Why Are Fleas Attracted to Me?

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Nicholas MartinNicholas Martin Staff answered 9 months ago

You may come across many people bragging that fleas never bite them. However, you may appear the person that these insects selectively decide to bite. Why may it happen?

Why Do Fleas Bite Me?

Unlike you may have thought at first, fleas are not picky eaters. They will generally feed on any mammal they spot. These insects aim to find a living host at which they can attach themselves and start sucking blood.

Scientifically, fleas like hosts that are warm and have hair that describes almost all mammals, including humans. When fleas bite you, all they want is to suck some blood. Thus, it is not much different for these insects to attack non-human animals or humans.

The shape of their mouths fits their feeding habit. Even when it comes to human skin, their mouth is sharp enough to penetrate to your blood vessels. This way, they can effectively create a good opening for sucking human blood.

Why Do Fleas Bite Some and Not Others?

Scientifically, there is no universally adopted answer to this question. All that we have are theories on this matter. The most common of them is the idea that fleas are attracted to specific chemical compositions. The human anatomy is such that each individual has unique skin discharge and gas emissions. These characteristics form the volatile organic compounds (VOC) profile.

Fleas have their odorant receptors. These features help them to identify their targets. Therefore, these insects can get attracted to individuals that have a higher production of octenol and carbon dioxide.

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