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When you attack these annoying pests in your house, you have to make sure it is successful. How do you know when all the mice are gone? There are several signs you should consider. This article will help you make sure that you did not miss anything. If you find mice droppings or any other marks of the rodent mentioned here, take urgent measures. You shouldn’t relax even if you believe there is only one mouse left. You would hate to see its children running around, causing the damage to your beloved house.

Guide to Signs That Mice Are Gone

Here’s the evidence we will discuss here:

  • Mice keep showing up in front of you. What time do mice come out? Try to define it and trace their hiding spots;
  • They damage your chairs, wires, or pillows;
  • You occasionally find droppings belonging to these pests;
  • Noises that mice can produce;
  • Smell that mice can make from their hiding places.

Grey mouse on the ground

Checking Out the House

Sometimes mice can leave with no extra effort from you. However, check out your house right after taking the first measures to get rid of mice. No matter if you did something or not, check if they are still there. How to know when mice are gone? Read this detailed guide.

Signs to Look for When Checking if the Mice are Gone

Keep an eye on details. Mice are not that simple to find because they are fast and hide in unexpected places, far from human eyes. Yet, they are not invincible or invisible. You need to check some signs of infestation to ensure no rodents are left.

No Showing Up of Mice

It is a good sign if you don’t see mice running around you. Even one mouse can be dangerous. Seeing it indicates more somewhere close and confirms that your previous measures were useless. When do mice come out? It is important to know that nocturnal rodents lead an active lifestyle at night. You will not see them during the day.

Mice do not have to show up in front of humans to get food. They can patiently wait till everyone gets asleep or leave the house for work. While they are not as smart as Tom & Jerry’s, they may feel the presence of human beings. Eventually, you will see one of them during the daylight if the home is infested. In such a case, rodents feel more comfortable coming out from their hiding spots.

No New Damage

Will mice return to disturbed nest? It depends on how badly the nest is damaged. If you have destroyed the nest but left the mice, they will probably start looking for a new one. The best way to get the new one is to make a new hole. You will notice them if you search for some time.

Forget about the arches you have seen in cartoons. The holes can be ways smaller and less neat. The mice need to squeeze inside and stay unnoticed. Search for the newly appeared holes in the walls. Apart from that, mice have to chew something. You can check out the electric wires, damaged wooden furniture, and fabric. If they have nothing to eat, they can damage the carpets in the room.

No Droppings

If you don’t see mice feces, it may signify that rodents have left the place, and your measures were successful. Droppings are the first sign of the mice’s presence that people usually find. It is easier to find them than rodents. What do you need to look for? Pay attention to black or brown small oval-shaped feces that look like rice grains. They can usually be found in the cupboards, beneath the table’s legs, any kitchen units, and even the grills or toasters. If the droppings you have seen are bigger than rice, you probably have rats in your house.

No More Scratching Sound in the Walls

If you don’t see any mice around, it does not mean you are safe. Keep listening to the noises in your house. Scratching sounds may be almost impossible to hear. Turn off any music, TV, or air conditioning. The faint sounds from behind the walls would mean 100 percent bad news for you.

If you want to discern any sounds, try to stay noiseless. Once rodents hear you, they stop everything. Squeaking sounds may be more active during the nighttime.

No More Stinking Smell

If you don’t see or hear mice, there’s one more sign of their presence! They are stinky creatures, with their urine smelling quite strong. Since mice don’t quite control where they urinate, you may feel the smell almost everywhere where they run. It is a perfect way to find their traces. The smelliest place is near their nest. If you feel a strong odor, the infestation is severe, and you need to act.

It is recommended to clean all the territory and remove any suspicious odor. After that, you have to wait. If you notice that a new stinky smell appears, it means that mice did not leave your house. The scent is the simplest way to find out about house infestation. Yet, remember that this smell may belong to rats.

No Sign of Recent Activity

Will mice leave if no food? They can survive on the wood inside the walls for some time. You may not notice them for years until you can finally catch them. It would mean that their population has extended significantly, and now they need to chew your furniture and food you leave in the kitchen.

They may also leave the dirt on your floor. Mice are not the cleanest creatures, so you may notice their marks once in a while. Check out the floor and tables every day to ensure that there are no signs of recent activities there.

There are bags of food that mice can target. Check out your packages of cereal, flour, and rice. Make sure that they are whole and not damaged. If you have the food stored in the basement or the attic, you need to check it too. This food is the first thing mice find at your house. Small creatures like mice can easily steal food for many months or years without even being noticed.

Brown mouse in the grass

Wrong Season

The time of the year is significant for mice. They are searching for a safe haven in winter. They can leave your house in the summer. Usually, they leave in May if there are no proper conditions in your house. Do mice come back every year to the place they consider the perfect shelter? The answer is yes. They can even settle down in the old nest if it is not ruined. You have to watch closely for the new signs of mice. Late autumn and winter are the most dangerous times when mice search for protection from severe weather and extreme cold. If there are no leaves in your garden where they can hide, they will damage your walls, getting inside.


I have collected the most frequently asked questions about mice and their presence in your house. I hope my answers will help you better understand how to search for signs of these rodents. Check them out.

Do Mice Return to the Same Place?

Yes, mice can quickly return to the place where they received food and had shelter. If there is no alternative, they will come back no matter how bad you treat them. That is why it is crucial to throw away the corpses and everything left from the mice infestation as far as possible from your house.

Mouse on the desk

Should I Rid of Mouse Urine Odor After Mice Left My House?

Yes, you have to eliminate the mouse urine odor as fast as possible. It can attract other mice who think of your house as a trustable shelter. Make sure that there is no urine left.

Is It Worth Treating the House from Rodents Periodically?

Check periodically for any signs of rodent infestation. If you live in an area where mice and other rodents usually attack, you can treat the house from them once in a while. You can buy traps and set them from time to time to make sure there are no mice in your house.

House Without Mice Signs

While it may sound like a hard job to do, especially if your house is constantly under threat, you can secure yourself from mice. Once you have dealt with the nest, check for the signs of their absence. Make sure you got rid of them for good. Keep in mind that mice can come back to your place even after you kill some of them. Search for the marks of infestations using this helpful guide.

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