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Does Heat Kill Fleas: Pest Control at Home

The issue “does heat kill fleas” is relevant for pet owners – especially when the warm season comes. An animal’s body temperature is a perfect habitat for fleas. After returning from outside, pets can bring fleas on them. You may find the parasites in clothing, furniture, and carpets. Fleas begin to annoy not only your pet but also you. Their bites are unpleasant and dangerous for both pets and people.

How To Get Rid of Fleas:

  1. Find out where fleas live in your house or in the yard.
  2. Learn what temperature kills fleas.
  3. Choose a suitable way of heat treatment of affected objects.
  4. Make sure to get rid both of fleas and their eggs.
  5. Take preventative measures to ensure that the pests do not reappear.

Guide on How to Ger Rid of Fleas

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If you decide to get rid of fleas on your own or without the use of special chemicals, you should learn more about them. Do fleas die in heat? Where do they live? What conditions do they prefer? Let’s take a closer look at the topic.

Can heat kill fleas?

It is comfortable for fleas to live in the warmth. That’s why, hiding in the fur of your pet, pests enter the house and begin to produce actively. If you notice one flea in the house, chances are they have already invaded the whole house.

They may be in your warm bed or on your clothes. Among the ways to kill pests, heat treatment for fleas with hot water or steam may be the most effective. However, it is important to observe the correct temperature conditions and humidity. This will help to get rid of the pests as soon as possible.

What temperature kills fleas

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Fleas live comfortably at temperatures up to 95℉. Temperatures higher than 95℉ kill them. So when it comes to heat treating things, they should be dried or washed at the highest possible temperature. Outdoors, pests die on their own if temperatures stay above 95 ℉ for two days.

How to kill fleas with heat

To kill fleas in the house, you need to treat all the places where they can live. Often these are clothes, carpets, furniture, and your pet’s sleeping place. Clothes should be washed in the washing machine, in hot water, and with plenty of laundry detergent. Then the clothes should be rinsed well. The combination of hot water, soapy water, and the vibrations of the washing machine will help the fleas to leave your clothes. In an effort to get rid of fleas, don’t forget the properties of your clothes.

After washing, place the clothes in the dryer and dry them at the maximum temperature allowed. Drying will help finish off any fleas that may have survived the wash.
Do the same with your pet’s bedding, bed linen, towels, etc. You can try gently steaming or ironing things that cannot be washed in a washing machine.


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And in addition, a few more answers on the subject. This information will also help you get rid of the hated fleas.

Does heat kill flea eggs?

Temperatures above 95 degrees are destructive to flea eggs. Therefore, if fleas lay eggs in your clothes or furniture, heat treatment will help get rid of them.

Does cold weather kill fleas?

Fleas die if the air temperature drops below freezing for several days. However, their eggs or larvae simply hibernate at low temperatures and wake up when the air temperature rises.

Do fleas like wet or dry conditions?

Humidity plays an important role in the existence of fleas. Warm, humid places are the ideal environment for the pests to live and breed. In order for the fleas to die, the humidity must not reach 70%.

To Sum It Up

As you can see, if you have fleas in your house, it doesn’t always mean you need to treat the house with poisonous chemicals since the heat kills fleas and their eggs. But for effective control, you need to be well aware of the conditions in which fleas live and breed. Understand the potentially dangerous places where they may appear. And also take into account the climatic conditions of the region in which you live.

If you take preventive measures, regularly check your pets for the presence of pests, and expose things to heat treatment, fleas will not bother you.

Have you faced the problem of fleas in your home? Share your methods of getting rid of the pests.

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