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Best Mosquito Nets for Beds: Complete Guide

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Mosquitoes are dangerous not only for your damaged nerves and mood. Their bites itch and cause discomfort and swelling. This can last from 3 to 5 days. More significant outcomes include serious allergic reactions and mosquito-borne diseases. Thus choosing one of the best mosquito nets for bed is very important.

A sleeping person is vulnerable, and the mosquito is most likely to bite you. Read on if you don’t want to spend the whole night chasing numerous mosquitos entering your bedroom.

5 Best Mosquito Nets for Beds Reviewed

I’ve made up this list based on my experience and professional knowledge. You can find a suitable solution here:

  1. EVEN NATURALS Netting: Best Mosquito Net for Bed;
  2. EVEN NATURALS Pop-Up Tent: Best for Easy Usage;
  3. Tedderfield X-Large Canopy: Best Mosquito Net for Size;
  4. Universal Backpackers Net: Most Comfortable Canopy;
  5. AIFUSI Net for Bed: Most Universal Mosquito Netting.

1. EVEN NATURALS Netting: Best Mosquito Net for Bed

This top-notch, efficient netting has a typical structure and is easy to install. I have one in my bedroom, and I don’t regret it.

The item is packed in a special case and has electronic instructions attached. The mesh is white and made of thin material. It’s long and wide enough to completely cover any bed, from the children’s model to the king-size one. It comes with an ultra-lightweight flexible plastic frame with adjustable height, a hook for a lamp, and mounts.

  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to install and use;
  • Versatile;
  • Compact;
  • Ultra-fine mesh.
  • Synthetic fabric.

2. EVEN NATURALS Pop-Up Tent: Best for Easy Usage

I presented this mosquito tent for the bed to my relatives. They reported they were pleased with utmost comfort and protection due to the pleasant material, light frame, and additional fittings.

Its structure is standard for all conical nettings. You don’t have to use a drill and leave marks on the wall to assemble the netting. The mesh is packed in a special case, which contributes to convenient storage.

  • Extra fine mesh;
  • Very easy and quick to install by 1 person;
  • Lightweight;
  • Stylish design, different sizes, and colors;
  • You can additionally use it in the garden or play area for kids.
  • Might seem a bit cramped at first.

3. Tedderfield X-Large Canopy: Best Mosquito Net for Size

This set construction is straightforward: A white polyester mosquito net over the bed with an entrance from 1 side, a frame, a rope, and fastening. The mesh is remarkably fine, which protects against mosquitoes and many other smaller insects.

The frame is made of sustainable metal, which is comfortably assembled for transportation. The mesh size is 2 times larger than standard options for king-size beds.

  • Lightweight;
  • 1 person can easily and quickly cope with installation;
  • Extra-fine mesh;
  • You can use it in the bedroom, garden, and play area for kids.
  • It would be more comfortable with one more door.

4. Universal Backpackers Net: Most Comfortable Canopy

I got this net as a present from my parents. The manufacturer has supplied this product with a thin, fine polyester mesh, which adds strength and elasticity but preserves ventilation at the same time. The square-shaped net features 2 entrances.

This smart design helps you comfortably climb into the bed and prevents mosquitoes sitting on it from biting you. They can do it if you have a conical model with a snug fit of the mesh to the skin.

  • Lightweight and comfortable;
  • You can easily cope with the installation by yourself;
  • Extra fine mesh;
  • Different colors are available.
  • The strings are not designed for moving around.

5. AIFUSI Net for Bed: Most Universal Mosquito Netting

I got this net from my friends. The fine mesh is made of polyester, and the large size fits almost all bed types. The price makes a great advantage.

The only thing missing was the bottom weights. I only realized it when I came up with the idea to use this grid outside. However, I quickly found a way out and fixed this item with garden furniture.

  • Versatile;
  • Extra fine mesh;
  • Easy to install;
  • You can use it outside as well;
  • Stylish design.
  • No bottom weights.

