of your bed.

Mouse on the bad

Does Bleach Keep Mice Away from Your Bed?

I should say, it can keep anyone far from the bed. Bleach is not a great solution which does not repel mice. Instead, it may poison the person who sleeps in bed. Bleach may kill mice only if the rodent eats it a lot.

Where Do Mice Hide During the Day?

During the day, you will not find mice running around. They will be sleeping, safely hidden in their nests. They accumulate enough power to wake up at night and bother your family and you. Mice prefer to sleep somewhere warm, so they build their nest from soft and pleasant materials like cotton or cardboard.

Healthy Sleep Without Mice

If you are tired of the constant tension, thinking that mice might attack you while you sleep, you need to make sure that it will not happen. Follow my recommendations on mice extermination and prevention. Scrutinize your house carefully and make sure you deal with mice, not other pests and rodents specifically.

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Have you ever had mice in your house before? How have you gotten rid of them? You can share your ideas in the comments below.


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