What Can Rats Chew Through? Learn & Deal With Them

Rats are one of the most widespread rodents that have been living with us throughout all time. At this point, we know the answer to the “what can rats chew through?” question, and this list is rather long. These pests can cause a lot of damage wherever they go, which doesn’t only mean holes in your floor or walls.

What can rats chew through?
Rats can chew through a variety of materials, including wood, insulation, drywall, and concrete.

Rats can gnaw through pretty much any material, which means that you don’t want them to live inside your house. Anything from hardwood floors to electrical wires can easily be destroyed by a colony of rats.

Why Do Rats Chew Through Virtually Anything?

If you are wondering: “Can rats chew through the wood?”, the answer is yes. They can do that because:

  • Rats have one of the most powerful bites among all other rodents;
  • Their teeth grow extremely fast, so they gnaw on things to file them down.

Rat bites on the trainers

Rats in Our Spaces

Many people are scared of rats, and that is very rational. These rodents are known transmitters of dangerous diseases, and they can bite when threatened. Since they live in small places, they like to explore the environment around them and then gradually chew on anything they can get to.

Why Are Rats So Good at Gnawing?

Since rats belong to the family of rodents, they have a specific characteristic known only to them – their teeth can grow 1.4 mm a day. These teeth are called incisors, and for a rat to stay healthy, they need to constantly gnaw on something to reduce the length of their teeth. If a rodent can’t regulate their metabolism, their teeth can grow way too long, causing pain to the animal and sometimes even death. Rat bites can cause an allergic reaction or even infect you with a disease that they might carry. One interesting fact is that their bite is the strongest among almost all other rodents, and that is all you need to know to avoid their teeth at all costs.

Rats are very intelligent creatures, and scientists use them for experiments on monitoring brain activity. These rodents can solve mazes and build their own to avoid predators or people. Rats have a distinctive sense of smell, so they can easily navigate through complete darkness just to find their favorite food.

What Can They Chew Through?

It would be easier to say what they can’t destroy. Rats are an unstoppable force once they get into your house, so you need to always monitor what happens around you.

Wires of the car

Can Rats Chew Through Canned Food?

Yes, and they would gladly do that. Their teeth give them astonishing power, so they can gnaw through a large number of very hard materials.

All in all, rats are a menace if they manage to enter your house. They can gnaw through wood, glass, plastic, or any type of wiring. These rodents can damage the base of your house while looking for food, weakening its structural integrity.

Can Rats Chew Through Brick?

Yes, they can. Their primary way of moving around is chewing through things to make sure they have a shortcut to their nests, and bricks won’t stop them from doing that.

Can Rats Chew Through Aluminum Foil?

Usually, rats get into our house for two reasons: looking for food or shelter. When they do that, rats won’t be too careful or play nice. Naturally, since they can handle bricks, the pests can easily shred aluminum foil.

Can Rats Chew Through Glass?

They can, but they won’t purposefully do it. It is better to seal all of the cracks in your windows, walls, and floors so that rats don’t have any way of getting into your house.

Can Rats Chew Through Concrete?

As you can see, these pests are almost impossible to stop, but if the material is too hard even they will have trouble gnawing through it. Rats can’t gnaw through solid concrete or stone, so it makes a good foundation for your house. The same goes for hard metals, so you can be certain that rats won’t be able to penetrate the walls of your underground bunker.

Can Rats Chew Through Metal?

If it’s a hard metal, then no. It is a good coating for your wires and fridge. Moreover, making a foundation out of solid concrete can help you avoid these pests.

What Can I Do to Avoid Them?

Rat on the bed

Dealing with rats is hard, and the best way to solve this problem is to prevent them from getting into your house. Despite being small, rats can be easily noticed, so you can get rid of them as soon as you spot one. The biggest thing that attracts rats to our spaces is food. They can smell the leftovers in your trashcan or just some crumbs lying on your carpet. Rats don’t have any specific food preferences, so they will eat anything you might’ve accidentally dropped.

Here are some steps you should take to avoid rats:

  • Regular cleaning can save you the trouble of dealing with rats in your house;
  • Don’t give them a reason to look for food in your space, and you won’t have to find ways to expel them;
  • You can try to make your house rat-proof, which is a good thought.

They live in nests, so if you have a rat infestation, you won’t have a solitary rat living in your house but a whole colony of them. A good thing is to have rat traps around your house at all times.

Rats can get through small places, and since their sense of smell is good, these rodents can find ways into your house easily. You need to make sure that the foundation of your house is solid and that there is no chance for them to get through clumsy plumbing.

FAQ About Things Rats Can Chew Through

It is okay to have questions, especially when it comes to such pests as rats. I am always happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Can a Rat Leave the House if It Has Nothing to Chew Through?

No, they don’t come into our houses just to chew on things but to find food and shelter. If you clean everything out and use traps, you can get rid of the rat problem in your house.

What Can Rats not Chew Through?

Rats can’t gnaw through solid concrete, hard metal, and stone. Even though their teeth are hard, these materials are rat-proof.

What Is the Hardest Thing a Rat Can Chew Through?

It is weak concrete in some houses’ foundations. Rats can destroy anything that is not harder than their teeth.

Can Rats Chew Through Steel Wool?

They can, but it will be extremely uncomfortable and harmful to them. Thus rats avoid this material when they encounter it.

Can Rats Chew Through Plastic?

Rats can easily destroy plastic, and it doesn’t matter how thick the coating is. Plastic will not stop the rats if it stands between them and their path to food.

Be Aware of Who You Live With

Rats are not the best neighbors to have in your house. Have you ever wondered: Can rats chew through chicken wire? It seems impossible, but it is one of the many materials they can get through. These rodents are dangerous to have in your house, so it is always better to prevent them from getting in.

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What do you use to prevent rats from getting in? Do you think rats are dangerous to have as pets? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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