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Do Bed Bugs Jump: Common Myths Resolved

Bed bugs are spread almost all over the world, so you can find them on any continent. They are unpretentious to the place of living and can survive various conditions. These insects are known for traveling in luggage and selecting cracks in the furniture to live in. This article focuses on the question of the ways they are spread: Do bed bugs jump or fly, and are bed bugs fast movers?

Do Bed Bugs Hop? Quick Answer
No, these insects can only crawl, but they do it extremely fast, which might make people think they fly or jump. Due to their anatomy specific, they can pass vertical surfaces and even hold on to the ceiling despite their smooth body.

Guide on Key Misconceptions About Bed Bugs

Mixing up a bed bug with a flea or a mite is common for average homeowners. Thus many misconceptions exist about this species. The main myth relates to the way these pests move around and spread.

Do bed bugs jump? Recognizing a pest

Adult bed bugs resemble apple seeds: They have similar sizes and look alike because of their color. These insects are oval and brownish. Immature individuals are smaller; they are almost transparent with a light yellow shade. The way bed bugs move causes a lot of questions about them:

  • Do bed bugs crawl fast? Depending on the surface it crosses, an insect can move at a speed of up to four feet per minute.
  • How far can a bed bug jump? Though many people think these insects can jump, they have no other way to move except for running.

Legs’ anatomy

The main feature that ensures their spreading is the structure of their limbs. Bed bugs can hold onto any surface due to the small hooks they have on their legs. They allow clinging to the smoothest materials.

type of bed bug

Ways bed bugs move

Because of their small and flat bodies, bed bugs can hide in various places. They can handle long periods without any food. Such a combination of features makes it possible for you to face them almost anywhere. Most often, you can meet these insects in temporary accommodations with low sanitary conditions like cheap hostels or dormitories.

These spots pass a lot of people through, thus the possibility to let the pests indoors with someone’s luggage is higher after visiting such places. These insects are hard to find, but you can notice them before they bite you if you know the answers to these common questions and are aware of misconceptions.

  • Do bed bugs fall from the ceiling? They can crawl vertical surfaces regardless of their smooth body, so you can easily find some bugs passing the ceiling above your bed.
  • Do bed bugs jump on people? These insects can’t jump and don’t constantly live on human skin. Yet, they feed on blood, so you can find them in folds of clothes.
  • Can bed bugs jump from person to person? They can crawl from one person to another like any other insect in case of direct contact, but they never jump like fleas.

Which harm do bed bugs bring?

Bed bugs are so small that it is almost impossible to notice them on your skin until they bite you. These insects feed on human and animal blood and cause noticeable irritation. Those who are unlucky to get in an infected bed will be attacked by a nest of bugs and bitten all over the body. However, skin irritation and lack of sleep are the only harm these insects bring since they rarely spread any diseases.

FAQ on Bed Bugs Movement

There are many misconceptions about this kind of pest since they resemble a number of other insects. Here are widespread questions to learn if you suspect your place of harboring bedbugs.

Do bed bugs jump when you touch them?

Bed bugs might resemble fleas, but they only run fast and never jump. However, they feed on human and animal blood, thus any direct contact might finish in an itchy bite.

How easily do bed bugs spread?

These insects are hardy: They can withstand without feeding and hide in the smallest crack for a long time. These pests are usually spread over luggage, thus it is easy to bring them home after passing places with poor sanitary.

Can bed bugs jump on you?

Six short legs allow them to crawl but they never jump. These insects can cling to clothes and reach your skin in this way, provoking irritation with their bites.

Can you feel bed bugs jump on you?

It is as easy to feel a bedbug on your skin as to imagine this feeling. They are too small to recognize them by sensation, so you can easily mix a bug up with the hair of a fold of the fabric.

Rely on True Facts About Bed Bugs

A few misconceptions concern bed bugs. One of the most common ones is that they can jump or fly. The answer lies in how fast bedbugs are: They can cover up to four feet in a minute, creating an illusion that they can move in other ways than crawling if you don’t observe these insects intentionally.

How do you inspect a room and luggage for bed bugs? Share your tips in the comments.

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