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Do Mothballs Keep Skunks Away: How to Get Rid of Skunks With Home Remedies

Once in your yard, skunks can spoil your mood and the appearance of your garden. They are animals that are worth fighting with, but with humane methods. After all, they don’t want to hurt you. They just came to you to get food. Or perhaps they have not looked for a cozy place where they can stay and breed. Before you go to the store and buy all the possible remedies, you can look for something at home. Consider what home remedies can be effective, and do mothballs keep skunks away?

Guide on How to Get Rid of Skunks With Home Remedies
  1. Check what strong-smelling products you have in your home.
  2. If you find mothballs or ammonia balls, find out how to use them correctly.
  3. Make sure they are not out of reach of children and animals.
  4. Learn alternative, non-safe ways to scare away skunks.

Do Mothballs Keep Skunks Away?

Fluffy Skunk

Mothballs are a special product designed to fight insects. Although people often use them at home, mothballs have a strong odor and are toxic. When placing naphthalene balls in your house, you must be sure that neither your pets nor small children will find them to eat accidentally.

But if you have a bigger problem in your yard than moths, will naphthalene balls help? I know skunks can’t tolerate harsh smells, so skunk control with mothballs might make sense. After all, the unpleasant smell is its main property. You can place mothballs in holes in your fence or around the perimeter of your yard. Again, keep in mind the safety of your children and pets.

Smelling the mothballs, the skunk will not move on and leave the yard. The pungent smell of mothballs repels skunks by irritating their mucous membranes and causing breathing problems. It is hard to claim that this method will solve the problem once and for all. The smell of naphthalene wears off after a while. So balloons stop smelling after they are wet with rain. Therefore, you will have to repeat the procedure over and over again.

Alternative Remedies for Skunk Control

If you hesitate to place mothballs for skunks worrying about the health of other animals or small children, you can choose one of the alternative methods of controlling skunks at home.

Skunks were scared

Method 1. Special repellents.

The first thing you can do is go to a garden store and buy a special skunk repellent. If you are worried that it might contain dangerous chemicals, I have good news for you. There’s a pretty large selection of such repellents these days. So, you can tell the retailer where you plan to use the product. Also, pay attention to the fact that you have pets and children (if any). That will help you find a repellent that will not harm the plants in your garden or household.

Dog or coyote urine can also be a deterrent. Skunks are wary of these animals, so they won’t enter the yard if there is a predator scent.

Method 2. Products from your table

Skunks not only can’t stand the smell of certain animals. The pungent smells of the food we are used to can also scare away the pests. You can use the citrus peel, garlic, and pepper mixture.

Method 3. Lots of light

Perhaps your yard is too dark at night, so skunks chose it. At this time of the day, they are most active. You can add some bulbs to illuminate the yard or install a lantern with a motion sensor. Suddenly turning on a light can scare the skunk, and it will run away. That is a good way if you don’t want to treat your yard with repellents or ruin the courtyard aesthetics with citrus peels.

Ammonia for skunk control

Ammonia balls are used to repel rats, snakes, and so on. To answer whether ammonia repels skunks — in theory, yes. But here, the principle of action is the same as with mothballs. First of all, the smell quickly disappears in the open space. Secondly, you need quite a large number of balls for the scent to be strong. Not only the animal will hear the smell, but also you.

FAQ About Skunk Odors

In this section, you can find out what other smells besides mothballs or ammonia deter skunks.

Do coffee grounds repel skunks?

Yes, coffee beans have a pleasant smell to us. But the skunk will find it bitter and want to avoid the smell. You can use leftover ground coffee to repel skunks.

Will vinegar keep skunks away?

The vinegar smell is not toxic to skunks, yet they don’t like it. You can prepare a vinegar solution and spray it in places. Or soak a piece of cloth in pure vinegar and place it where the skunk is already active. Vinegar will irritate the pests, so they will want to escape.

Do skunks return to where they sprayed?

The skunk uses its fluid to scare away the enemy, not to mark its territory. The animal may return to your yard to eat or if it has found a cozy place where it is comfortable to live and breed.

Use Humane Methods to Repel Skunks

You have learned about the remedies available in almost every home and can use them to repel skunks. In pest control, remember that some products can harm skunks and you. Choose the safest way for you and your pet, but also the most effective.

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