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8 Best Skunk Baits in 2022: Expert Skunk Bait Reviews

If you haven’t had problems with pesky skunks, then you’re very lucky. But if life forces you to face these animals, you must know how to deal with them. Therefore, I will tell you about the best skunk bait. These methods will greatly help you in the fight against skunks. No need to put the reading of this guide on the shelf. Let’s go!

What Are the Best Skunk Baits?

So that you immediately understand what you can use to bait a skunk, I will give you a short answer. However, you’ll need to read on to know how to use these products. You can use:

  • Bread crusts;
  • Cat food;
  • Chicken or turkey;
  • Grubs;
  • Sardines;
  • Fresh eggs;
  • Crispy bacon;
  • Crackling.

Best Skunk Bait Buyer’s Guide

With the help of different skunk trap bait, you can catch skunks that can bug you. There are practical and not very effective lures, but I will only tell you about the best ones. You will easily catch a skunk if you use at least one of them. So read the information carefully, and you will find what will suit you the most. All options are regular food you can have at home, so you do not need to buy anything extra. Such options will help you save a lot on bait for skunk.

Bread crusts

It seems to me that everyone will have this product because it is essential. It is popular, and you do not need to buy something else. But it is worth noting you need not only bread crusts but also peanut butter on them. Unpleasant will be the fact that not only skunks love such bait, but also other animals (rats and squirrels). i.e., you have to kill more animals with this skunk trapping bait. Therefore, prepare mentally for this fact before using such a trick.

Cat food

It is not surprising that animals are attracted to cat food because its composition can be quite natural. Therefore, using such bait for skunk can be problematic as it will attract more than just skunks. Your neighbor’s cats will also want to eat so they can fall into such a simple trap. Raccoons can also come to the smell if you live in a region where these creatures may be found. Thus, you should carefully set this trap so that your pets or innocent animals do not suffer.

Food For Cat

Chicken or turkey

Although you don’t need to buy a whole chicken to get the bait, you still need to give a portion. This is because skunks are good at smelling liver or stomach odors. Most often, no one eats such parts of the bird, so there will be no big loss. Most often, this is thrown away and called giblets, rarely eaten. However, dogs who love those chicken parts can also enjoy this skunk food bait. Therefore, it is worth carefully making a trap so your pet does not get hurt.


Only skunks love this trap product, so you don’t have to worry about someone else getting hurt or someone else having to kill extra. It will be the best option if you can find white cockchafer larvae. It is best to soak the larvae before taking the bait, and that will help attract the most skunks, as the smell will attract almost everyone. So don’t forget to dunk out to get the best benefit!


The smell of sardines from a can is pretty strong for humans, but this is the favorite smell for skunks. That’s why sardines are a great option. Although some cats can also fall into such a trap, the chance is meager. The best result will be when you leave the fish in the heat under the sun. So the smell will become stronger, and the skunks will come running. But it is worth noting that you may also not like this smell, so use it at your peril and risk.

Sardines Dish

Fresh (or not) eggs

Eggs are a product that you can find anywhere. It is also not expensive, so almost everyone can afford it. You shouldn’t transfer fresh eggs to skunks, better cook something. But if you have expired eggs, you should not throw them away. Expired eggs you can use to bait a skunk. You should break an egg into some container and wait for the skunks to come. As in the previous method, the smell may not be the best, so consider breaking expired eggs.

Crispy bacon

I think this product will be used least often because you love it. Bacon is not the most budget option, but skunks also love it. It’s not the bacon that attracts them but the greasy smell. You can draw animals on it; it will not necessarily be bacon. It’s not just about cooking the bacon. Not only that, but it’s about doing it right. You have to fry the crust and make it crispy. Then, make a piece of bacon soaked in fat. Only in this case will the skunks come.


This product does not need to be prepared to simplify the task. Skunks love pork or beef rinds, so if you have something left after cooking, it’s better not to throw it away but to use it in the right direction. Also, cracklings are most often intestines, so the smell may also not be pleasant. You can buy the intestines separately and use them, but the cheapest way is if the intestines are a by-product of cooking. Other animals also do not react to such bait for skunk, so you do not need to worry about getting a pet.

Crackling Dish

FAQ About Skunk Bait

In this section, I will answer the most popular questions you might encounter when studying this topic.

What food is poisonous to skunks?

All the products I discussed earlier are not poisonous (or almost not poisonous) but only lure the skunk. Therefore, it would be reasonable if I talk about toxic products:

  • Onion;
  • Avocado peel and seeds;
  • Chocolate;
  • Grape;
  • Cat food;
  • Asparagus.

Do skunks eat snakes?

A skunk can eat a snake because a snake bite is not fatal to a skunk. But skunks eat not only snakes but also insects, fruits, dead animals, and worms.

What time do skunks come out to eat?

Skunks come out to hunt when it’s still light and go to the den at dawn. Therefore, you must set traps at night, so some products will smell, and you do not get up early to catch a skunk.

Can You Get Rid of a Skunk?

Summing up, you could notice that spending a lot of money is unnecessary to catch a skunk and kill him. Many foods we eat attract skunks, so you can get rid of them on a budget. Of course, you can buy special products that will help, but you can first try them.

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What methods do you use? What helped you? Share your opinion in the comments.


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