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Do Roach Traps Work? Most Effective Solution

Cockroaches are always a very unpleasant find, which is difficult to get rid of. In the search for cockroach remedies, you can come across methods that do not work at all and only waste your time. Therefore, it is important not to kill pests alone but to destroy the entire nest at once.

Traps are among the well-known and economical methods to get rid of roaches. You might wonder “do roach traps work. and how effective are they?” In this article, I will talk about different types of traps and how to place them properly.

Do Roach Traps Work?
Yes. Roach traps work by luring the pests into a small space with a food source, and then either trapping or poisoning them. Roach traps can be made from a variety of materials, including cardboard, plastic, metal, and wood.

cockroach in front of the trap

Do Cockroach Traps Work? Brief Guide

  • Traps work if you use them properly;
  • Choose one or more traps depending on the level of infestation;
  • Place them in a humid, warm place with the largest accumulation of cockroaches;
  • Replace the trap with a fresh one when the dead insects appear in it.

How effective are cockroach traps?

Most people do not want to lose large sums on the services of professional pest exterminators. If the situation is not that difficult, you can neutralize roaches with homemade tools. There are different types of traps such as cockroach sticky traps, food baits, and traps using gel and powder. Each trap has its own characteristics and duration of disposal.

One of the most effective types can be identified as traps with bait. The essence of the trap is to mix insecticide and food that attracts cockroaches.

The peculiarity of this trap is that it does not work instantly. The insect manages to reach its nest, where it usually dies. When other insects feed on its body, they are poisoned by insecticides as well. That is, within the next 2 weeks, other cockroaches from the nest will die too.

The effectiveness of this trap is that even if you do not know where the cockroach’s nest is, you will still be able to destroy an entire colony using this trap. The effectiveness of traps also depends on their number, so you should place about 12 for moderate invasion and 24 for severe infestation.

What cockroach traps are the most effective

Some people find traps an ineffective tool for killing Dictyoptera insects. However, the effectiveness of cockroach traps also depends on their proper placement. Because they are quite intelligent insects, they have learned to avoid some traps.

Another problem is that cockroaches are very tenacious and can adapt to different conditions. They can live about a week without water and a month without food. Also, they have the ability to survive for some time underwater. Most cockroaches can live without oxygen from 40 minutes to several hours.

glue trap with dead roaches

Glue traps for roaches

Sticky traps, where glue is usually used, are very easy to use as bait. They are usually sold as strips of material with a dense layer of glue. You can place them all over the apartment, so insects will step on them and stick to them. You will need to collect trapped insects and get rid of them.

This type of trap is quite effective in destroying a few insects, but it will not be able to kill an entire nest at once. Therefore, it should be combined with several other methods. But how long can a cockroach live on a glue trap? In fact, a cockroach can live up to 7 days, although it usually dies in about 3–4 days.

Gel traps

It is best to apply the gel at the entrance to the cockroach nest so that it can affect the largest number of them. Using a syringe, apply a small amount to different areas of your home where you have seen the largest accumulation of pests. The gel can be considered one of the fastest and most powerful lures.

A study was conducted, in which about 99% of cockroaches were killed with the help of insecticidal gel in a month. Only after the first week, 3/4 of the roaches were killed. However, the problem with gel lures is that the gel dries quickly, and you need to replace it regularly.

Bait trap

These are bait stations that look like small plastic squares, where the bait is located in the middle of a round container. This type of bait is safer, especially if you have children or pets. Since the poisonous bait is inside, it minimizes the risk of contact with humans or other animals. However, given that the bait is closed, the smell of it spreads less and attracts fewer pests.

cockroach near food


Powder insecticides work on a similar principle to gel traps. Cockroaches need to walk on them. This damages their exoskeleton or nervous system. There are also types of powders that act more slowly and allow pests to return to the nest. This insecticide will kill not only the infected cockroach but also spread the dust to another roach in the nest.

Once you choose the trap, you need to look for the right place to set it up. The success of the operation depends on it. Cockroaches love dark, warm, and humid places. It is best to place traps near kitchen sinks, refrigerators, in the basements, attics, and under the sink in the bathroom.

The best place is to leave a trap near the nest. If you notice a roach disappearing into cracks near a closet, refrigerator, or other furniture or gaps, it might mean that there is a nest somewhere nearby.

How long do cockroach traps last?

Roach traps last for different periods of time depending on their species, but you need to replace all of them occasionally. If you notice that the bait is quickly eaten, or that there are dead insects in the trap, you need to replace it with a fresh one. The instructions for the trap usually indicate its expiration date and duration of use.

The more pests you have in the house, the sooner you need to change the trap. However, over time, roach colonies begin to shrink, and you will be less likely to change traps.

Glue traps

You should change them every 3–4 months to effectively kill cockroaches. You should also replace the sticky tape when too many insects have already stuck to it. If you don’t do it, cockroaches will realize that this is a trap and will avoid it. Also, the effect and strength of the glue will not be as strong over time.

Gel traps

The gel usually needs to be replaced once a week if pests consume it regularly. Also, as I have mentioned earlier, the gel dries very quickly, so you can replace it more often with fresher varieties.

green trap on the floor

Bait station

Experts usually recommend changing bait stations once a month. However, you need to monitor them and do it when the fluid is depleted. You can change the trap every 2 weeks or every month, depending on the manufacturer and the number of Dictyoptera insect colonies in your house.


Most powders remain effective even after drying, compared to gel traps. Due to humidity, their effectiveness can be reduced, so you should replace this bait about once a month or when there are a lot of dead roaches.

FAQ on Roach Traps Effectiveness

If you have any remaining traps after the elimination of ants, you might wonder whether you can use them for roaches. You also might want to know how long it will take for traps to actually work. Read the short but capacious answers to these questions.

Do ant traps work on cockroaches?

Ant traps use the same pesticides as cockroach traps. However, they usually have different attractants, i.e., such traps might not always attract all species of Dictyoptera insects. You can try to apply them, but they will be less effective than special traps for roaches.

Do cockroaches learn to avoid traps?

Cockroaches are very easy to adapt to new conditions. Over the years, they have learned to avoid some lures. German cockroaches began to perceive glucose as bitter and passed this trait on to their offspring. However, most species of Dictyoptera insects are still attracted to modern traps based on fructose.

How long does it take for a roach trap to work?

It depends on the type of trap. For example, food baits might not work as fast as sprays. Their effectiveness lies in the fact that the insect can bring the bait to the nest and share it with the rest. You will notice visible results in a week.

cockroaches in a brown bowl

Is it normal to see more roaches after placing bait traps?

It’s normal that you see more pests after placing bait traps. They usually hide out of reach of people. But if the trap is effective, you will soon see that it attracts more pests. After a while, their colony will be exterminated due to the trap you set.

Get Rid of Cockroaches Once and for Good

It can be difficult to completely get rid of cockroaches without the special help of pest extermination services. However, if you have patience and use one of the traps, you can destroy a large part of the pests or even their entire colony.

However, keep in mind that the effectiveness of traps depends not only on their composition but also on where you place them and how often you replace them with fresh ones.

Have you tried any of these traps before? How many insects have you exterminated with those methods? Share your experience in the comments below.

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