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What Can I Put on My Body to Prevent Bed Bug Bites: List of Effective Remedies

“What can I put on my body to prevent bed bug bites?” ― people ask when they find red spots on their bodies. Bed bugs are common household problems. The difficulty is that they do not appear during the day but attack at night when you sleep.

It is difficult to confuse the consequences of a bedbug attack with anything else. The insect makes several bites, leaving trails of red dots on your body. Bite sites can itch, cause a lot of discomfort and lead to serious illness. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to deal with the issue of extermination.

How to Prevent the Spreading of Bed Bugs
There are many ways to control bed bugs that kill insects and disinfect the room. It is impossible to remove insects in one treatment. So you need to know how not to be bitten by bed bugs while exterminating them. The most effective method is to use a repellent.

Skin remedies for bed bug bites

How do bed bugs bites feel? The first thing that will bother you is the itching. The bite site will also become red and inflamed. Unlike mosquito bites, bug bites can be smaller and more clustered on the body.

If insects bother you in bed or have caught you unawares in a hotel, some bed bugs deterrents will repel them.

  • Essential oils. Essential oils have properties that help in insect control. There is no guarantee that the pest will die, but at least it will be frightened by the smell and will not be able to bite you. You can use tea trees, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils as natural repellents. Don’t apply them to the body in their pure form, but rather add a few drops of water and spray on your skin.
  • Coconut oil. Girls often use this product for various beauty procedures. If coconut oil happens to be in your cosmetic bag, it can fit as a repellent against bedbugs. But if you will use it for the first time, please note that coconut oil has a thick consistency, and it should be used with caution by people with problematic skin.
  • Medical alcohol. In direct contact with rubbing alcohol, insects die. But you can apply it to your skin to keep bed bugs away.
  • Vinegar. Bed bugs hate its pungent smell, so if you apply vinegar to your body, the insects will likely leave you. Mix the vinegar with water and apply it to the skin with a cotton pad or sprayer.
  • Bed bug spray repellent. You can buy these sprays at a store or drugstore. They contain chemical or natural insecticides. Repellent can also be in the form of an ointment.

These products will help you protect your body from bites wherever you encounter them. You can also take them with you, for example, when you travel to avoid becoming a victim of hotel bed bugs.

Bug bite sport on arm with hand itching

How to protect yourself from bed bugs while sleeping

Following a few simple safety rules will protect you from bed bug bites. Never sleep directly on a mattress, but make sure you use a mattress cover. The fact is that bed bugs can bite the skin but not the fabric. If you don’t have a mattress cover, use an extra sheet. Sleep in pajamas that completely cover your body. That creates an additional barrier to the insects.

If you find a bed bug in your bed, wash all bedding at the highest possible temperature and dry it thoroughly. Also, vacuum the mattress regularly, paying exceptional attention to cracks. Since insects cannot tolerate high temperatures, you can use a steam cleaner to clean the bed.

How to protect yourself from bed bugs

Repellents natural vs. chemical

The choice of a deterrent for bed bugs is a matter of personal preference. After all, some people strive to use only natural products and very rarely use chemicals. You also need to understand the extent of the problem of bed bugs in the house.

Essential oils of peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus repel insects. But this product does not fit people with allergies and can be toxic to pets. Besides, if bed bugs are out of control, natural repellents may have a different effect. In this case, you can buy a product that contains insecticides and is safe for humans.

Safety of repellents for the skin

A wide range of repellents is available so you can choose the safest one. Manufacturers produce goods suitable for different categories of people: children, pregnant women, allergic people, and so on. But like many products, repellents should not be applied to damaged skin, such as open wounds.

What can bed bugs do to you?

The first problem that bothers people affected by bedbugs is the presence of red spots on the body and the face. In addition, bite marks are itchy and can ruin the quality of life. For example, itching can interfere with normal sleep. That causes a person to become irritable.

But bed bugs can cause more severe damage to human health. People prone to allergies may feel a swollen throat and shortness of breath. Coughing, runny nose, and swelling of the face can also be an allergic reaction to an insect bite. A bedbug bite leaves a wound on the skin where dirt can enter and cause blood poisoning.

If bed bugs bite you, you should first wash the bites well with soap and water. This way, you can prevent the spread of germs. As for bed bug bite treatment on the skin, you can go to the pharmacy for an ointment to speed up the healing. If severe itching bothers you, anoint the bite site with a menthol product.

FAQ About Bed Bug Precaution

I hope you found this article helpful and now know what to do if you find bed bugs in your bed. I also want to summarize all the information in answers to common questions.

Is there a lotion that repels bed bugs?

Since insects can’t stand the smell of essential oils, lotion containing tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus can serve as a natural repellent. Bed bugs won’t die from the smell, but they won’t want to bite you.

What do bed bugs hate the most?

Pests most dislike the pungent smells of the essential oils of lavender, tea tree, etc. That is why they are included in natural repellents. Also, pests do not like alcohol and die from direct contact with it.

How do you keep bedbugs from biting you?

You should use bed bug repellents to protect yourself from bed bug bites. A mattress cover or extra sheets will also make it difficult for bed bugs to move around. To prevent pests from multiplying, you should vacuum your bed regularly.

You Can Get Rid of Bed Bugs

I don’t hide that fighting bed bugs is a long and unpleasant process. Sometimes you may need the help of professionals. While disinfecting, treating, and cleaning your mattress, you need to protect yourself from more bites. Repellents or home remedies present in every home can help you with this.

Have you ever had a bedbug bite? Share your experiences.

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