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How Much Does Bat Removal Cost in 2024: Bat Exterminator Cost Explained

Bats are an integral part of the ecosystem in many regions of the United States. But in recent years, there have been fewer and fewer caves and trees where the bats could live. Therefore, they are increasingly moving to an artificial habitat closer to private houses, gardens, and farms.

Bats can carry infections and rabies, so you need to know how to get rid of them and be aware of bat exterminator cost. Getting rid of bats depends on the situation and can run up to several thousand dollars. Read this article to learn more about the costs of fighting these winged nocturnal creatures.

Bat Removal Costs

The cost of exterminating bats ranges from $150 to $2000, depending on the size of the colony. But before that, you will need an inspection at a price starting from $5.

Small colony removal:$150
Large colony removal:$300 – 2000
Gable vent sealing:$100 per vent

Bat Inspection Cost

First, you need to understand whether your home or the area around it is really infected with bats. For this, a special inspection is carried out. The average cost of calling a team of specialists is about $75.

You need to call a team of specialists who have extensive experience determining the contamination of territory by winged creatures. They explore the attic, basement, and other areas of the premises where bats may be.

The inspection identifies the following factors:

  • Are there bats in your area?
  • Colony size (small, medium, or large)
  • What type of bats live in the examined area;
  • What methods are best used to destroy them (depends on the factors indicated).

After the inspection, you will know how much does bat removal cost in your case. The final price depends on your region and the company you choose to inspect.

Main Factors of Bat Removal Cost

Bat on a branch head down

A bat exterminator cost depends on the following factors:

  • Colony size;
  • Number of entry points (places through which bats penetrate);
  • The necessity to export destroyed creatures (including rats and mice, which can die from poison);
  • Location.

A bat exclusion cost also depends on the availability of insurance. In some cases, the insurance company will cover part of the price or 100% of the total cost of getting rid of these creatures.

Signs of Bat Infestation

Before exterminating bats, you need to make sure they are there. Before calling an inspection and hiring an insect control service, you should assess the situation yourself.

Several factors indicate the contamination of the territory by bats:

  • The presence of feces;
  • Openings near the eaves or in the foundation through which bats can enter;
  • Rustling sounds in the attic or basement match the behavior of flying creatures.

The first step is to inspect your attic or basement for feces. Bat guano has a special look and smell, so it is difficult to confuse it with anything else. The basis of decayed bat feces is the remains of mammals and insects. Due to the high amount of protein in the bat diet, their droppings are often smooth and shiny. They have a distinct black color.

Another factor of the presence of bats in your area is constant noise. These creatures do not run. They fly so that you can hear the sound of wings.

Found any of the signs above in your house? Confirm your guesses by examining entry points. Bats can enter the attic through vents. When entering and exiting, they leave oily traces in some places, by which their presence is determined. Then these places are closed.

Bat Exterminator Price By Colony

Bat eradication prices depend primarily on the size of your colony of bats. On average, you will pay from $300 for a small colony to $2000 for a large colony. Additionally, you may need to pay for disinfection, removal of dead bodies of creatures, cleaning guano, and other services.

Small colony

A small colony of bats consists of one or more individuals. It is important to make sure that other bats do not come into your area while you sleep.

A bat in attic removal cost in the amount of 1-5 creatures will cost $100-300 for one entry point. If the number of entry points is larger, then the cost will be higher.


An average colony includes from 5 to 50 bats. In this case, you will have to pay from $ 300 to $1500 to destroy several individuals. The final cost depends on the number of entry points of the individuals and their location.


A large colony consists of 50 or more bats. In this case, you will have to pay more than $1500 to destroy all of them. The difficulty of such an operation lies in the fact that some bats can fly away and arrive after some time, so you will have to use several methods to exterminate them 100%. Professional bat removal prices can rise due to the need to clear the area of dead bats or guano.

Bat prevention cost

Don’t want to wait for bats to appear in your attic or basement? In this case, it is worth taking care of it prematurely to prevent the appearance of flying pests. For this, special means are used that scare bats away. The cost of preventing the appearance of bats is $ 150 or more.

For this amount, not only deterrent agents are used, but all the entry points should be blocked. Openings leading to the basement or ventilated space of the attic are covered with mesh or other materials.

Bat Guano Removal Cost

The bat guano removal cost can be very high if bats have been living in your area for a long time. Decomposition of feces can lead to the appearance of larvae and unpleasant odors.

Therefore, you need to get rid of the guano as soon as possible and completely clean out the basement or attic where volatile creatures were found previously. The cost of removing guano ranges from $300 to $8,500, depending on various factors.

