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Does Salt Kill Ants? Effect on Pests & Proven Methods of Control

Ants are one of the most common pests living in human homes. Even if the rooms are clean, and you don’t leave food on the tables, these little insects will find crumbs you didn’t even know existed. Dealing with ants is not easy, especially if you have children and animals in your home and want to find a safe way to get rid of pests. Many people wonder: ‘Does salt kill ants?’ and ‘Does salt attract ants?’. In this article, you will find out the answers to these popular questions, as well as recommendations for effective insect control methods.

How to Use Salt to Get Rid of Ants
  1. Salt kills ants by drawing moisture out of their bodies.
  2. Sprinkle ant trails and burrows generously with table or Epsom salt crystals to keep small insects away.
  3. You can dissolve large amounts of this product in water and then fill the ant nests with the solution.

Salt Treatment for Ants: Step-By-Step Guide

To get rid of pesky insects quickly and effectively, you first need to understand their eating habits and learn how to best use salt on ants.

Do ants eat salt?

For humans and animals, as well as insects, a sufficient diet of essential elements guarantees the health and proper functioning of all organs. Salt contains sodium, which ants also need to survive. Therefore, they eat both sweet foods and salty foods. Some scientific studies indicate that carnivorous ant species have a lower salt requirement than their plant-eating relatives.

If the ants live far from the ocean and cannot get enough salt from the soil and plants, they will look for food containing this component no less actively than sugar. The needs of a colony may change over time, depending on the available food sources in their habitat.

Does salt repel or kill ants?

It can initially attract more ants to your home. However, this available ingredient, when used correctly, still kills insects. The dead bodies of ants will release pheromones that will alert other pests to danger. Thus, with the right combination of methods, you can kill most of the ants in your home and repel new ones.

How does salt kill ants?

Everyone knows that ordinary table salt can quickly kill snails and slugs. This is also true for ants. However, these insects have a strong exoskeleton, which serves as protection from external influences. Therefore, to kill ants with salt, a higher concentration is needed. It will get on their bodies and draw out all the vital moisture.

How salt affects ants

When enough salt is consumed, it allows ants to maintain healthy muscles and cell membranes. Excessing this product, especially with direct contact, leads to their death.

1. Using table salt

Table salt is a common household product and the first thing that comes to mind when you want to get rid of pests. When used properly, salt deters ants.

Sprinkling salt crystals along ant paths

Does salt keep ants away? The easiest way to kill and repel small pests is to create ants’ salt barrier.

  1. You will need a lot of salt crystals.
  2. Go through all the places where you often see ants and form fairly wide crystal lines.
  3. If you find ant nests, fill in the crystals there as well.
  4. At first, this product may attract even more individuals, but over time they will come into contact with it and die.
  5. It will also warn new colonies that it is dangerous near your home.

Spraying a salt solution

  1. Add a generous amount of table salt to a large bowl.
  2. Pour boiling water over it and let the crystals dissolve.
  3. Pour this concentrate into a spray bottle and spray all burrows and large clusters of ants.

2. Using Epsom salt

You can also use Epsom salt to kill ants. Unlike table salt, Epsom salt does not attract ants and is inedible to them.

How does Epsom salt affect pests?

Although this option has a slightly different chemical composition, it also leads to dehydration of the ants’ bodies when dried or diluted in water. Experts say that black ants hate Epsom salt the most, which is why it is an effective repellent for this particular species.

Are there any dangers to using Epsom salt?

Using this ingredient will not harm your pets or children unless they eat too much of it, which is problematic to do. On the other hand, a concentrated water solution of any kind of salt can damage your lawn and ruin the delicate surfaces in your home.

Is Epsom salt the best option?

It works similarly to table salt, but it does not attract ants as a food source. Some species will prefer to stay out of your home if you scatter a few Epsom salt lines, and some won’t respond to this method at all. In any case, if diluted in water, it will also kill the ants.

3. Other natural methods of ant control

Salt recipes may not be enough if you have a serious ant infestation in your home or garden. You can achieve the best effect by combining several methods.

  • You can pour cornstarch into an ant nest and quickly fill it with water. The result is a sticky and heavy mixture that the ants can’t get out of and eventually suffocate to death.
  • You can also fill the hole with ordinary boiled water, instantly killing many insects.
  • Ants hate the smell of mint, pepper, and coffee. You can use these products to keep insects away from your home and garden. Note: The coffee must be brewed.
  • Cinnamon works as a repellent and as an ant killer. The ground cinnamon, when inhaled by these insects, causes death. So you can fill it in nests and along ant trails. The essential oil also has a strong scent and acts as an effective repellent.

FAQ on Ant Control

Before you start getting rid of insects, you need to study common questions and make a competent plan.

Are ants attracted to salt?

All ants are attracted to this product. It is an integral part of their diet, as are sugary foods. Factors such as time of year, distance to the ocean, and actual diet influence the current preferences of these insects. Today, they may prefer sugar and, a little later, salt.

Does sprinkling salt kill ants?

This method can kill the ant, as the salt crystals get on the insect’s body and dehydrate it. However, the most effective remedy is saline solution, and it is best to use sprinkling crystals to repel them.

Will ants cross a salt line?

Although ants eat salt for food, a wide enough line of crystals will scare away even the most sodium-hungry individuals from crossing it. A large mound will discourage them and work like a chalk line, which the ants avoid.

You Can Start Your Fight Against Ants Immediately

The advantages of salt methods are safety, efficiency, and availability. You don’t need to look for table or Epsom salt because you probably already have it at home. The best results are obtained by a combination of several methods that act to kill insects and repel them. Although salt is a proven remedy, it may not be enough for a serious infestation. The main obstacle is that it is almost impossible to deliver this product to the habitat of the queen ant. What safe methods of getting rid of these pests have you already tried?


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