Bed Mosquito Net Buyer’s Guide

Now let’s try to figure out why and how to use mosquito nets. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Read on to understand what to look for when choosing such protection.

Why you need a mosquito net for your bed, pros, and cons

When looking for a natural, ecological, and humane alternative to a mosquito repellent, you can consider bed nets. It is not always possible to use a repellent, for example, if you have an allergy, asthma, or individual intolerance. Repellents are also not the best solution for small children or indoor usage. In such a situation, it is worth using a mosquito net.

These nets protect you from bloodsuckers and provide you with restful sleep. Their advantages are:

  • such products are not chemical;
  • they do not have a strong odor;
  • Mosquito nets don’t cause allergies.

No product is ideal, so here are some cons to consider:

  • mosquito nets only protect you while you’re inside;
  • these nets are made from synthetic materials;
  • it can be hot inside.


What to look for in a mosquito net for the bed

When choosing, you need to pay attention to many factors. All this can affect the quality and service lines of your purchase.

Fabric and material

It is better to give preference to fabrics with a finer weave. At the same time, the material must be durable and not tear. It is better to have additional reinforcing fittings in places of increased wear such as at seams, folds, near the frame, and fasteners.

The material should not heat up quickly: Efficient ventilation is the key to your comfort. The fabric should be odorless, ideally untreated with repellents. Bright material might get shed due to the poor-quality paint, so you should be attentive while making a decision.


Accessories for your mosquito bed canopy should be easy to use. There should be no difficulties with the installation even if you do it alone and without professionals. It is better to look for 2 entrances because it ensures more mobility and autonomy. The fabric should be intact, without visible signs of damage and tears. Look for the odorless material that hasn’t been treated with repellents.


Do not forget that the mesh must be washable. For hygienic purposes, you should wash it once a month. This way, you will avoid dust buildup and prevent dust allergies. It is better to wash delicate material manually for more gentle treatment.

Instructions and correct use

You should install bug netting for beds and take care of these items according to the instructions. This will help you to use one longer. Do not use electrical appliances near mosquito nets as this may cause a fire. Tuck the edges of the net under the mattress to prevent insects from getting under the net. If you choose to use a mesh in windy weather, do not forget to fix the edges with something heavy.

one more bed with mosquito net


Pay attention to the length and width of the canopy. It must completely cover the bed for which it is intended; otherwise, it will not perform its functions. The height matters since the net can reach the face if you hang it too low.

FAQ About Mosquito Bed Nets

After reading my reviews and guide, you might still have questions on this topic. Here I have answered the most frequently asked ones.

How do you hang a mosquito net on a bed?

It is better to hang the net according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which depend on the specific model. In general, the mesh should cover the bed as much as possible and leave no gaps. It is better to tuck the ends into the mattress. Adjust the height so that the bed is completely covered with the net.

How long do mosquito nets last?

It depends on the specific model (material, technology, and manufacturer) and your manner of usage. On average, these nets serve from 3 to 5 years, with proper and careful care — up to 7 years. I don’t recommend using them afterward because they might have holes into which mosquitoes can penetrate.

Can mosquitoes bite through nets?

Yes, this is possible. Mosquito netting for bed doesn’t guarantee insects won’t bite you. This can happen when the mesh is too close to you. Mosquitoes sitting outside will be able to bite you even through it. Most often, they bite the face and legs, which are closest to the edge of the netting.

How do you hang a mosquito net without nails?

There are special fasteners for this purpose, which do not leave marks, unlike nails. If the design of your bed allows it, you can simply put the net on top and pull down the edges, covering the entire bed.

Right Mosquito Bed Net for Rejuvenating Sleep

Bed nets for mosquitoes are an ecological and humane way to protect yourself from mosquitoes without chemical repellents and strong odor during sleep. Based on their parameters and goals, everyone can choose the right product for themselves.

My favorite is EVEN NATURAL’s mosquito net. I hope my recommendations and experience will help you make the right choice and not get lost in all the diversity. Do you use a mosquito net, and which of the options do you like the most? You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments.


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