Bat Treatment Cost by Location

The cost of getting rid of bats depends on the location where you have found them. For example, removing bats from chimneys is more expensive than working in a clean, warm attic. Bats can settle in different parts of a house or other space, including a basement, attic, walls, chimney, garden, or trees.

In house

Bats are the least likely to enter the house. It is not difficult to exterminate them from there since few places inside the house can go unnoticed. The lack of dampness and warmth simplifies the work of the specialists. Therefore, the extermination of bats in the house will cost only $300-800, depending on the number and other factors.


The cost of bat removal from the attic is at least $400. It is more difficult than exterminating flying creatures from a house or walls. There can be many entry points in the attic that need to be closed.

The maximum amount of work is not limited. Sometimes you have to pay several thousand dollars for this service if there are many bats and guano in the attic.


The garage is a great home for bats. This location is damp and dark, which creates ideal conditions for their reproduction. Therefore, dealing with bats in the garage is more difficult, so the cost of such work often exceeds $400-500 and reaches $800 or even more.


Bat over the door

The process of removing bats from the walls of your home or commercial space will take a little longer. Therefore, the cost of such work is usually estimated at $400-600. First, experts examine the walls, find places of congestion, and then disinfect, destroy bats, and clean the space inside the walls.


There isn’t much room for bats in the chimney. But due to the limited space, working with the chimney is very difficult. It is even more difficult to peel the guano and remove it from there. Therefore, the range of cost of work varies from $400 to $800. The price depends on the height of the chimney, the number of bats, and other factors.


Bats often settle in the basement as darkness and dampness suit them. Most often, mother colonies are found in the basement, which is more difficult to destroy. The cost of removing bats from the basement starts at $400. A few hundred more will be needed to clear the guano’s room completely and close all entry points for small flying creatures.


There is little room on the porch for bats to settle. They usually live under wooden steps. Such work is estimated at $300-500. Please note that you may need to repair the porch to close all holes. Otherwise, the bats may reappear there.


Have you spotted bats on the tree? In this case, you will need to pay at least $300 to get rid of them on one or more trees.


The cost of exterminating bats from a garage and a barn is about the same. You should be prepared to pay for this service at least $ 400-600.

Bat Damage Repair Cost

Bats can destroy the basement, attic, roof, walls, porch, and other places where they live. The average cost of renovating premises after a column of bats is between $1,500 and $5,000.

DIY vs Hiring a Pro

You can hardly handle bats on your own. In many states, it is forbidden to kill them; otherwise, you can get a fine. You can use deterrents, but this does not guarantee that the bats will not return. The professionals use special products and repellents to ensure that bats never come back.

How to Hire a Professional

Do you want to consult with the professionals and ask them about the average cost of bat removal? Contact a professional company and order an inspection service.

How to pick a pro

Contact the specialists after prior consultation with them. Specify how they will get rid of the bats. Do they provide a full range of services, from inspection to room disinfection? Choose only those professionals who will do the job from A to Z.

Things to Discuss with Bat Exterminator

You should discuss the process of killing bats. Ask if the procedure would be safe for pets, children, and adults who live in the home. Also, ask how to prevent re-infestation by bats.

How to Prepare for Treatment

It is necessary to prepare for treatment as soon as you know how much does it cost to get rid of bats. I strongly recommend you to leave the house or prevent your pets and children from approaching the scene of the exterminator`s work.

Your Actions After Extermination

After getting rid of the bats, you must do a thorough cleaning and close any openings through which they could get inside. Remember to clean up the basement or attic periodically to avoid clutter.

Bat Exterminator Cost FAQ

Bat in flight

I am asked a lot of questions about the cost of bats elimination. In this section, I have prepared the answers to the most important and frequently asked queries.

Does homeowners insurance cover bat Removal?

In most cases, home damage from bats is not covered by regular insurance. The fact is that the cause of such damage lies in the inadequate maintenance of the house. Therefore, insurance agents are likely to deny compensation. It is essential to apply preventive measures to get rid of the bats.

How do exterminators get rid of bats?

In the United States, it is illegal to kill many species of bats. Therefore, you cannot just kill them and throw them away. Use naphthalene repellents to keep bats from settling in or near your home.

How much does it cost to remove bat guano?

Removing bat guano is expensive, ranging from $400 to $5,000, depending on its amount. In some cases, you have to look for the feces in a heater, disinfect the premises, and dispose of guano carefully due to the larvae’s content in it.

Eliminate the Bats in Time

Everyone has the opportunity to save money and avoid unnecessary costs in the future. All you need is to use a bat extermination service beforehand. Thus, you can save on possible renovation of the premises and prevent the bats from breeding in a large colony.

Have you encountered bats outside your home before? Did you know that these creatures can carry dangerous diseases? Share your bat stories with other readers and me!


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